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Many hours have passed and Shinou is still inside the room with the sage. His head lay low and he is still holding the teen's hand with his own still hoping for something that is impossible to happen. Even if the possibility is low, or even if it takes a miracle to make his wish happen he will be willing to wait.

He will be willing to hope even if it is useless.

He just can't accept the fact that the body lying on the bed is his sage. His mind couldn't accept the fact that the teen will never be back to his side again just because of some curse. Wilhelm is hanging on an edge closer to his insanity as longer hours pass and the hand he is currently holding grows colder.

If only he could exchange his life for the sage. But how could he? He was long gone from the world. He is just a memory lingering in the present time trying to fight the logic brought by the time. Such bitter fact made everything harder for Wilhelm. He can't do anything for the one he treasures the most.

He is the first king of Shin Makoku—a looked up Mazoku country, he holds the greatest power in the land during his time. He had victories over battles. His name is well-known even in the human lands.

"Such king I am... But I wasn't able to save you from this cursed fate. I'm so useless... Forgive me Noir. I couldn't do anything..." For the first time since entering the room, Wilhelm spoke. His voice was laced with bitterness. He pathetically clings to a lifeless body as if it would respond to him. But the mere fact that nothing is happening made only the burden inside his chest grow.

He would prefer that Noir would shout at him, reprimand him, lecture him about his childishness, stop him from playing pranks, threaten him to stop fooling around than talking with the deathly silence inside the room. But he know that time couldn't be reversed.

The time that everybody valued so much destroyed everything for him.

"My last time with you..." Wilhelm touched the teen's face without breaking his other hold.

"You should wake up you know, I haven't told you my feelings yet. Just give me a chance to prove myself to you. My last chance..." Once again the king's tears blurred his vision.

"I want to be with you..." He muttered as he kissed the teen's hand.


The endless pain had subsided in him or to describe it right, he just numbed out of the pain he was continuously experiencing. All over his torture he kept calling for the person he hold so dear even though he knew that the guy wouldn't be able to save him from the situation.

Not long ago he realize that his curse had finally acted out and he was just in an oblivion of endless pain. It was like hell, he wanted to die to end the pain but he knows that he is already dead at the moment. Up till the very end pain won't be leaving him. He will be existing, trapped in an unknown space with his mind and body being tortured by millions of unseen thorns pricking inside his body slowly breaking his soul.

No matter how hard he shouts and how hard he flails nothing will change. It is already the end of his existence and it is the end of his fight. He will neither disappear nor wither away like the others but instead his consciousness will just continue to exist in some unknown space experiencing pain forever.

Even my death refuses to give me peace, huh...

Images flooded his mind, his days that always never fail to amuse him. One by one his mind began recalling them on its own...

"What is it this time Wilhelm?"All day long Noir had been looking for the king to continue their branched out strategies they started to discuss a few weeks ago. But the king is nowhere to be seen, Noir, knowing that Wilhelm only hides from him for some special reasons namely: He did another prank, he wanted to skip their 'boring' meeting, he was hiding from his other soldiers, or planning something outrageous again. The sage muttered something under his breath face palming while thinking about the other possibilities that the king had come up again.

The past few days were quite peaceful if not that somewhat strange because the king acted weirdly around him. He would pull crazy stunts then smile casually like its nothing.

The sage went to the fields where the king usually rest. Actually the place almost looked like where the sage first met Wilhelm, the day when the king suddenly popped up and asked him to be his strategist. From the looks of it, the king had been fond of looking at endless green vast land.

"Wilhelm!" The sage shouted as he reached the end of the hill.

"Oh, what is it my sage?" Though the distance of the voice was definitely odd, Noir was sure that it is really Wilhelm. The sage tried looking for the king around but failed, though he is quite sure that Wilhelm is just somewhere near.

"stop hiding and get in here." Trying to be calm, Noir started counting inside his head. It still early in the morning and he doesn't want to start the day being irritated because of Wilhelm's random pranks. About a minute later he could hear scratching sounds and leaves ruffling which turned out to be Wilhelm coming down from the tallest tree.

"Yes Noir?"

"Care to tell me why you are here?"

