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The Alice Agency

Written by Sitting in the Silence

Full summary:

Alice Agency is a high-class agency in Tokyo that accepts difficult cases. Even though AA has all the hi-tech gadgets and wise agents, they're just nothingcompared to the infamous Neko Gang. That's why Boss assigned Mikan and Natsume together to handle the case, then things started getting crazier by the minute. Can love conquer all the crazy happenings?

Case #1 : Stained Undershirt

I'M TIED UP IN a chair being interrogated by a man wearing a white eye mask. He kept asking me the same question, over and over again but I kept my mouth shut. His partner who's wearing a black eye mask was holding a baseball bat and he kept swinging it back and forth, playfully.

"This is your last chance little girl. Where is your boyfriend?" he asked for the umpteenth time.

"I don't know." I voiced out at last. Well, first of all, I really don't know where he is. Second, I don't have a boyfriend. How can I know the whereabouts of someone who doesn't even exist? But I can't seem to voice out these facts to them.

"You're playing tough huh?" he said to me with a smirk. He snapped his fingers and the guy with the baseball bat neared me. He clenched the bat tightly and swung it with immense force and before I knew it, the bat hit me.

Mikan Sakura jolted awake on her bed. She panted heavily as she touched her chest. She never had a dream as vivid as that. It felt so real.

She instantly wiped her sweaty forehead then she touched her wrists. She can still remember the pain of the tied up wrists in her dream. She swallowed hard and let out a sigh. She placed strands of her auburn hair behind her ears then she straightened her black silk nightgown.

She stood up and sauntered towards the door. She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She got a bottle of water and drank from it. God, she never felt this thirsty in her entire life. Seconds later, the bottle full of water is now empty.

She continued to her room and plopped on her bed. She's not sure if she should sleep again or just wait for sunrise to arrive- only an hour left until sunrise- but she dozed off while in the midst of deciding.

A loud set of ringing was heard by a still sleepy brunette. She lazily stretched her arms and yawn then she searched for her wireless phone on the bedside table with her hand. She still can't open her eyes. When she got hold of the ringing object, she pressed the answer button.

"Ohayo" she greeted sleepily to the person on the other line.

"Mikan-chan," a female frantic voice answered back, "where are you? Have you forgotten about our meeting today? Our boss is really pissed about your VIPish act today. Hurry and come here now, or else he'll be giving you the sermon of the day."

Mikan's eyes widened. Oh no, she overslept. "Damn it," She cursed, "I'm on my way. Tell the boss there's a traffic jam. Ja!" At that, she threw the wireless phone on her bed as she hurriedly changed into her work clothes.

Topped with a black blazer and a plain white undershirt tucked in her black slacks wearing black leather heeled shoes, she was off to go. She pulled her hair in a simple ponytail. She grabbed a cup of hot chocolate from a vending machine located at the edge of the apartment building's fourth floor stairs.

She reached the busy streets of Tokyo. She ran as fast as she can while glancing every now and then at her wristwatch. Alice Agency is a block away from her apartment. While glancing at her watch, she accidentally bumped into someone. Something hot touched her chest and then the dilemma registered in her mind.

Her white undershirt is now covered with dark brown stains. She grunted and looked into the eyes of the person she bumped into and before she knew it she was staring into a pair of blood red eyes.

"Watch out, idiot." She heard him say. Okay, was she loosing her mind? Because normally when people bumped into someone, they automatically say 'I'm sorry' even though it's not their fault, right?

"Excuse me?" she asked him.

"I said wa-" the guy was about to repeat what he said but Mikan stopped him with a yelp.

"Damn it! Boss is going to kill me. You," she said as she fore fingered him then she pointed at the stains on her undershirt, "I'm an AA agent and I'll hunt you down. I'll charge you for my dry-cleaning service."

She grabbed her mobile phone from her pocket and flipped it open. A loud snap was heard then the raven haired guy realized she just took a picture of him.

"This will be your mug shot," She said then closed her phone's flip, "Ja."

Annoyed, she continued her way to Alice Agency. The guy smirked as he stared at her retreating back.

