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[Lyrics to stanza six of The Year of the Cat by Al Stewart & Peter Wood. originally appeared here - see author note for chapter 1.]

Morning Comes and You're Still with Her

Bonnie left for her flight back to California before Shego was out of bed the next morning. Both women were probably more comfortable that way.

Shego still didn't have her memory back, and Kim called her mother for assurance that she didn't need to panic - yet.

When Ron got back from the airport he found Kim and Shego with the girls. He looked at Shego and chuckled, "Did you tell Kim what you did last night?"

"Yeah," Shego admitted.

"What did she do?" Kasy asked.

Ron continued talking to Shego, "You should have hit on me, you might have had a chance."

"Ron!" Kim objected.

"Eemah hit someone last night?" Sheki asked. "Who did you hit, Eemah?"

"We are not going to discuss inappropriate behavior in front of the younger generation," Kim warned Ron and Shego.

"What did she say?" Kasy asked Sheki.

"She said she's not going to tell us who Eemah hit."

Ron left for the campus. He had no classes, but he had the distinct impression things were going to be tense around the house and suspected he had already said more than he should.

On a normal day Shego would be at the office, Kim at Global Justice, and someone would watch the girls. But it was not a normal day. Shego could not go to the office, could not remember her own children, and suspected she should feel more guilt for her behavior the night before than she actually felt. Kim had taken time off to be with Shego while she recuperated, and felt more anger towards Shego than she intellectually knew was appropriate. Shego's memory lapse meant she couldn't be held responsible for her actions - but it still hurt that Shego didn't seem interested. This served to make Kim all the more determined to overcome Shego's resistance and get her into bed; she wanted Shego interested in no one but her.

"I need to run a couple loads of laundry," Kim said. "Can we take the girls to the park after that?"

Shego shrugged, "I guess so."

"Why don't you play a game or watch television with them now - I have a couple calls to make for our date tonight."

"Are we coming with you?" Kasy demanded.

"Sorry, Red, but this is another night for Mommy and Eemah. But if it's okay with Eemah we can head to the mall after the park. We might eat lunch there." She turned to Shego, "You can stay home or come to the mall with us. I'd like it if you came shopping."

"Yeah, Whatever."

"Eemah!" Sheki protested, "you won't let us say that."

"You're right, that was rude," Shego admitted and picked her second daughter up, set her on her lap, and gave her a big hug. "I should say that going to the mall with three beautiful women sounds absolutely wonderful."

"And can we get ice cream on the way home?" Kasy suggested.

The green woman turned to Kim, "What do you say, Princess?"

"I say if these two behave we can stop for ice cream - and you get a double scoop for the compliment."

It was late afternoon by the time they got home. "Watch television with the girls for a half hour while I pack overnight bags for them," Kim suggested.

In slightly less than a half hour Kim was back with three bags. "Girls, I'm taking you over to Grandma and Grandpa Possible. Shego, I'm going to get dressed over there." Kim held up the garment bag she was taking for herself. "Take a long soak in the Jacuzzi and then put on the dress on the bed. I'll be back at six-thirty to pick you up."

"What are we doing?"

"Trust me."

"Why does the sound of that scare me?"

"We're starting with dinner. All you need to do tonight is relax and enjoy. Let me take the lead and I'll take very good care of you."

"You're not going to try and get back at me for last night when-"

"Relax and enjoy. I'd never do anything to hurt you."

Ron answered the door when Kim rang the bell at six-thirty. "Lose your key, KP?"

"No, this is like a date, I've come to pick up my date for the night."

He looked her over, "Whoa! You are lookin' good. Big night on the town?"

"I'm hoping for a bigger night back home."

"Don't pressure her, Kim. You're liable to scare her."

"Come on, she was hitting on Bonnie last night. I've got to have a chance. If you can't make a pass at your wife who can you make a pass at?"

