Bri Nara Production

Note: I don't own anybody except the narrator. Sorry if I offend any Ino fans.

Class was over, teams were picked, and I didn't end up in that spiky pony-tailed boy's team. He, apparently, ended up in the bottle-blonde drama queen's team along with the Akimichi boy. He was stuck with the angriest looking person in the class right now, probably the angriest in the world.

She was, like almost every other girl in the stinkin' class, glaring at the kunoichi clinging to Sasuke's arm. She was the only happy one. Sasuke looked ticked for some reason (then again, he always looks like that), and the Blondie boy next to the kunoichi looked as ticked as Sasuke.

Everyone got out of their seats and was heading for the door, but the bottle-blonde and the kunoichi with bubblegum pink hair were blocking the exit. They looked like they were going to kill each other with just their glares. I love a good catfight, I thought and went to the front of the crowd gathering around.

"How come you get to be with Sasuke and not me?" shrieked the blonde.

"Maybe for the same reason why I beat you to class this morning," the pink-haired girl grinned, "I'm better than you!"

"Better than me?" she asked. "You are not! And you did not beat me, it was a tie!"

"Yeah, yeah," the other girl responded.

"I feel so sorry for Sasuke," the blonde said. "That's he's stuck on the same team as you, Billboard-Brow!"

The pink-haired girl's calmness got replaced with white-hot fury. "WHAT DID YOU SAY, INO-PIG?" Uh oh, was on every spectator's face.



Then there was nothing but a cloud of dust and papers and angry screams. I figured I should go break them up before things got any uglier.

"Hey, you two!" I walked up to the dust cloud and knew that everybody thought I was crazy. "Break it up!" I reached my hand into the madness.

"Hey, Bri!" shouted the pony-tailed boy. "That's a bad idea!"

Five seconds later, a hand from the fight reached out and grabbed the front of my shirt. "Oh man…" was all I could manage before I got pulled in.

Every part of me got hit by something, and the only sound was screeching. Then I was thrown out and flew over the crowd. I hit the wall, hard. I saw Iruka-sensei try to stop the fight, but he got pulled in too.

Then suddenly he was besides me on the wall. I gave him a dark look and groaned, "Iruka-sensei, this is all your fault…" I finally slid down to the floor.

"I know, I know…" then he slid down too.

The end.