Tarou ½
A Ranma ½ Fanfic by Intrasonic



-This story derives itself directly from the manga, with only one thing changed to begin with. Namely, Tarou appears sooner. As any avid fanfic reader might guess, he happens to stumble into Ranma's path before long and get mixed up in the various events. But what will come of that? Someone with power, skill, a mission, only a few morals, and most importantly, INTELLIGENCE, could change things around a little. Actually, quite a bit could get changed. Some events may not even take place. Some might get butchered beyond recognition. You're welcome to read on and find out for yourself.
-To give a general idea to anybody who has no clue about who Tarou is, he's arguably the coolest character in the Ranma-verse. He was dunked as a baby at Jusenkyou in 'Spring of Drowned Yeti Riding a Bull Carrying a Crane Holding an Eel' by Happousai, who at the same time, gave him the name 'Pantyhose Tarou', which predictably does cruel things to your social life. By the laws of Tarou's village, only the person who named him can change his name, which isn't going to be easy where Happousai is concerned. His cursed form is a giant minotaur-like creature with wings and an eel for a tail.

And Onto the Story...

"I'm leaving today!" the young man repeated. "And that's final!"
The aged sensei looked at him appraisingly. "Are you certain? Do you really think you're strong enough? You are good. Very good, in fact. But I can still whip your sorry behind in a man-to-man fight, and I wouldn't consider myself strong enough."
The man smirked. "Maybe I'm not strong enough, but I wasn't planning on fighting as myself. A splash of water, and I'll pound the miserable pervert into the ground easily!"
"You place too much faith in your cursed form."
"If I did, why would I have bothered to study under you?"
The sensei acknowledged the point. "Again, I do not think you are ready to confront him. Why, he has not be heard from for over twenty years now. It is possible that the demon is dead now."
"Dead? He's an ancient as China itself, they say. Even the Joketsuzoku fear him! He can't have suddenly decided to die now!!!"
"They say he is perverse enough to have done so. Or perhaps he's simply run away. You may never find him."
"Oh, I'll find him. I know all the stories. All I have to do is ask if they've seen a withered old pervert around." He chuckled evilly. "I don't think finding him will be a problem."
"I still do not think you are strong enough. You place too little faith in the legends. True, even the Joketsuzoku fear him. They hate him for his actions, but don't you understand why they haven't revenged themselves on him? The Joketsuzoku are notorious for chasing enemies to the ends of the earth to extract revenge. Yet they have not done so against him. He is too strong for even them to fight. And that is saying a lot in itself. You are a good student. Stay awhile longer and let me teach you more. Your cursed form grows as you age, so it will become stronger too. You have nothing to lose."
The young man appeared hesitant. He couldn't argue with what his sensei had said.
Family genes dictated that he would never be a particularly bulky individual, but rigorous training for his entire life had given him strength far beyond his years. He had not been an especially early developer either, but even now nature was gradually working towards making him stronger. And those improvements were directly reflected in the cursed form he possessed. Another year of training, and he would be even stronger...
Pantyhose Tarou stood up and faced his master with his decision.


Once upon a time, that young man decided to wait. He trained and grew stronger still. And eventually left. What came of this can be learned by reading a series called Ranma ½, available in comic stores everywhere. It may be generally said that no incidence of success was ever known to have occurred. But that was another story altogether. In this story...


"I'm tired of waiting! I leave tomorrow! I'll find that withered old pervert Happousai if it's the last thing I do. And I'll make him change my name! Even if I have to chase him all the way to Japan to do it!"