"It's just you tend to rush things-"

"Not tonight… Tonight is slow and easy." Kim assumed a harried voice, "Now, where is she, we need to get moving!"

Ron shook his head, "Kim, what am I going to-"

"Just kidding. But, where is she?"

"Girls are never ready on time."

"I was always on time when we were dating."

"That should have been the first clue you were a lesbian."


"Sorry," he chuckled, "I think she's having a little trouble getting dressed."

Kim closed her eyes and dope-slapped herself. She had picked a dress for Shego that called for someone to zip up the back.

"Go upstairs and tell her that her date's here. Then offer to zip her up."

Ron rapped on the bedroom door, "You about ready?"

"Who rang the bell?"

"Your date. She's here. Need any help with a zipper or anything?"

"Yeah, I don't know how she expected me to-"

"You usually have someone there to help you. Can I open the door?"

"Oh, yeah. Right. Sure, zip me."

"Now, don't go too far on your first date," Ron warned as he zipped her up.

Shego chuckled, then let out an obviously fake sigh, "I promise, Daddy."

They linked arms and headed downstairs, he continued to lecture her. "Don't let her pull the old running out of gas line on you. Oh, and take a dime for a pay phone in case your date gets out of line."

"Do they still have pay phones?"

"That's not the point, young lady. You need to…" Ron noticed he'd lost Shego's attention. He glanced down, she'd obviously seen Kim.

"You clean up very nicely," Shego smiled.

Except for the fact Kim's dress bared her left shoulder, and Shego's dress her right, the two were identical in design. But while Shego's simple, elegant sheath was black the one Kim wore was a dark green - which made her red hair stand out all the more vividly in contrast. Around her neck Shego wore the simple strand of jade beads that had been laid out beside the dress on the bed. Kim had a strand of black onyx beads around her throat.

Kim returned the smile, "Thanks, you look lovely tonight."

"Think you could make it any more obvious about our being together?"

"Hey, tonight I want everyone to know you're taken, without anyone seeing the matching tattoos we have on our rears."

Shego's eyes went wide, "What! What tattoos?"

"Well, inside the little heart on your butt it reads, 'KP plus SO'. And on mine-"

Shego turned and took two steps toward the stairs.

Kim panicked, "I'm sorry. I'm teasing you. There are no tattoos."

Shego turned to Ron, "Do I have a tattoo with her initials or not?"

"Not that I know of, but I've never seen your ass… You want to pull up your dress and I'll be happy to check."

"Ron!" both women exclaimed together.

"You started it," Ron reminded Kim. He turned to the older woman, "Shego, Kim is about to apologize - you're going to accept." He then turned to Kim, "Kim apologize. I thought it was very funny, but she's not herself and you need to be careful in what you say."

"I'm sorry."

"I accept."

"You each get three do-overs tonight," Ron told them. "KP, you just spent one of yours. Shego, she loves you very much. The two of you kid around a lot. She's out with the woman she loves and is happy. If that happiness comes out as teasing you then you need to try and laugh. She doesn't want to hurt you. Kim… What I told you earlier."

"Thanks, Ron," Kim said and kissed him on the cheek.

"You're okay," Shego told him, and kissed the other cheek.

"Don't wait up for us," the redhead called over her shoulder as she steered Shego towards the door.

"What did he tell you earlier?" Shego asked as they reached the car.

"Not to put any pressure on you," Kim explained opening the car door for the older woman.

"Sounds good to me," the green woman said as Kim closed the car door and went around to the driver's side.

"So, where are we going tonight?" Shego asked as Kim turned right onto the street in front of their home.

"I'm not going to say, you don't remember it anyway. You get to go to this restaurant again for the first time. I'm hoping you get to do several things you love for the first time tonight."

"Don't know if that sounds like fun or pressure," Shego commented as they drove.

"Fun, definitely," Kim assured her. "Tonight, I lead. Just follow me and you'll enjoy yourself."

