I didn't stop again until I had reached my room. Slamming the door, I dropped my bag, fell on my bed, and sunk under my covers.

"So, how was studying?" Tenten asked, her tone suggestive. I merely peaked out from under the covers. "Sasuke texted me," she explained, grinning at me. Sighing loudly, I covered myself back up with the blankets. Just sitting under the covers, I tried to calm down and just forget about it. Unfortunately, Tenten wasn't about to let that happen.

After a few minutes of silence, she finally said, "So…you and Kiba…"

"No, no no, don't start that," I rushed, sitting up, "It's not like that."

"Like what?" Tenten replied, feigning innocence.

"Just…shut up! Don't be like that that!" I cried.

"Like what?" She repeated in the same tone.

"You know…like…ugh!" I cried, giving up on getting Tenten to leave me alone. I figured I wouldn't ever hear the end of this; Tenten would be at my deathbed, whispering to me about that one time, with Kiba, in the library. Under the covers, I heard Tenten laugh; I groaned inwardly, knowing I wasn't about to live this one down. Tenten's phone buzzed across the room, followed by some light tapping as Tenten replied to the text.

"Naruto just texted me that there's a party tonight on the boy's floor and guess who's invited?" Tenten sang, pouncing on top of me. Groaning, I pushed the covers away and glanced up at the smiling Tenten.


"And you! Your first party! It will be so much fun!" Tenten gushed, "There will be beats, and boys, and booze."


"No, I won't hear of it!" Tenten chastised, "You are going tonight. It sounds like this party is going to be huge; maybe even a few select hockey players will be there."

My face, finally paled, was once again suddenly flushed and hot as I shoved Tenten off me. Coughing weakly, I fell back down on my bed.

"I think I might be getting sick…" I whined, pulling the covers up and shivering for an added effect.


"I think it's just the common cold."

"You are so full of shit," she scoffed, shoving my shoulder. Acting as though every movement caused some sort of pain. Tenten rolled her eyes at me. "You are going."

Sighing, I gave up on my charade and just rolled up in my covers, ready for a nap. Maybe Tenten would forget to wake me up.

Unfortunately, my wish didn't come true. What seemed like two minutes later, Tenten shook me awake. Mumbling slightly, Tenten finally shoved me out of my bed; the floor was not kind. Rubbing sleepiness out of my eyes, I felt the bump on my head as Tenten threw clothes at my head.

"Stop…" I mumbled from under a few layers of cloth.

"Wakey wakey!" Tenten chirped as I peeled the clothing off my head. She had grabbed a pair of my jeans and throw in a few of her tops. I guess my clothes weren't party appropriate…inappropriate.

Drowsily, I pulled on the clothes, attempting to do so without opening my eyes. Eventually, I just had to suck it up and open my eyes but I wanted to believe I could dress myself blindly.

It took Tenten about 20 minutes to clothe me, decide those clothes weren't right, re-dress me, fix my hair, make up my face, and throw shoes at me. Already dressed, Tenten added some finishing touches to her own appearance before turning to me.

"Are you ready for your first party!" she asked excitedly, pulling me up off my bed.

"Not particularly…" I mumbled, tugging at my clothes.

"Oh, you look great!" she reassured, glancing at her watch. "Now that we are half an hour late, we are ready to go." I followed Tenten out of the dorm and up three floors, pulsing music echoing around the staircase as we got closer. My stomach was knotted up, my heart fluttering about as we enter the organized chaos of the boy's floor.

Strobe and colored lights lit up the hall, a few doors open down the length of the floor. Music was coming from somewhere, a low and heavy beat rattling about. Following Tenten as closely as I could, I tried to take in the mass of students strewn about, some socializing, some dancing. The first outlet, a small lounge, was occupied by gossiping girls, a few of them flirting with nearby jocks. Next was a room, filled with people jumping on the bed and shouting with the music.

At first I thought this wouldn't be as bad as I had thought; then it proved to be just that. Tenten knew most of these people; I knew none of them. Tenten stopped and talked with person after person, making her way to the kitchen for a drink. I kept tight like the good awkward tagalong I was, remaining silent for any of the conversing. Tenten always introduced me but the conversation with me stopped after this greeting.