"Traffic jam? You're kidding right? You don't even have to commute just so you can get here. It's a walking distance from your apartment to here Mikan. It's a block away! A BLOCK! You've been AA's 'Agent of the Month' six times in a row. Mikan what's happening to you. . . And what happened to your undershirt? I don't want my agents walking around with dirty looking clothes. Change into something presentable! You. . ."

And Mikan Sakura was given the sermon of the day. It was regarding her punctuality and her 'Agent of the Month' record. But now, the sermon became longer because of her stained undershirt. She made a mental note to hunt that raven haired guy down.

AA's Boss is a really grumpy one. He notices everything, from a well shined shoe to a well trimmed hair. He's not really the scary type. He doesn't have big muscles and six pack of abs. He's a bald old man with beard. But beware because he can talk non-stop without even pausing for breaths. He won't reveal his name so AA agents simply call him Boss.

But behind every Boss' chair is another chair where the Big Boss sat. Yes, AA agents are well aware of their Big Boss but it seemed that Big Boss' identity will remain a secret forever. They are not even sure if the Big Boss is a pretty lady or a handsome gentleman.

Different theories spread saying that the Big Boss is a lady because the Agency's name is Alice. One said that the Big Boss is a gay but he doesn't want the whole world to know about him so he's hiding and it is said that he adores the name Alice so much. Another said that the Big Boss is a very romantic man who built the agency and named it after his beloved Alice.

Alice Agency is a high-class agency in Tokyo that accepts difficult cases. They cooperate with police investigations if they are asked to. Some powerful and rich people who need private investigators hires in AA. They solve famous cases like: serial-killing that wasn't taken seriously in the past, some underground society groups that do illegal stuffs like assassination and robbery etc., hackers hacking into supposedly classified files.

They can track guilty persons down in a blink. They've got all the hi-tech gadgets and programs. Facilities and machines are all five-star quality. And AA's building is a 150-storey-building; 2,705 feet to be exact. The tallest building ever made. Alice Agency beat the crap out of Burj Dubai. Take that.

AA has everything you need, from police assistants to public and private detectives to crime scene investigators even lawyers. See the point? Anything that is related to the word justice and peace can be found in AA. They obviously work by the law and they stay on the good side.

When Mikan Sakura and Boss arrived, all detectives were already in the meeting floor. The whole floor – 6th floor to be precise – have 15 sets of long rectangular meeting table that are positioned horizontally (when viewed from the top) with 10 leather chairs facing each other. Each chair is matched up with a microphone and a speaker that is built on the table. When one presses the Talk button, everyone on the meeting floor can hear that person's idea or opinion.

The meeting finally started. They won't start a meeting without Mikan Sakura because she's the Supervisor of the Detective section.

Boss walked towards their own desk - positioned vertically – facing the detectives. Boss sat on the big leather chair and same goes for Mikan who sat beside him.

"Listen everybody," boss started, "I decided that all of you - one hundred forty-eight detectives - can't be handled by one supervisor only. Yes, you are divided into 4 groups and you have a leader and those leaders report to the supervisor, which means all the detectives are still handled by one supervisor. So instead of one, I hired a new supervisor to keep a close eye on you." He let go of the Talk button and turned his attention to the phone beside him. He pushed the speaker and spoke, "Let him up."

A voice replied, "Yes."

Seconds later, the elevator dinged and its door parted revealing a raven haired guy with crimson eyes. Earrings pierced his earlobe. Wearing a black polo shirt - the two upper buttons unbuttoned, sleeves barely touched his elbows – tucked in his fitted jeans and he wore shiny black leather shoes. Hands in his pockets, he stepped out of the elevator and sees one hundred forty-eight unfamiliar faces plus the face of the Boss and the face of his soon-to-be partner which he's expecting to see.

Boss pushed the Talk button, "Everyone, meet Natsume Hyuuga."

Mikan stood up eagerly, "YOU!" she exclaimed angrily as she pointed at him like a criminal.

"So, we meet again." Natsume said tenderly - as if something happened between them in the past – then he smirked.

The meeting floor soon filled with whispers. Boss looked hard at Mikan, "What's this about Mikan?"

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