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"Are you sure that you're okay, Murata?" The two teens are walking at the park going to Yuuri's house. It's about time that they go back to the other world.

"Yeah." Murata yawned. "I jus lack of sleep these past few days, exams are near you know."

"It's cold out here, let's go faster."

The Sage just nodded, too tired to make other things.

"Oi, Murata. Be careful with your step. The road is wet here, we don't want any of us to be soaking wet before we go home." Yuuri reminded his friend. He now thinks that the guy is totally out of focus, from his observation Murata looks really tired. It must be really hard to be a top student and being a Great Sage of the other world at the same time. He now wonders how his friend manages to do both of that without failing his responsibilities.

"Yeah." He barely heard that warning. He really can't pay attention anymore cue to lacking of sleep these past few days.

Murata wasn't careful with his step, he accidentally slipped at the water and pushed his friend, making them both loose their balance.


It was already too late, they don't have anything to hold on.


They both fell on the water.

They thought that it the end of it.


They got sucked in.

"What's happening???!!!"

Before they could help it, they are traveling towards 'that' place. As they suspected, they landed at the Shinou temple.

"H-How? W-Why?" Yuuri looks really confused.

"Shinou." The Sage voice was very calm but you could sense that there's an underlying danger behind that.

A priestess of the temple saw them at the pond.

"Heika! Geika!" Looks like even those people at the temple didn't know that they are coming either. It's really a surprise.

The priestess help them of the pond, guided them towards a room where they could change clothes.

The others reported what happened to Ulrike.


"Are you okay, Murata?" Both of them already changed clothes. They were really thankful that there are set of clothes kept in that room.

"I think so. Don't worry, Shibuya it's just a cold. Really."

"Okay, if you say so." Even if Yuuri said that there's still a great doubt that his friend caught a cold. Murata was kept busy this past few days, lacking of rest and sleep, It would really mke him prone to sickness. Not to mention that the water was really cold.

A knock on the door interrupted them both.

"Come in."

When it opened, it revealed Ulrike with an apologetic face.

"I knew it." Murata said. His eyes were hidden by those glasses that reflected the light from the window of the room.


"I'm really sorry, Your Highness, Your Majesty." The priestess bowed her head.

"I only advanced their trip. There's nothing wrong with it." A familiar voice said. A shadow forms behind Ulrike. When it showed itself they found out that it was Shinou.

"You've gone too far, Shinou Heika!" Shinou just shrugged after being reprimanded by her priestess.

"You're really the one who pulled us back here even if you knew that we are going back anyway." The Sage's voice is still alarmingly calm.

"By the way, Your Majesty. I already told the others that you are already here, Weller-kyou and the others are coming any minute now."

"Thank you, Ulrike." After giving her excuse the woman left them at the room.

"You're still mad about it? I only took the liberty of sending you here. What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing… It just happened that you made us travel on a very cold water on a very cold day! You really don't know where to put your pranks in place! Geez!" The Sage can't help but to give the main point to the man. All the tiredness that he experienced during the whole week makes his temper shorter.

"M-Murata?" Yuuri can't believe that his friend would have an outburst like that. Ok, it wasn't really an outburst. It only looks like that he was lecturing a child. Now he could freely conclude what happened during those old times between the Great Sage and Shinou. So, they are always like this? Well, with Shinou's attitude, that would really make someone mad.

"Heika!" someone got their attention, it was Yuuri's retainers.

"We're sorry, Your Majesty that we're not able to come earlier." Günter couldn't believe that he failed his duty on serving the young Maou. The way he acts, it looks like it was heinous crime.

"Now, Now, It was ok, Günter. You don't have to worry about it. We didn't know either that we're gonna come back earlier than expected." He glanced at Shinou who remained passive.

"Hmp! Coming back without any warning, you really are a wimp after all." Wolfram snorted out.

"Don't call me a wimp!"

"It would be better if we will go back to the castle and tell Gwendal about your arrival." Conrad said at the king.

Yuuri's felt disappointed. Going back to the other castle and telling Gwendal that he's back would mean the start of a mountain full of paper works. But he had no other choice but to go, it's his responsibility after all. He nodded afterwards.

And by the way Your Majesty,"

"What is it, Conrad?"


Yuuri automatically smiled at this. Conrad never failed to greet him back whenever he is there. "Tadaima!"


The Maou knew that he had to run away. There's only one person that would react with that simple conversation, and it was only Wolfram. When he looked at the blonde prince, he was already raging, ready to grab him any moment.


He ran away to avoid the guy, while the two excused themselves.

"We'll take our leave now, Shinou Heika, Your Highness." The two just nodded and they let the others left the room afterwards.


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