There was little conversation on the ride. Shego suspected Kim had lost her mind when she parked in front of what appeared to be a dingy neighborhood bar.

"We got dressed up for this place?" she complained as Kim held the car door open for her.

"Martini's has the most authentic Italian food in the city, probably the state, maybe this side of the Mississippi," Kim told her.

Shego suspicions were confirmed when a long, crowded bar dominated half the small room, but there were a few tables all filled as well. The bartender saw them and waved, pointing to a corner. The table was covered with a snow-white tablecloth, apparently the only table so honored - although the food and plates covering, and diners surrounding, the other tables made it difficult to tell. Kim took Shego's hand and led her back to the corner table.

"God, the Chianti bottle with the candle is so trite," Shego complained.

"Wait for the food," Kim warned.

A minute after they were seated a waitress came over with two small glasses of wine and left without saying a word.

"Where's the menu?" Shego whispered.

"There's really no menu at Martini's. You have what Mama felt like making today - or you set up a special meal in advance. But it's always real Italian."

Shego took a sip of the wine, "Hey, this is good stuff."

"Everything is good here."

A few minutes later a waiter appeared with a large plate of ante-pasta salad. He noticed Kim staring at the platter. "Vegetarian, just the way you like," he assured her. "Dinners will be out in twenty minutes or so."

"What is that? I thought he said vegetarian," Shego demanded pointing to questionable items on the platter.

"Soy salami and pepperoni, and you'd better eat it. Mama got it just for you."

Kim dished artichoke hearts, tomatoes, other vegetables, faux salami, and pieces of Tendaio cheese onto a small salad plate for Shego, then helped herself. "No rush," she told the other woman. "It must be awful to not remember things. What's been the worst part of the week - besides me?"

Shego chuckled slightly, "Besides you? Let's see… All these strangers who think they… No, the worst part… Can't tell you."

"Why not?"

"'Cause I'll sound stupid."

"No you won't."

"Yes I will."


The green woman hesitated, "Promise not to laugh?" Kim nodded. "The first day I was home. It was supposed to be my house, and I didn't know where anything was. I wanted a cup of tea and ended up breaking down and crying."

"It must have really been frustrating," Kim said sympathetically.

"But it's just so stupid! Why should I start crying over a cup of tea?"

"It probably wasn't just the cup of tea. You'd gone through so much and-"

"Like finding out I had kids."

"I think the tea was just the straw that broke the camel's back. It was everything coming at you at once."

"I just felt helpless, I hate that feeling."

"I couldn't take that. You've really done great."

"Sure doesn't feel great."

They continued to chat and nibble as they waited for their meals. Shego suddenly laughed in mid-conversation.

"What's so funny?" Kim demanded.

"The other day, you told me that you were a good listener… You really are."


A few minutes later two large plates of food arrived at the table. Shego didn't quite catch what Kim told the waiter.

"This looks incredible. What is it?"

"Tuscan salmon. You're going to like it."

The green woman tried a small bite. Her face assumed a look of bliss as she chewed. "Oh, my God. I love this!"

"I knew you would."

"What are you having?"

"I'm just going with what Mama made tonight… Lasagna, it's really incredible."

Their server returned with a half-carafe of wine that he placed in front of Shego. She seemed puzzled. "Nothing for you or yours is still coming?"

"I usually don't drink. You married a designated driver."

Shego looked at the fish, and looked at the half-carafe. "Red wine with fish?"

"Chianti Superiore, it's from Tuscany - and you tell me that you think it goes very well with the Tuscan salmon. Drink it, you like it."

"You're not trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me, are you?" Shego teased.

"I'd have ordered a whole carafe for you if I was going to do that. Anything that happens tonight will be because we both want it to happen."

"Anything that will happen? Sounds like you're planning on something. No pressure, remember?"

"I can hope, can't I? I figure a little wine and one of your favorite meals will lower your resistance just a little."

"And you are a great listener," Shego admitted.

