Me: here's a llama….
Twin: there's a llama…..
Emmett: llama llama llama…..
Me and Twin: …….DUCK!
Edward: what? That doesn't make sense!!
Twin: your mom doesn't make sense!
Jasper: *walks in, playing with a pone* WOA! It's a touch screen!
Me: your mom's a touch screen.
Edward: ………….wrong on so many levels…..
Twin: What was the point in this?
Jasper: uhhhh……disclaimer?
Me and Twin: oh yea. We don't own Twilight or the characters!!

A/N: OKAY! HEY GUYZ! I HAD to write this story. This story's events at the beginning are all true things that happened to me, and I wanted to write something about it. The title of the story I got from something my friend always says. BTW there are flashbacks in this, and they are VERY important, please don't skip them.

Player Haters

Chapter 1: Legos, Crayons, and James Bond, oh my!

I got out of my old, rusty truck and walked hurriedly through the rain to my first class. Maybe if I was lucky I wouldn't bump into anyone. But my hope instantly faded as Alice came dancing over to my side. "Hi Bella!" my best friend, Alice Cullen sang. Alice has been my best friend since kindergarten. We bumped into each other on our first day, and ever since we've been inseparable.


I stood shyly over by the water fountain next to the playground while all the other kids played on the playground together. "Hi! What's your name??" I heard a musical voice ask. I looked up to see a short—even by my 6 year old standards—girl with spiky black hair that stuck out in every direction. Her face resembled a pixie. She had a large smile, and she was jumping excitedly. Was she always this hyper??

"Hi…..I'm Bella." I said shyly. She smiled at me. "I'm Alice!" she said in her musical voice. I could see our moms talking and laughing with each other. "Wanna play horseys?" she asked. I looked at her with a confused expression. "Watch! You pretend like you're riding a horsey. Like this!" she said as she started galloping around, neighing. I quickly joined in. "My horsey is brown!" Alice said. "Mine is white!" I laughed with her as I galloped around the playground. I looked back to see where Alice was, when I tripped and fell into someone. I fell to the ground, and the person I ran into turned around with anger on his face. I gasped. He was the most beautiful thing my 6-year-old-eyes had ever seen! He had tousled bronze hair, and the most beautiful emerald green eyes that I just couldn't stop looking at. Soon I forgot everything—what happened, where I was, when this was, even my own name. "HEY! Watch where you're goin', buddy!" he said, glaring at me. His voice was even more beautiful, a smooth sound of notes that reminded me of velvet. I was lost in his voice, but his glare set my mind straight.

"I-I'm s-sorry!" I mumbled, getting to my feet.
"Well, watch where you're trippin' next time!" he said as he ran away. I turned around, teary-eyed, to see Alice standing behind me. "It's okay, he's my brother. He's an asswaffle." She said as she took my hand and pulled me inside as the yard bell rang."What is an 'asswaffle'?" I murmured as she laughed.

-End Flashback-

"Bella?? Hellooooo? Anyone in there??" she said as she pretended to knock on my head.
"What? Oh yea. Sorry." I mumbled.
"I SAID, you're still coming over tonight, right??" oh, that's right. I completely forgot. I had better not tell her that though…..
"Yes, Alice. We shall have your sleepover thing if you want. But please, PLEASE, no Bella Barbie!!" I pleaded her with my hands clasped.
"Fine. But your time will come Bella….." she said as we walked into our first period classroom. Thanks to Alice, and my flashback, we were late, and everyone looked up and stared as we walked into the room. I felt a warm blush heat my cheeks as I took my seat in the middle of the classroom, right next to Alice. I still felt the presence of stares burning holes through my head, so I looked up to meet beautiful, green eyes staring at me. My thoughts immediately left my head, and our gazing was so intense I started to shake.


Alice and I walked into the classroom and sat down, cross-legged on the floor while the teacher spoke to us.

"Hello, children. My name is Ms. Cecee. I am your teacher….." she introduced herself and took roll. I looked around as the kids shouted "HERE"'s and "PRESENT"'s. Present? I wonder what that means…..so if we say that we get presents?

