Set during episode 2x20, when Wesley and Angel are researching the portal…

"Handcuffs? Who do we know that has handcuffs?"

"Well, I – wouldn't know."

"No… you've got to be kidding me."


"You, Wesley? You have handcuffs?"

"I most certainly do not!"

"Wesley… I never would have figured that was your thing."

"I was a demon hunter, Angel… they came in handy."

"Oh yeah. Women love the demon hunters."

"It wasn't about the women, Angel!"

"Well, the men love them too…"

"Angel! We're recusing Cordelia, here! Let's do that and not discuss kinky sexual habits!"

"Right. Cordelia. Let's get back to that."

"Thank you."

"This conversation isn't over, you know."