"See, I'm halfway there already."

"You aren't halfway there."

"Well, am I on the right road at least?"

The green woman smiled slightly and raised her wine glass, "You're on the right road. But you're not halfway there."

Kim gently clinked her water glass against the wine glass, "The evening is young."

Shego sighed with contentment as she finished her salmon. "That was incredible."

As the green woman sipped the last of her wine Kim asked, "So, what is it like, to be able to do things you love over again for the first time?"

"Actually… Not bad."

Kim grinned, "Maybe you'll do some other things tonight for the first time, again." The words left Shego slightly nervous, but she said nothing.

When Kim told the waiter they didn't want dessert, Mama stormed out of the kitchen to scold them - and demand to know why they hadn't been there recently with the twins.

They escaped only after promising to return soon - with Kasy and Sheki. "Where to now?" Shego asked as Kim held the car door open for her.

"We're going dancing," Kim said, carefully closing the door.

Shego experience a moment of terror as Kim went around and got in behind the wheel. "I don't dance!"

"You don't remember dancing," Kim corrected her. "I'm hoping your body remembers even if your brain's forgotten. I've taught you things. You've taught me things. I can't get you to stop swearing - although you've cut back. And you can't get me to like Gilbert and Sullivan as much as you do. Dancing is another thing you don't remember, like the salmon. You liked the salmon."

"Do I like dancing?" Shego asked nervously.

"Not as much as I do, but you like the slow numbers when we get to hold each other… Remember, tonight I lead."

Shego took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Martini's had been wonderful, she'd try dancing again for the first time.

Parking was a problem. "I'm glad things are still going well for Alex," Kim remarked as they walked back to the club.


"Alex Safic… She was in my class in high school. She started the art program at college, then inherited a building from her grandmother. She managed to convert it into a club. Sapphic's Pencil is the place for women to meet women.

There was a line outside the building, but the doorman saw them and unhooked the rope barrier and waved them through.

A tall woman gave them hugs as they entered, "Go over to the north wall - I have a new caricature of you two together."

"Was that Alex?" Shego whispered as they searched the wall.

"Yep… Oh, here we are."

Shego stared at the drawing for minute, "She's good."


"We're really a couple, aren't we?"

"I'm tempted to say, 'well, duh, I've been telling you that all week,' but I won't. It's just good to hear you say it."

"It still doesn't feel right to me."

"That's okay. At least you're starting to accept it. It would be great if your memory came back while we were on the dance floor."

Getting Shego out on the dance floor proved more difficult than Kim expected. She had forgotten just how reluctant the pale woman had been the first few times she suggested dancing.

A tall, stiff cocktail helped relax the older woman enough that Kim finally managed to coax her out onto the floor.

"Oh, God - I was awful, wasn't I?" Shego groaned as they returned to their table.

"You weren't awful."

"You're a lousy liar."

"No, seriously. You've forgotten what you learned, but you weren't awful."

"I think I need another drink."

"It won't improve your dancing."

"But maybe I won't care what I look like out there."

"You look wonderful," Kim assured her.

"Flattery might get you somewhere," Shego smiled, and gestured for the waitress. Kim ordered another mocktail for herself.

"Careful," Kim warned as she sipped her mango juice with orange soda, "I won't take advantage of a woman when she's drunk."

"But you'll take advantage of a woman when she's sober?"

Kim stuck out her tongue at Shego, "I told you, anything that happens will be because we both want it."

"I don't hop into bed on first dates."

"Yes you have."

Shego frowned, "I cheat on you? I admitted that or you caught me?"

"No… At least I don't think you've cheated on me. But you've told me about your wild youth before we got together."

"Oh, yeah. Have I ever said I was happy about doing that?"

"No, you were never happy. But this is a night for firsts. Maybe, if we end up in bed, this will be another first for you."