"Alice Cullen?" the teacher asked.
"Here!" Alice chirped.
"Bella Swan?"
"PRESENTS!!!" I yelled. The other kids laughed. Alice leaned over, "Bella, it's not PRESENTS, it's PRESENT…….as in 'I'm here'." she said, giggling. The teacher was smiling as she continued with her list.
"Edward Cullen?"
"Present." I whipped my head around to where the musical voice came from, to see the boy I had run into earlier smirking at me. He was making fun of me?? So his name was Edward. What a pretty name. I frowned and he started laughing.

The teacher told us we had free time first to get to know each other. Alice went to go grab all the good toys before they were all taken. Meanwhile I saw Edward over with his friends playing with some Legos. I walked up to them, "Hi. I'm Bella. What's your name??" I asked. I already knew his name, but it seemed polite to hear it from him himself. "Cullen. Edward Cullen." He said, impersonating James bond with his hands in the form of a gun. "Can I play with your Legos??" I asked. He started laughing. "No. You're a GIRL. I don't want to play with you. And I'm not sharing my Legos with you." He said. I felt my face turn hot and warm tears gather at my eyelids. He had hurt me, and I wanted to hurt him. "Well, at least I'm not a boy who looks like a girl!!" I said, and with one last look at his furious face, I ran off to find Alice.

-End Flashback-

"Ms. Swan?" the teacher asked. Finally I tore my gaze from Edward's. "Excuse me?" I asked, feeling like an idiot. What had come over me? I hate Edward. I shouldn't be staring into his eyes.
"Your opinion? On discriminating others?" we were reading the book, Night, by Ellie Wiesel, and we were discussing the different themes. But just as I was about to answer, someone else did.
"Discriminating is a feeling towards another that is different than the something, a wrongful act that can be about race, sex, orientation, looks, and even personality all together. Discrimination is terrible and I think that it is wise to avoid discriminating in any way." Edward answered the teacher, mocking me.
"Says the guy who won't share his Legos." I said. Alice burst into laughter, and Edward frowned at me. Most of the room roared with laughter, for they were in the same class as Edward, Alice, and I in kindergarten. Alice high-fived me.

"Watch it, Swan." Edward hissed at me.
"Beat it, Cullen!" I snapped back. Everyone laughed.
"Uh-oh. They're at it again……" we heard some people say. It was not an uncommon thing for Edward and I to be budding heads…….


Later that day Alice and I sat coloring during our coloring time.(A/N: LAWLZ….who would of guessed?)

"Bella, do you have a blue crayon??" Alice asked me in a sweet voice. I reached for the 64-pack of crayons I had picked up from the crafts box, when a hand snatched it just before I did. I looked up to see Edward Cullen holding the crayons with a smirk on his face. "Give me my crayons!" I yelled, jumping for them. He was much taller than me, so he raised the crayons in the air above my head, and I was jumping up on my toes to reach them. But, to my luck, I fell over onto the ground, and Edward roared with laughter.

"Look, Swan," he started after he calmed down, "You don't make fun of ME and get away with it. I think you should watch what you do." He said as he walked away with my crayons.

"HEY! Cullen stole my crayons!!" I yelled. This was the last straw. No one steals MY crayons and gets away with it! From this day on, Edward Cullen, and I, Isabella Swan, shall be sworn enemies!

-End Flashback-

"Why don't you give it a rest, Swan?" Edward asked.
"Well, maybe you shouldn't have denied me of Legos and stolen my crayons….." I said, and everyone roared with laughter again. Swan 2, Cullen 0.

"OKAY, enough, Ms. Swan, Mr. Cullen." Ms. Miller said, cutting off what Edward was about to say. Edward and I sighed loudly at the same time, causing us to shoot glares at each other. "Asswaffle." I muttered, and he shot another glare at me, and Alice burst into laughter again. That was Alice's and mine's usual name for Edward. Ever since kindergarten.

