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MoMo and echizen talking

Echizen: Hey! Can I crediting your money

Momo: No of course! Not allowed

Echizen: Okay then! I'll just runaway it

Momo: No! You! You don't even have any credit inside (utang na loob)

Echizen: You have circles in your head. Here I come back your money. Happy

Momo: You're not thankful to be.

Echizen: Like I care about

Tomoko: Hey! senpai and Ryoma-sama the captain is communicating you.

Momo: For a while… for a while

Echizen: (sigh)

Momo: Comeback my money

Echizen: Give it back is never

Momo: I thought you will comeback my money.

Echizen: My mind already change.

Momo: I retreat! My money is yours

Echizen: Cool!

Momo: You quiet

Tomoka: Hey two of you, come here told by captain.

Momo and Echizen: Going to be there.

Sakuno: What's wrong with these three? (Sigh)


~ScribblerNeKoMeow [PusaMyaw]