"My sage, I am here to spend my time looking at the scenery that I need to preserve. These vast land where peace should always dwell. This will be the start of my kingdom and together with you I'll be protecting these." He motioned his hand to make his statement more pronouncing, though it only created irritation on the sage's part.

"These vast lands that you include in your incredulous plans will be nothing if we don't continue our plans."

"Awww, don't be like that my sage. After all the trouble I went looking for the highest tree which could give me such beautiful scenery."

"That's called "dawdling' in my terms Wilhelm."

The king only chuckled at his sage's choice of words. "Come my sage, and I'll show you..."

Noir didn't know what came to him but Wilhelm's voice seemed to have some spell under it that he walked towards the king's direction. It was like the king's smile was enchanting him, like the day Wilhelm came to his resting place and asked him to join him. It was magical. He knew he's going to suffer someday in the future that he had let himself be carried away by those sky blue eyes. But he also knew that deep inside him he will never regret his decision to join the man in front of him. Even if it cause him his death.

Shinou smiled as the sage went to his side. With a perfect timing the wind blew hard as if encouraging him to look up and see the view for himself. The sage neither talked nor smiled but you could clearly see the amusement dancing in his eyes. Wilhelm knew how to judge a beauty.

The scene was a perfect picture of something anyone would refer as peaceful. The fields surrounding the land are abundant, the forest are all green and well-preserved. Animals roam the land freely and people are happily living completely devoid of any feeling of dissatisfaction. No one could imagine that a war between an unknown force and Mazokus is about to break out in months time.

"Never leave my side and let's watch this scene forever my sage, Noir." ...

"Forgive me Wilhelm, looks like that won't be happening anymore."

I cannot return to your side...

A tear escaped Murata's eyes unknowingly. Yes, finally he admitted that it hurts him to leave the king alone. It hurts him that he couldn't be with Wilhelm's side anymore, forever separated by the known oblivion trapping his very soul and existence.

I never wanted to leave you...

I never want to leave you...



Back then he was alive but he never wished anything more than his death. People treated him like a plague and unwanted existence. He lived waiting for his death, continuing each day like it was nothing. He was like a doll. But it was Wilhelm who pulled him back into the world of living. Looking at those blue orbs he felt alive and with his smile he managed to convince him that it wasn't bad to have his life.

What an irony... The sage bitterly laughed.

It was like fate was mocking him. He's already dead yet he wanted to live again and be with the king's side. This painful fact made his heart clench but he knew he can do nothing about it. He knew his feelings are still undetermined but he know that he can only find the answer upon seeing those eyes of Wilhelm. The eyes that pulled him from the hell he had back then.

"I want to be with you..."

In a spur of a moment, Murata felt he was hit in his gut. Pain exploded in his body more extreme than before causing him to scream. The sage thought that the pain would never end but much to his surprise his eyelids felt heavy, his consciousness is slowly drifting away.

Would I just end like this?


Even for the last time, he spoke of the name of the person whom he owed his very living. The king who made him feel alive. Despite his slowly blackening state of mind, he still thought of his small regret he had. His feeling has yet to be sorted out. There was still a tiny voice at the back of his mind trying to tell him something he still couldn't decipher. Something that cannot be understood easily despite his thousand years knowledge and experience. But he knew that the feeling isn't bad at all, realizing that the feeling is the one who encouraged him to continue living his life again.

Then everything went black.


Yuuri's room...

The Maou had been sleeping for quite some time after exhausting himself from crying. Yuuri treasured Murata just like a sibling and never did he imagine that things would end up like this.

Upon arrival at the dungeon of the castle, Conrad and the others are ahead of him knowing what would've happened. They couldn't let their king be in front letting him the situation. When everybody came to a stop, Yuuri managed to get himself in front of the mini crowd to see what is going on inside the cellar. He immediately caught glimpse of the gakuran with yellow lining that he always know Murata wears but before he could finally get a full sight of the person his vision went black.

It took a few seconds before Yuuri recognize the warm hands covering his eyes. "Conrad?"

"You shouldn't look Yuuri." The brunette's voice sounded dead serious that Yuuri didn't have the courage to try and remove the hand covering his eyes.

"But Murata— those clothes—"

"I'm sorry Yuuri but—"

This was the last words Yuuri heard before he felt something hit the backside of his neck and then he went unconscious.