The pale woman smiled. "Big maybe. Not sure we're going to end up in bed. What if it's another unhappy one-night stand for me? Oh, worse - what if I like it and start prowling the bars looking for new hook-ups?"

"Then I guess I'll just try harder to keep you happy at home."

They sipped their drinks and watched the dancers for a few more minutes before Shego nervously asked a question which had been on her mind, "Kim?"


"Am I a good mother? I can't see myself as a mom. I think I'd be lousy at it."

"You're great. I don't think either one of us was ready for it, and there were days when I thought having them was the dumbest thing I'd ever done. We've grown into the role. Actually, you're probably a better mom than I am… But you spoil them almost as bad as our parents do."

The pale woman began to look for the waitress as she finished her second drink, but before she managed to locate one the music shifted to a slow tune, and Kim pulled Shego back onto the floor and took her in her arms.

"I don't know how to-" Shego began nervously.

"I lead, just follow me," Kim reminded her. The redhead put her arms around her partner and told Shego where to place her hands. The older woman seemed a little stiff at first, but the second cocktail and the warmth of Kim's embrace slowly worked their magic and part way through the song she began to relax - finally resting her head on Kim's shoulder. The younger woman smiled, after a couple drinks Shego would sometimes start to sing on the slightest provocation. "Heaven, I'm in heaven," Kim sang softly.

Shego picked up the old Berlin tune, "Heaven, I'm in heaven
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek
Heaven, I'm in heaven
And the cares that hung around me through the week
Seem to vanish like a gambler's lucky streak
When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek…
"Why do I have the sense you just set me up," the pale woman demanded.

"Because I did," Kim admitted. "I don't think I'd ever heard it before the first time you sang it to me… We were dancing here. I thought you'd written it on the spot just for me."

"You're lying, or you think I'm brilliant?"

"I think you're wonderful, and that I'm very lucky to have you."

Perhaps it was Kim's answer, perhaps it was the drinks, but Shego seemed to relax a little more in her arms. Kim held the older woman a little closer, and her arms tightened slightly around Kim.

Shego ordered a third drink, but sipped it more slowly and the two spent most of the time on the dance floor. It took an hour and a half for her to finish the drink. She felt certain Kim wanted to have sex with her and felt nervous at the prospect. The idea still didn't 'feel' right to her, and yet she had intellectually accepted the idea she and Kim were lovers. She wondered if she should order another drink - perhaps it would make it easier to say 'yes' to Kim. Before she could make up her mind Kim announced they needed to leave.

They held hands as they walked back to the car. "I was almost starting to have fun back there," Shego confessed.

"Almost? I was having fun. It was good to hold you again."

Shego laughed, "I think I know why I fell in love with you."

Kim smiled, "I'm glad… Think you could fall in love with me again?"

The pale woman's heart skipped a beat. What should she say? Was this where Kim demanded they have sex when they got home? Should she say yes? She'd slept with men and women whose names she didn't even know - but she'd never spent months fighting them the way she remembered fighting Kim. She changed the subject, "So, uh, we're going home?"

"Not directly, one more stop."

Kim pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant connected with an old hotel. The look of the place was understated elegance. "I thought we'd go to dinner in a place that looked like this," Shego admitted.

"I thought about it, but Martini's is more fun. We sometimes eat here at the Astor. You're having a small glass of sweet wine to finish the evening, and I'm having a cup of coffee and dessert."

"No dessert for me?"

"I'll share mine with you."

After giving their order they held hands and looked into each other's eyes as they waited.

"Your wine," the waiter said, setting a glass down in front of Shego. "Coffee," he set a small, silver creamer down by the cup, "and Chocolate Decadence. Bon appétit!"

"Isn't it a little late for coffee?"

"Well I have to drive home after I take you to your house."

Shego looked puzzled, "I don't understand what you-"

"Of course, when we get to your place you might ask me to come inside your house for a minute and talk. Maybe you'll offer to let me sleep on your sofa, or something."