Edging my way down the hall, I glanced into each room as I passed, each room being filled with students. A lounge at the end of the hall was the first semi-empty room, most of the people not venturing this far when there were so many other people and places down the hall. Finally getting a breath in, I noted that I had lost Tenten. Wonderful.

Rooting through the refrigerator, I shuffled through the drinks, I found one that looked like it might taste good. The look was very deceiving as it didn't taste anywhere near good. Still, I sipped it, starting to feel a bit tipsy as I left the room, the drink gone and Tenten still missing.

Diving back into the party, I weaved through the crowd, searching for Tenten in the mass. About ten minutes and three circles around the same room into the search I found Tenten making out with someone I had never met. Debating whether or not to get her, I didn't notice the person next to me.

"Looks like Tenten's having a great time already." Nearly jumping out of my skin, I tried to catch my breath. "Whoops, didn't mean to frighten you." He chuckled, grinning at me. I couldn't help laughing a bit; everything seemed funnier buzzed.

"No worries. You only scared me half to death," I replied, standing back up straight. Kiba chuckled slightly as I glanced back at Tenten, continuing my internal debate.

"I wouldn't bother her. She is quite a vicious drunk," he commented, glancing at Tenten, "she'll figure out soon enough that she's making out with Naruto." Kiba laughed to himself as he watched the two for a moment before turning about.

"What's so bad about that?" I questioned.

"Naruto's just…he's just Naruto," he explained, somewhat. I looked at him, confused. "When you meet Naruto, you'll understand." Glancing back once more, I shrugged. Suddenly, the music that echoed down the hall swelled and the crowd in the hall surrounded me, engulfing me in the sea of students. Disoriented and confused, I moved with the people about me. The strangers about me bumped against me, dizzying my vision. Hands grabbed at me, I could feel shoves and grabs as I pushed whoever it was off. Suddenly, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me from the group. Glancing up to see Kiba had returned, I grinned at him, relieved I had been rescued.

"Where are we going?" I asked, following him anyways. I wasn't about to lose track of the only other person I knew.

"You'll see." Kiba made his way through the crowd, pulling me along as I grabbed his arm with my other hand. He flinched, my hand catching a nasty looking bruise. Moving my hand, Kiba led me into a stairwell and up we went, flights of stairs passing until we reached the top, a door labeled "ROOF" before us.

Pressing the door, a wave of cool air splashed past my face, the night sky stretching endlessly above me. Random pieces of furniture were strewn about the roof, Kiba sitting down in a grouping of chairs.

"This place is sweet," I muddled, "Where did all of this come from?"

Sipping on a drink, Kiba glanced around at the roof, "Just kind of accumulated over the years. Each year, something else is left up here by the seniors in the dorm."

"Sweet," I breathed, slouching down in my seat. "So I have a question."

"Mhm?" He hummed through a sip of his drink.

"Is this whole hooking up thing normal at parties?" I mumbled, staring at my fingers. They seemed to be twitching. Kiba nodded in affirmation. "Have you ever hooked up with someone at these parties?"

At this, Kiba choked on his drink. "What?" he coughed, sputtering. I asked it again. He paused for a minute before finally answering. "Once, yea…"

Sitting up on my knees, I leaned over toward Kiba, incredibly curious. "Whooo?" I asked, grinning excitedly. Leaning away slightly, he didn't answer. "Is it embarrassing?"

"A bit," he replied. "She just…I think she took it way too seriously while I didn't even remember it." Oohing, I became only more curious.

"Tell meeee!" I whined, plopping back in my seat. Kiba laughed at my pouting.

"No, it's not important," he shrugged.

"Fine, you're right," I pouted, "I'll just ask Tenten then." Kiba shrugged it off until I pulled out my cell from my pocket. Covering my screen suddenly, he gave in.

"Ok, ok," he rushed. Pushing my phone back into my pocket, I looked at Kiba expectantly. Sighing, he took another gulp of his drink before beginning into his story. "It was one of the first few nights here and there was this party. After a few drinks, I really didn't remember much but apparently sometime during the night I had made out with…" he sighed, stopping right before I heard what I wanted, "…Suki." Laughter bubbled in my throat, my ability to hold back failing as I clutched my sides.

