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My OC here is Haru Suijun, a new freshman at Tsumetai University.

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The hands that held onto the book bag over my shoulder tightened on the straps as the bus rattled again when rolling over a yellow speed bump in the road. I rearranged the bag I had with me in my seat, again, half-asleep nerves making me twitch and be more irritable. My half conscious sleep was yanked away from me swiftly with that and my full nerves had decided to settle back into my empty stomach uncomfortably. A few other students sat on the bus with me but none of them were adjacent and everyone was completely silent. Then again, I couldn't expect much more from college freshmen at 8 am. We were all fresh out of the crazy soap opera that is High School and ready to divulge into the show known as College Life; some of us ready, some not.

The Bus finally came to a shrieking halt and the doors emitted a low hiss as they were opened. Making sure everything I owned came with me; I exited the bus, a heavy book bag slung across my shoulders and a rather cumbersome suitcase rolling behind me. I inhaled deeply, taking in the crisp autumn air while absorbing the campus that was still covered in emerald foliage. Withdrawing my Campus map, I dragged my finger over my path once more as I wound through buildings before finally finding the right one.

One level, two levels, three levels. Room 15A. My very own apartment. My hand reached into my bag, searching for the metal key to the room. After a few minutes, I dropped my suitcase and plopped my book bag on the carpeted floor as I searched further for the key. After a rather annoying and frustrating search, I finally pushed the key into the metal slot and opened my apartment door. I only glanced about the room for a second, taking in the beige walls and plain, unmade twin mattress seated on a steel frame. The mattress creaked as I threw my bags on top of it, just taking in the overwhelming sensation of finally owning something that was only mine and no one else's. It was selfish but I didn't care. As my eyes fluttered closed and I fell back onto my mattress, the metal springs squeaking in protest under my weight. It had been a long and difficult journey but I had finally made it. I was in Tsumetai University and I wasn't about to leave!

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