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Looks Can Be Deceiving

What do you think about when you hear the word STRIPPER? Whore? Slut? Someone who will do just about anything sexually to get money. Well I am happy to say that it is not me. Hi my name is Isabella Swan, but everyone calls me Bella and I am a stripper. Now I know what you are probably thinking, but I can honestly say I am not your ordinary stripper. You see, I am twenty years old and I attend the University of Illinois in Chicago, but I am from Forks, Washington. I am here on a scholarship and I am studying Pre-Med. I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor every since I was a little girl. Let me tell you how I started my life working as a stripper.

Flashback (4 Months ago)

I was working at Sears in the shoe department trying to save up the money for medical school. One day, two women came into my department wearing the skimpiest outfits. The first one was tall with milky colored skin and blonde hair but you can tell that it wasn't naturally hers. She had on a blue jean skirt that was too short, fish net stockings, a red tank top, and red four inch heels. The other girl was a little shorter and her skin was caramel colored and her hair was black flowing down her back. Her skirt was black and she wore pink leggings and a pink tank top with black four-inch heels. (Forgive me y'all; I am not good with descriptions)

Anyway, they came into the store and started trying on wedged sandals. I was walking past them when one of them said,

"Um excuse me Miss, can we get some assistance over here?"

I said to them, "How can I help you ladies today?"

"Can you tell me if you have this shoe in a size 7 ½ in the back", the blonde one said.

I told them that I would go and check in our stock room. I came back with the shoe that she asked for and handed it to her when the other woman asked,

"You actually like your job?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Yeah I like working here. Its cool I guess."

She said, "I bet you wouldn't mind making more money, you know some real money."

"That's something I definitely wouldn't mind more of. I mean I am trying to pay for medical school. What job do you have that you get paid lots of money, I said to them. The blonde one said, "Well I am Casey and this is my friend Lisa and we are strippers. You see we make a lot of money because we are strippers. We work over at James Place. You should really come check it. We make about $500 night, sometimes more than that."

I said with horror stricken eyes, " I don't even make that in two weeks sometimes. Um I don't know though. Me a stripper? I don't have any experience and I am sure no one would want to see me."

Lisa said, "So Isabella, do you know how to dance?"

"Just Bella and yes I know how to dance."

"Well Bella, that is all the experience you need and our boss James would be happy to have fresh meat at the club. Guys want to see any girl that showing them a little something. Now where do we pay for these shoes?"

I showed them where the register was and Casey slipped me the address to James Place before they left.

Later That Night

I just got done with my shift at work when I was contemplating if I should check this place out or not. I decided what the hell, there is no harm in checking this place out. I saw that James Place was located on Randolph and I wasn't far from it at all. T

he outside of the club looked decent enough, so I walking toward the entrance where there seem to be some guys hanging on the outside. As I walked past them, they were whistling and blowing kisses at me. I felt my face turn red as I went inside the club. It was very rowdy when I walked in, but it looked your typical strip club. Half naked girls walking around, dancing on guy's laps, and swinging on poles. I was walking around to see if I could spot Casey or Lisa when one guy grabbed my ass. I turned around and slapped his hand and he seemed to like it.

He said, "Nice ass. Here a twenty for looking good in black."

I couldn't believe he gave me $20 just to for feeling my ass. I spotted Casey and Lisa with some guy with a long blonde ponytail, so I went up to them.

Casey saw me and said, "Hey you made it. I didn't think you would come."

Lisa said, "I knew you would come. Who could resist all of this cash?"

"Well I was on my way home and thought that I would check it out and now I did." "Hey Bella this is our boss James and he owns this dump".

Casey said laughing.

James said, "You know you love this place Casey, so stop fronting. Nice to meet you Bella, so you interested in working here?"

"Yeah I was thinking about it."

James said looking me up and down, "You certainly have the uh…potential for this job." I thought to myself could I really do this? I mean I really could use the money, but what will people think of me?

"Hello, earth to Bella? Did you hear what James said", Lisa said to me.

I said, "Oh I am sorry, I guess I was daydreaming. What did you say James?"

He said, "How soon can you start?"

"When do you need me", I asked him.

James said, "How about now? One of my girls called in sick. You can feel in for her tonight."


Casey and Lisa led me to the back to get me changed. I walked in the changing room with them and some of the girls who were looking at me crazy and giving me dirty looks. Casey told me to ignore them because they don't like competition. Lisa told her to give me the red bra with the black lace and the matching thongs. I couldn't believe that they wanted me to wear thongs in front of all those men out there.

Casey saw the worry on my face and said, "You will be fine Bella. We will be out there too."

I changed into the undies they gave me and went back out to start dancing. I couldn't help thinking that the guys would not like me. I was standing there looking at Casey and Lisa and thought to myself that it didn't look to hard what they were doing when one guy pulled me over to him and said,

"Hmm…You're new? What is your name beautiful?

I said, "My name is Bella."

He said, "Beautiful name Bella for a beautiful girl. I am Mike by the way. So will you dance for me Bella?

I said, "Okay."

I started to sing to myself like I always did when I was nervous about something.

"Your voice sounds amazing Bella and you are doing an amazing job."

I smiled big because that was something that I really needed to hear.

I looked over to Casey and she mouthed to me, "You are doing great!"

Closer by Ne-Yo started blasting on the radio and I lost control. I started grinding on Mike closer and closer and then I went to the stage and started pole dancing. The rest of the night pretty much went like that and I couldn't help but be proud with myself. My total for the night came out to be $600.

James came up to me and said, "Wow, you were amazing Bella. So what did you think about tonight?"

I said, "I was worried at first but once I got into it, I really liked it."

James said, "Well I want you to have fun here, so here is your cut which $400. The club got $200 of what you made, so don't spend it all in one place."

With that James had left and Casey and Lisa came up to me and gave me a hug.

Lisa said, "I know you coming back tomorrow, right?"

I said, "You know what, I think I will."

I went and got changed and said my goodbyes because I have class in a couple of hours and I need to at least get some type of sleep. I drove home thinking about what happened that night and when I made it to my house I put the money with my very small stash of $250. I took a hot shower and got into bed. I went to sleep knowing that I was doing a good thing.

End Flashback

So that's how I got to be a stripper till this day. I have now been working at James Place for four months now and I still like it. I still keep it pretty honest, just stripping and singing on stage. I am a college student by day and a stripper by night. I had to quit my job at Sears because it was too much for me to handle. I have managed to keep this a secret from my classmates and I would like to keep it that way. The only person who knows outside the club is my roommate/best friend Angela, but I know she won't say anything. I can't imagine my parents even finding out about this with my father being the Chief of Police back home.

It is Friday night and I have finally arrived at the club and I thought my night would be the same as always, but boy was I wrong.

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