They couldn't let Yuuri see the situation inside. They cannot let their king see his friend lying on the dirty ground of the cellar, being bound up by chains. The sage eyes' are opened but Conrad reckoned that they are empty. They cannot let Yuuri see his friend treated like a broken rag doll lying unceremoniously on the floor.

The sage whom they respected so much, was just treated like trash by humans. And to think that if not for the sage, the whole world would've been sent to oblivion by Soushu a long time ago.

Gwendal grimaced at the sight, trying hard not to let his rage take over him but Wolfram was different. The blonde was shaking with fury setting his gaze upon the sage's abductors. Wolfram was about to pull his sword when Gwendal gripped him tight. "No."

"But can't you see what they have done—"

"I can see it but you need to control yourself."


This time Conrad interjected in the conversation, his arms carrying the unconscious Maou. "We all feel the same Wolfram." Conrad spoke in a dead tone.

Just then that Wolfram realized the trembling hands of Gwendal which stopped him from pulling his sword—it was shaking. Of course as a soldier there can be no greater insult in your pride than letting your masters be hurt in front of you. And with the sage being abducted, and being thrown inside a filthy dungeon and being killed with three of them accompanying. It was like downright saying that they were useless.

The three of them knew that the event will forever be marred in their memories. A great loss in Shin Makoku will be realized with one of the highly-respected people of their country is now gone. No doubt their king will be depressed with his friend's death and Wilhelm...

Everybody knew how special the sage to the first king is. At the same day, Gwendal flew a pigeon to report what happened at the Renzellia Kingdom to inform Gunter and had the man ready for the funeral once they get back. At almost the same moment, the Maou woke up, and everything that just happened within the day flashed back in his mind. Finally the Maou cried for the loss of his friend.

Several hours have passed and Yuuri is still asleep. It was almost nightfall and the king had been sleeping for more than half a day. With Yuuri showing no signs that he's going to wake up soon his retainers began to worry. They cannot lose their king again.

"Conrad?" Wolfram called across the sofa inside the room, checking if he was able to wake up the teen.

"He's still not waking." Conrad's worries showed in his voice. They are sure that their king isn't affected by any kind of houjutsu or any kind of magic inside human lands they didn't want to so relaxed. They just lost their sage, they can't let their king be gone either.

Wolfram walked towards the bed where his fiancé still lay asleep. Yuuri looked so sad even in his sleep. You could even see that there are marks of tears that can be traced on his face.


Yuuri's dream...

Yuuri was floating in the middle of nowhere. It was like his thoughts are drifting to some faraway memory. The teen was surprised to hear sounds and voices piercing throughout the silence. Flashes of events that never did he imagined being possible to happen.

"It's his hair!"

T-T-The color!"

"We are all going to suffer!"

Looking at the scene he noticed whom the people are referring to. A guy with a hair color similar to him accidentally dropped the bandana that was wrapped around his head. Upon seeing the color people started to panic, the woman scrambled to get inside their house together with their children while the men are trying to be brave and protect their families. The guy only stared at the people with blank eyes and picked up his bandana and left the scene.

Black hair.

Though the guy's eyes were not black Yuuri doubted that it is its true color.


Yuuri began to think. Judging from the reaction of people, this is the era that people fear the Soukoku above all, may it be Mazoku or humans.


Is he seeing the past lives of his friend?

Before he could come up with a proper conclusion, another flash of memories began to show in his eyes.

"You cursed our village!"

"Isn't it enough for you that sickness are destroying our children's health?"

"Have we done something to you?!"

"Are you planning to kill us all?!."

He tried to defend himself from the accusations though he knew that it is futile. "It was just—"

"If you disappeared then, the curse will vanish too!"

"No... Stop.. It's not his fault. Stop" The Maou began to talk in his sleep, his head began to turn sideways as if it would make his nightmare go away. With these Conrad and the others grew worried, they tried to wake up the teen once again.

"Yuuri, wake up it's just a nightmare." Conrad tried to shake the teen awake but failed to do so. All they can do is watch from the sidelines while knowing that their king is trapped in some kind of a nightmare.

"Don't do it.. He's innocent... M-Murata..."

