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I only own one person, that's it, so don't complain. I own the girl with the dark-chocolate brown ponytail. And my cousin (she's know as Suka Hiwatari here) is also in this.

It was a weird morning in the Hidden Leaf Village. It seemed more crowded than usual, there were more girls in clothing stores than usual, at least twenty asking for a particular clan's outfit.

In front of the Hyuga household, Neji was about to get the newspaper for his uncle. He opened the screen door to see a sight that could only mean he's going crazy.

There were at least a dozen girls in the front yard, half of them wearing clothes that looked like Neji's. All of them with the kind of smile that meant you weren't in on some joke.

"Good morning, Neji!" the girls said together.

He ditched the paper and closed the screen door with a look that screamed "What the heck?!"

Sasuke was walking out of his house when he felt the presence of someone behind him. He threw a kunai, there was a sigh. It was a group of girls, all wearing Uchiha outfits.

"Sasuke…" the girls said. They all grinned.

Sasuke, who had been the target for every girl in the Leaf Village once before, turned around and ran like there was no tomorrow.

Kiba was walking Akamaru, as usual, then a shrill whistle making Akamaru jump and run towards the source. It was a girl with red triangles on her cheeks like Kiba's. She was rubbing Akamaru's tummy.

"Oh Kiba…" she said sweetly. Then a dozen girls appeared from the tree behind her. "You might want to start running now."

Before Kiba knew what hit him, he was buried by girls. He managed to have a hand poking out, reaching for Akamaru to help him.

Naruto was in Ichiraku's eating ramen for breakfast. Then a random girl with pink hair like Sakura's pops up behind him and asks "Want a ramen?"

"Sure," Naruto answered.

Then a million other girls, except they all looked like Naruto, echoed "Want a ramen?" "Want a ramen?" "Want a ramen, Naruto?"

For some reason, Shikamaru actually woke up today. Only he wasn't in bed and his troublesome mother wasn't yelling at him. Instead, he noticed the Hidden Leaf rushing under him.

He yelled out and waving his arms, as if trying not to fall. He realized he was slung over someone's shoulder. He looked up to see who it was. Whoever it was, they had a spiky, dark-chocolate brown ponytail that was almost like his; only lower.

The head turned to look down at Shikamaru. It was a girl with big brown eyes and two locks of hair framing her face. She smirked. "Wow, guess Deerboy's alive after all. By the way, you must sleep like a rock if you didn't wake up sooner."

Shikamaru groaned it was the perfect way to start the day; get kidnapped by some troublesome girl.

"If you're gonna say 'What a drag…' or 'Troublesome girl', then maybe I should let the other girls get you."

He looked down at the street; sure enough there was an army of girls in Nara clan outfits looking for him.

"Shika!" "Shikamaru!" "Shikamaru, you lazy bum, come out here!"

He groaned again. "You should be grateful, Shika," the kidnapper said. "If I hand you over to them, they'd tear you apart just to get your hair-tie!"