The pale woman chuckled, "You're impossible."

"I certainly am. Now, open your mouth." She held up a small forkful of the chocolate dessert and Shego obediently opened her mouth.

The green woman closed her eyes and smiled in ecstasy as she chewed. "Oh, God, that's incredible."

"When we first came here they called it Chocolate Orgasm, but a couple conservative Christian churches in Middleton picketed them and they changed the name."

"They had it right the first time."

Shego's nerves were still slightly on edge as Kim parked and came around to open her car door. The younger woman had promised no pressure, nothing would happen that Shego didn't want to happen. The problem was that Shego was no longer certain what she wanted to happen. "Going to invite me in to talk for a minute in the living room?" Kim asked

"Uh, sure. Want to talk?"

Kim smiled, "I'd love to. Thanks for asking."

The younger woman hitched up her dress slightly as she sat down on the couch. She spread her legs, and patted the spot in front of her, "Sit here, let me give you a backrub," she invited. Shego sat as directed, and Kim massaged her shoulders and the back of her neck. "Have fun tonight?"

"I did."

"And you didn't use any of your do-overs for the night… Any do-overs you'd like with your life?"

"Not a fair question when I don't have my memory."

"Life's unfair," Kim agreed. Shego thrilled as the Kim gently kissed the back of her neck, then trailed a string of soft kisses down her bare shoulder.

"So, uh, Princess, any do-overs you'd want in your life? Wish we'd never met?"

Kim put her arms around the pale woman and pulled her back against her. "I'm very happy with you… Oh, I have a do-over, I'm sure my first time making love was terrible."

Shego chuckled. "I think it is for everybody, except in fiction. What was your problem? You and Ron? Was that when you found out you were more interested in girls?"

"My first time was a woman I'd wanted for months and months. We finally had a romantic little get-away that she planned. And I got so excited, just being there with her, that I grabbed her and threw her on the nearest bed. I had no idea what I was doing, but she loved me too much to complain." Kim softly kissed the back of Shego's neck again, "I'd give anything to have another first time with her."

The pale woman said nothing, but as she enjoyed Kim's warm embrace she realized she would say 'yes' when Kim asked her to go to bed without any hesitation.

The younger chuckled softly. "You have the chance for some real firsts tonight."

"How's that?"

"You could go to bed with a stranger who knows everything you enjoy. Who knows what you like better than you know yourself - the only person to whom you've admitted some of the things you like in bed. The person who discovered things you don't even remember."

"I don't think I could make that stranger happy."

"All she wants tonight is for you to be happy, for you to have what you want."

The green woman shifted in Kim's arms, so that she was able to see the younger woman's face. Kim took it as a hint, she bent her face towards Shego and their lips met. The kiss began tentatively, but grew in passion as their lips opened and their tongues wrestled for dominance.

"Aren't you going to suggest we go make love?" Shego whispered as the kiss ended.

Kim hugged her tighter. "No. I won't put any pressure on you. Anything that happens tonight happens because we both want it. Your turn to take the lead." Kim kissed her again. The kiss was returned with even greater passion than before; Shego's tongue demanded a continuation of exploring Kim's mouth. "What do you want?" the redhead asked.

"I want you."

"Your wish is my command."

They undressed each other slowly in their bedroom, letting the sense of anticipation build until Shego felt ready to explode.

Kim fulfilled all her promises to Shego, and more, over the next hour and a half.

"Did you like that?" Kim whispered. "That's the first time making love I want you to remember with me."

Shego didn't open her eyes or say a word, but her smile gave Kim all the answer she needed.

Shego awoke first in the morning. She found herself smiling, and wondered if she had smiled all night. She slipped out of bed without waking Kim and headed down to the kitchen. With the ease of practice she opened the cabinet door with her right hand and, without looking, reached for the coffee filters while her left hand pulled open a drawer and she found the plastic measuring scoop. She was still smiling.