"No way," I laughed, the image of Kiba making out with the skater too amusing. Kiba grimaced, a light blush flushing his face. Finally calming down, I glanced over at Kiba who was now checking his phone.

"Damn," he muttered. Asking him what was wrong, I watched him as he debated whether or not to share. Deciding he would, Kiba told me his Mom wanted to visit soon.

"What's so bad about that?" I asked. Sighing, Kiba delved into the basic story of his family, telling me of his Mom, Tsume, and sister, Hana. We talked for hours after that, talking about his family, my lack of a family, our lives, our goals, and just about everything in between.

The music of the party drifted up to the roof, heavy beats pounding beneath us. Suddenly, the music slowed. Yawning, I stretched my arms out as Kiba stood, jokingly bowing and offering his hand.

"May I have this dance?" he asked, his voice amused and overly formal. With a lithe smile, I took his hand. Pulling me up to my feet, Kiba pulled me into himself tightly, my other hand wrapping about the back of his neck. Spinning about, I held myself tighter to Kiba, laughing as he tried to be graceful. Kiba began to laugh too; he knew exactly how much coordination he had. Almost losing his grip as he dipped me, Kiba tugged me back upright.

Our laughter died into smiles as I noticed just how close we were. My heart pounded rapidly in my chest, my face flushing as I stared into Kiba's dark eyes; I could feel Kiba's warm, minty breath, his messy chocolate hair which fell in front of those never ending eyes. That moment seemed to go on forever. Or at least until there was a thud at the door.

Where we were suddenly becoming closer and closer, we now stopped, halted at that one moment.

There were a few more thuds as my heart continued to thud in my chest, my breath hitched in my throat.

"Probably some drunks trying to find some privacy?" he mumbled, his attention not moving at all. Returning his gaze just as intently, I regained my breath.

"Yeah, I know the feeling," I breathed, my eyes feeling heavy. Then the door slammed open. The moment suddenly halted, our attention remaining but the inspiration lost. The two who had barged in stopped, retreating quickly, whispering as they went.

Our heads leaned in and our eyes connected, I suddenly shook my head clear. Bowing back to Kiba, I placed some distance between Kiba and I.

"What a marvelous dance," I stated, my eyes on the ground and my lip trembling, "But I must leave you now. It is quite late." Glancing at the horizon, I could see the first rays of the sun beginning to rise. The stars fading and the sky taking on a beautiful hue, I darted towards the door, my shoes and coat having been shed hours ago in hand. Kiba appeared stunned, stuck where he was, barely noticing as I darted down floors.

Finding Tenten among the passed out students, I yanked her up, pulling her along behind me.

"What's the hurry?" she mumbled, holding her head tightly. Shoving her into our room, I shut the door, sliding down to the floor as Tenten tried to regain her senses.

"I almost kissed Kiba," I replied, breathless.

"Almost?" Tenten questioned, lying down with her eyes shut and a hand holding her head.

"I couldn't do it…" I murmured, ashamed and embarrassed. Getting up, I changed my shirt and pulled on a hoodie.

"Where are you going?" Tenten asked, half asleep already.

"Just out. Need anything?"

"Peace, quiet, and whoever is stabbing me in the brain to stop," she mumbled. Laughing lightly, I started towards the door when my phone rang. Tenten groaned as I picked up.


"Hi. It's Kiba. Haru, I really need to talk to you."

"Hi, Kiba," I managed, rushing even more to get out of the dorm, "I'm not sure—" Opening my door, I nearly ran directly into the person I was running away from. Stunned and speechless, I paused, my breath caught. Returning to reality, I snapped my phone shut.

"Kiba?" I breathed, still in shock. Dropping his hand which had been prepared to knock on my door, he too seemed stunned. Regaining his senses, he shoved his phone into his pocket and tried to recollect his words.

"Haru…I didn't mean to…I just…" he flustered, a blush covering his cheeks, "Haru, I really like you. More than I ever really liked anyone." I could tell Kiba was struggling with his words, attempting to say what he was thinking. Stepping forward, I was staring into those eyes again.

Leaning our heads in, we kissed.