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Just for the record, I know my fan fiction is gonna be corny. It's my first one, give me a break.

Naruto ran into Shikamaru's room and started jumping on the bed while Shikamaru's still sleeping.

"Shikamaru!" Bounce. "Wake up!" Bounce. "We have a mission!" Bounce. "Wake up!"

Naruto finally stopped jumping on Shika and looks at his face. He's still asleep. Naruto made a clone that pulls out two megaphones out of nowhere.

"HEY!" both Narutos yell with the megaphone in Shikamaru's ear. Bits of trash in Shikamaru's room started flying everywhere. "WAKE UP!"

Shika's room looks like a tornado went through it. And yet he's still asleep.

Both of the Narutos cross their arms. "Jeez, what do I have to do? Blow up the bed?" The Narutos looked at each other with the same idea in their head.

Naruto pulled out a paper bomb and stuck it under Shikamaru's bed. He took cover behind Shika's tiny shougi table and stuck his fingers in his ears. The space under the bed exploded, which made it to go up and through the roof.

The door to the room opened; it was an angry-looking lady with long brown hair and black eyes. "What are you doing in here?!"

"Nothing!" Naruto put his arms up in front of him to protect himself. "I was just waking up Shikamaru!"

"Ok," the lady said nicely, "just have him down for breakfast." She left the room about 5 seconds before Shikamaru's bed landed back into place. The spiky pony-tailed boy is still asleep!

"WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WAKE YOU UP?!" Naruto yelled at the dead-looking kid on the bed.

Then the alarm clock buzzed. Buzzzzzzzz! Shikamaru's hand rose up and dropped itself on the snooze button. He sat up in his bed and squinted at Naruto.

"Naruto? What are you doing in my house?" he grumbled.

Naruto's mouth drops. "Huh?"

"Oh, right," Shika said as he remembered something, "the mission." Naruto's frozen to the spot. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get ready for the mission!"

Naruto just fell back and knocked out on the floor. "How…? What…? How he wakes up with just a…?" Naruto mumbled before he passed out.

Shikamaru nudged Naruto's side with his foot. Then left him there and went to breakfast.

The End