"Kim was incredible last night. She's usually so lousy in the romance department, but last night she-" Shego dropped the measuring scoop in shock and it clattered onto the floor. She remembered everything.

She remembered the two children, running and laughing instead of looking for traffic as they darted out into the street. She remembered the squeal as the truck driver hit the brakes. She remembered the children, rooted in fear and screaming as the truck bore down on them. Shego wondered why she had acted. Probably some maternal instinct kicking in - the girl had been about the same age as the twins, it certainly wasn't self-preservation kicking in. She'd pushed the children out of the way, but had no time to avoid the truck herself. The front of the truck seemed huge - the grill as large as a house as it came at her. She remembered thinking she was going to die. She felt grateful she did not remember the impact itself. The brakes must have slowed the truck enough for her to survive - that and her comet-enhanced strength and healing abilities.

Shaken, Shego sat down on a chair to calm down. Maybe getting her memory back wasn't purely good if she had to remember that. At least everyone would be happy her memory was back.

Kim had never been as romantic as she was last night. The evening had been magic. The lovemaking had been tender and intense. She had never experienced love-making like that before.

"Kim owes me," the green woman decided. There had been too many nights of 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am' and not enough romance. Shego decided that her memory had not come back. It would disappoint everyone. She knew they were all worried about her and another day of amnesia would be hard on them, but Shego wanted one more night like the night before. She could regain her memory tomorrow morning.

She needed to send Kim flowers for last night, a bouquet of her favorite… No, she shouldn't know Kim's favorite flowers. Maybe a bouquet of flowers that weren't Kim's favorites…

Shego went back to making coffee. Where should she suggest Kim take her tonight? A new place had opened in Upperton Shego wanted to try, "Scratch that," Shego scolded herself. "If I've got amnesia I don't know I've been wanting to go there." Maybe the safest approach would be to stay out of Kim's way and let her decide - she had done a great job last night. Shego could take the girls to the zoo today, "Wait a minute, do I even know about the Middleton zoo? Damn, amnesia is going to be hard work." Shego thought about last night. Amnesia might be hard work, but it would be worth it for one more night like that.

On the other hand, if she messed up in her deception - and was discovered - Kim would be royally pissed off with her. Kim, the twins, everyone, was worried sick about her and wanted to hear she had recovered her memory. It wasn't fair to them to hide the truth. Last night was incredible. Kim tended to be more concerned about the destination than the trip there - last night's journey of discovery, finding out things she didn't know about herself had been the most incredible night of her life… Tonight couldn't possibly as good, tonight there could be no surprises. It might be worth trying to find out.

Shego wondered if memory could return gradually? Maybe she'd remember some things and need help with others. She almost called Anne, but realized asking the question might reveal the truth. Perhaps she could go upstairs with a cup of coffee and read about it on the internet. Gradual return of memory sounded good - if she 'remembered' something by accident she was covered. Everyone would be encouraged that she was getting better… She wished she had done reading on global transient amnesia earlier in the week. If Kim just stayed asleep a little while longer…

Shego also managed to remember something Kim had promised when she first saw Shego in the hospital, a reward she'd never forget. Shego smiled, Kim had set the bar very high last night. It would be hard to top that. But the green woman had a lot of faith in her partner. To celebrate the return of Shego's memory and the act of heroism Kim would come up with something spectacular. "Anything is possible for a Possible," Shego reminded herself.

As Shego leaned against the counter, trying to decide what to do, Kim entered the kitchen. The redhead paused and inhaled the aroma of the brewing coffee. "Last night was wonderful! How long until the coffee's done?"

"Almost there Princess."

Kim put her arms around Shego. The green woman smiled, and the redhead gently kissed her. "How are you doing this morning?"

But the drum-beat strains of the night remain
In the rhythm of the new-born day
You know sometime you're bound to leave her
But for now you're going to stay
In the year of the cat

-The End-

Risk vs. reward, how should Shego answer?