So this is my 2nd RA ff thats on here.....I've decided my 1st ff nd this one nd probably all the others I write are gonna be part of my What Would've Happened If..?? Series...Basically....I write alternate parts of the books because I'm too uncreative to even think of my own scene using someone else's characters and setting....

..this is only intro or nywazZ..enjoy..

Disclaimer: Alas! My heart is once again wrenched in to pieces as I so unhappily admit that I do not now, nor will I ever own the enchanting story of Ranger's Apprentice or the variety of persona that will only ever exist within the wonderful pages of the book..

Chapter One

The three Temujai warriors were heading towards Will as he dropped the useless bow and reached for the small knife at his belt. He figured he would have a better chance and more momentum if he ran towards them. As soon as Will was close enough he tackled the first Temujai. The force of his body slammed the Temuj down onto the ground and for a few seconds they struggled with each other but soon Will, weak from his warmweed addiction and weeks of starvation, lost the momentum he had and the other man overpowered him. They rolled over so the Temuj was on top of Will and he punched him twice in the face, Will was slightly dazed and the Temuj seized his chance. He ripped the knife from Will's grip, raised it and brought it down twice in quick succession, stabbing Will's right side. Will cried out in pain and vaguely heard Evanlyn scream his name. In all the commotion he wondered why the other two Temujai didn't help their leader, slowly he tried to turn his head to look at them but the one still on top of him punched him again, this time right where he was stabbed. Will screamed and looked at the Temuj. His eyes were wicked and for a moment they just looked at each other, then he punched Will all over, left right, left right. The Temujai wasn't going to make Will's death painless, he was going to make it as painful as possible. Then he stopped punching and his eyes went blank, slowly he toppled forward and completely covered Will. As he fell, Will noticed the point of a sword just sticking out of his chest. Will was about to push him off when someone picked up the dead Temujai and placed him to the side.

"Will!" a tall, dark haired young man dropped to his knees beside him.

"Horace?" Will gasped and half sat up but couldn't get any further because his wounds were too painful. Horace started running his hands over Will's body looking for any less obvious wounds. "How..? What..? Why..? Where..? Huh..?" Will stammered, totally confused and still a bit dazed from his fight.

"Will, are you hurt anywhere else?" It took Will sometime to register Horace's words because he was losing blood quickly. Will shook his head slowly. Horace quickly ripped off some of the dead Temujai's clothing and Will gasped as Horace applied pressure to his wounds. "Sorry," he said quietly, and looked over to where Evanlyn was, still standing near the tree but not tied to it, Halt had come out of the trees to see to that. "I'm going to need some bandages over here Halt." Horace called. As soon as the last word came out of his mouth Will looked at him.

"Halt's here?" he gasped.

"Yes. Why, you didn't think..." before Horace could finish his sentence Will jumped up from the ground, despite the pain it caused him, ran full pelt to Halt and collapsed in his arms.

"Halt." Will managed to whisper one word before he fell into unconsciousness.

"Evanlyn," Halt said urgently. "Start a fire, and Horace get me bandages. There are some in Abelard's pack," Halt picked Will's light body up, too light for Halt's liking, and placed him in one of the nearest Temujai tents.

nd that wazZ it..I'll update soonish..