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What's the difference between these questions? Does it really matter if:

A. I fall flat on my face while walking up the hallway?

B. Getting spaghetti in my hair at lunchtime?

C. Passing EVERY subject with A's and getting called a nerd?


D. Finding out My Family's Biggest Secret

Something I've learned from this year is to never find out what your parents did or even what your grandparents did because it always comes back to haunt you. In many different ways possible.

Present Day

Great, First Days. You'll love them or Hate them depending on what your like. Me, personally I dread them.

First Reason: Getting all the gossip of what everyone did on their extremely expensive holidays in the worlds most exotic places, while getting tanned. Second Reason: I didn't go on an expensive holiday at an exotic place around the world to get the world's worst sun burn. Third Reason: No one here notices me and my friends exists except when were sat on during classes, parades and even at the bus stop but that's just not the only reason this year is bad this year is the first year Guys will be able to attend and my last. Not saying it won't be a bad thing because it isn't, I'm just saying No guy would notice me I'm a freak and I know it because everyone thinks and talks about it. I'm the girl who could sit in a corner and feel right at home because that's me and nothing could change that.

Damn, Its 7:30. I rush out the front door towards the bus stop. I'm currently Speed walking down to the bus stop while trying to get my pink umbrella out of its pocket in my bag, the misty rain and fog made it hard to see even two steps in front of me. I was looking at my muddy school shoe covered feet as I walked down the concrete path, that's when I heard tires. By the time I looked up the car was already down the street and I was drenched. Just great I think the world hates me. Actually the whole world hates the females of my family my Nonno said that we were cursed but I was only 4 at the time and I only saw him that once. Not until a couple of years ago I thought that it was true but that all changed when I was accepted to go to the school of my dreams, but really sometimes those dreams aren't exactly the way you would want them to go. The school I go to looks like a castle, mostly because it was shipped over from England to be a boarding school but, that's what I think anyway. People say that it used to be inhabited by kings and queens but I don't think there would be any royalty in this part of Washington. I finally made it to the bus stop without any further interruptions and took out my iPod and tattered and spaghetti stained copy of Wuthering Heights and waited for the next school bus to come.

Walking through the castle gates of St Victors, I see many people getting out of the cars trying to be cool to get noticed by the Click. The Click are a group of popular girls who do anything to get attention, telling rumors about other students, having the latest fashion e.g. Hair, shoes, clothes, Make-up the list goes on and on, but there is something about these particular girls that really makes you want to be in there group I think it is because they get all the guys attention just by looking in there direction. One thing is that their leader Tanya is the most snobbiest, most annoying, most… aghh the stupid slag is pure evil and I wish that some one would teach her a lesson because the public and teachers think that she's a saint but boy are they wrong. Remembering what she did to me was …

"What nationality are you?" Tanya asked on my first day of school in grade 10.

"I'm American but my grandparents originated from Italy after they got married" I replied respectively because some one of her status was talking to me.

"Oh, so your not American then why do you go here?"

"I got a scholarship" I smiled as I was reminded of how many hours I had to study to see if I could be accepted.

Tanya's face turned up to a smirk and looked me in the eye's "If you believe you would ever fit in here your dead wrong, No one would accept you. Your to plain, to… innocent to be taken seriously, but believe me if you ever get in my path again you will see a storm heading your way" she through her strawberry blond curls over her shoulder and strutted down the hallway.

In the cafeteria a week after our first in counter, as predicted I was sitting by myself in the corner of the lunch room enjoying the peace and quiet . In my central hearing I could hear heels click across the marble floor around me… apparently the only way to get to their table is to go past mine on the other side of the lunch room. Today I got the highest marks out of our entire grade… and I knew something was fishy and it wasn't the tuna casserole either. It only took three seconds. The first Tanya glaring at me with her tray of food in front of her. Second Spaghetti all over me, through my hair, clothes everything. Thirdly Tanya laughing. Everyone in the lunch room was laughing. I quickly grabbed my bags and book and ran further and further away from the cafeteria because if I went back there it would be the end of time. I hid inside a toilet cubicle unable to breath properly from all the embarrassment and anger waving through out my body. My usually clear face was blotchy and tear stained. Unable to look at myself I turned away from the mirror and sat beneath the sink. Bringing my legs up to my chest and head down I was able to drown out my sorrows.

"I know she's around here somewhere I saw her run this way, Rose where do you think she went?" A high pitched females voice rang through the bathroom door.

"Umm where would I go if I was embarrassed in front of the whole school... I would sit in a hole and cry myself to sleep" another females voice rung through the door someone by the name of rose?.

"Rose… what if she herd you?" The high pitched females voice scolded.

"Yeah well the longer we waste arguing the less time we actually get to find her lets check in here?" Rose said.

I heard the Bathroom door creak I looked up to see Two beautiful females standing in front of me.

"Come to make more fun of me?" I said angry one of the emotions that rages through me for the nerve they have to come and make more fun of me.

They looked taken back.

The blond put her hands up in surrender "Woah, careful there we were just coming to see if you want someone to talk to and give you another uniform" only then did I notice the short pixie one holding a fresh clean uniform in her hands.

I wiped my runny nose across my sleeve "Thanks, no ones ever done anything like this before"

The Pixie one smiled and handed me the uniform "Sorry it might not be your size but at least you won't have to wear a spaghetti stained one" I went into a cubicle and got changed.

Both females stood out the front of the cubicle.

"Thank you both I really appreciate it, by the way my names Isabella but I prefer Bella"

Both smiled "We know who you are, I'm Mary Alice Brandon and this is Rosalie Lillian Hale we also have nicknames I prefer Alice and Rosalie prefers Rose"

"Hello… Bella?" a Small hand waved before my eyes.

"Huh oh yeah sorry Alice I kind of zoned out" I said as a small smile appeared across my face.

"As I was saying.. we are going to be late so hurry your little tosh up and get inside" Ali grabbed my hand and dragged me through the front doors of our castle. Awaiting what today would bring in our 6 hour, five day, fire covered, aggonising week.

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So Next Time:

Listening to Sister Margareta, the school principal go on and on about how we're seniors now and how younger students are going to look up to us for guidance. We must have respect and be responsible for our actions. Yeah she wouldn't know responsibility or respect if it bit her on the bum.

. Personally I feel that graduating at the end of this year would be the least if my problems. Believe me, I could write a book about problems. Yet my mother say's that as long as we have a roof over our heads and food in the cupboard we have nothing to worry about. Her naivety really scares me.