The rest of the classes flew by without anything of importance, and I was on my way to lunch. I was walking down the hall when I heard someone yelling my name. Crap, sounds like Mike again. I turned my head to look, and I tripped. I waited for the impact of my face meeting the floor, but it never came. I opened my eyes to find two strong arms holding me up, and putting me back on my feet. "Shit, Swan. Could you possibly not take down an entire forest when you trip next time??"

"That depends on whether or not you're the forest." I said. "Why did you catch me??" I asked.
"Would you rather I let you fall on your ass?" he mocked.
"If it meant staying out of your arms, then…….yes. Why, yes I would, Cullen." He glared at me as I started walking away, and then he threw something on the ground. Then next thing I knew, I stepped on it, and it rolled, and I slipped, falling on the ground on my butt. Edward was laughing hysterically.

"I hate you." I muttered, walking off. "GLAD TO BE OF SERVICE!!" he yelled after my retreating figure. I walked to my locker before heading to the cafeteria.

When I reached the cafeteria, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward where already at our table. Yes—you heard that right. I used the words "Edward" and "Our table" in the same sentence. Let me explain.

Edward, Alice and I are all Juniors, while Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett are seniors. Edward, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie are all adopted siblings of the Cullens. Except Jasper Hale and Rosalie Hale are actual twins. Jasper is Alice's boyfriend, and Emmett is Rosalie's boyfriend. And, Edward—Edward's a player. So I didn't find it surprising that he was making out with a slutty girl at our table.

I sat down next to Alice at our table with a disgusted look on my face, not bothering to hide it. The thing I hated most about Edward Cullen, was that he was a player. One of the worst, at that. He would be seen kissing new girls every couple of hours. A minute later, they broke apart and the girl walked away to a table of slutty girls. I think I involuntarily gagged. Edward noticed, and smirked. "So, how was that, Swan?"

"It was…..by far, the most amazingly, incredibly, outstandingly, most……" by now he was smiling, "………..disgusting thing I've ever seen." I finished, and his smile faded. Emmett and Jasper roared with laughter.

"Wow, that was very funny, Bella. Maybe you would know what you were talking about if you actually tried it once." He said, laughing. I must say, this set me off as much as when he stole my crayons.

I picked up some of the mashed potatoes off my tray of food, and threw it at Edward. It hit him straight in the face, covering him with mashed potatoes. The cafeteria went completely silent, as they stared at Edward in shock, waiting for his reaction. Slowly, he picked up some spaghetti, and threw it at me. But it missed, and flew into Alice's face. She screamed. "I JUST GOT THIS SHIRT!!!!" as she picked up food and threw it at Edward, but missed and hit Emmett. That's all it took.

"FOOOOOOD FIGHT!!!!!" someone in the cafeteria yelled as we all started throwing food at each other. The next thing I know, Edward shoved a plate of spaghetti in my face, so I took it and threw it back in his face. Alice and Jasper were having a war with Rosalie and Emmett, and the rest of the cafeteria was a total mess as people threw food across the cafeteria. Then, Mike walked in the door of the cafeteria, and everyone turned and threw food at him from all directions. He ducked, and tried to cover himself, but failed miserably. We all stopped, just when Principal Felix walked.

"WHO STARTED THIS?!?!?!" he yelled, and the entire cafeteria was silent.

"MIKE STARTED IT!!" everyone in the cafeteria yelled at once. The principal grabbed Mike by the ear and dragged him out of the cafeteria, yelling "OW! OW! OW!" all the way to the principal's office.

Everyone erupted into laughter after that. "Hey! Edward!" I yelled, behind him. He turned, and right when he turned, I shoved a plate of spaghetti in his face. Then I took up a James Bond pose, my hands in the shape of a gun, "Swan. Bella Swan." I said, and then I took off running out the door.

A/N: I have been DYINGGGG to write one of these! So we'll see where it takes us. So, just to explain things…..Bella and Edward have a love/hate relationship. They actually love each other, but don't realize it, although they notice weird things happen like the staring thing. GO FIGURE!!! BAHAHA

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