"Such beautiful color, too bad these villagers wished for your death. But let me give a farewell gift to you, "The man moved his face closer to the sage and whispered something on his ears. The sage's eyes widened as he realized what it is and screamed in pain when a jolt of thousand needles felt like piercing his whole body.

"Till we meet again, ..." Before the fire blinded the sage's vision he could clearly see the miasma that seeps out of the priest's body.

"NO!" The Maou bolt up straight from his sleep, his eyes wide looking horrified for something unseen. His nightmare was too much that it even affected his body. Yuuri was trembling in fear, concerned with something that only he can fathom. After a few seconds, his body fell limp in Conrad's arms who had reflexes fast enough to act in the situation.

"Wolfram get basin and a towel. I think he's running a fever." Conrad instructed the blonde to fetch things to distract himself from worrying too much. Up till now, they still didn't manage to wake their king who is drowning inside the images of his nightmare.

Just as Wolfram placed the cold towel on Yuuri's forehead, Yuuri began to cry in his sleep. They all looked worriedly to their king yet they couldn't do anything about it.

Wolfram worriedly brushed the Yuuri's bangs away from his eyes. "Yuuri, wake up. Making you fiancé worry like this, you wimp." His fingers lingering under Yuuri's eyes, wiping away every tear that fell.


Inside Yuuri's dream...


Just like how he was doing in the real world, Yuuri is also crying inside his dream feeling all the sympathy and sadness for his friend. Murata tried to live as normally as possible even though his memory retained all those painful experiences he had in his past lives. His judgment on people didn't waver, and he could always see the trust he had in his eyes every time he look at Shinou.

Him and his country had been saved many times by his friend's wise decision always thinking of others' welfare, yet at this moment even he—the Maou—cannot do anything. He cannot take back his friend from death even how much he wanted to.

Yuuri lifted his head when he started to hear noises again. Another flashback started to show itself right before his eyes. But unlike the first that showed tragedy and pain, the memory that was shown to him is much calmer. It was then that Yuuri realized that it was the first meeting of Shinou and Daikenja.


"Oh, you are exactly as the rumors said. Onyx orbs and black hair. What an amazing color."

The sage lowered the book he was reading to acknowledge the presence of the man who dared visited the place where he dwells. Most of the people who see Soukoku gets distance as much as possible fearing that they might get cursed. It was really unusual for him to have a visitor especially at that time where Soushu is wreaking havoc upon their world.

"Do you not fear for this color?" The sage was referring to his hair and eyes. As he waited for the guy's reply he took note of his visitor's appearance. Blonde hair, royal blue eyes, he was wearing armor with design the sage knew meant for someone who holds high position. A king?

"Why fear such beautiful color?"

Instead of giving the guy a piece of his mind, the sage tried to get at the main point of the visit. "What business do you have with someone like me."

The king smiled upon hearing this. He lend out a hand and spoke. "I have heard of your greatness from various people and I want you to join my army."

"Are you sure to fight something unknown? You have no chance of winning this war."

The king's confident features were unfazed by his words. "I have heard of a sage whose knowledge is unparalleled. I have come to get you as my strategist. With you I know we can win this war."

He didn't know what overcame him, but he knew that it is alright to trust this man. That even though he knew from the start that winning from Soushu is impossible, he believes that they can do it. That voice full of conviction seemed to entrance him. Though it was a foolish decision to do, he accepted the hand that he reached for him. He knew he will do anything in his might to help this person in front him.

Everything was inevitable.

"May I know your name?."



Yuuri felt sorry for Shinou more than ever. Just like the trust that shine on Murata's eyes every time he looks at Shinou, Yuuri can also see some unfathomable emotion reflecting in Shinou's eyes everything he looked at his friend. It was a emotion of deep trust and care, he knew the king valued Murata above everything else. And yet now...

"Time had moved again, Yuuri. Death is inevitable and their lifetime has already ended. Fate is still acting Yuuri..."

A disembodied voice was heard throughout the place. It was the voice of a woman, a voice that he knew he already heard before. It bears kindness that cannot be tainted by anything and there is only one person who he knew bears that voice.

"Listen to their wishes Yuuri..."

Then he heard Shinou's pained voice.

"My last time with you..." Wilhelm touched the teen's face without breaking his other hold.

"You should wake up you know, I haven't told you my feelings yet. Just give me a chance to prove myself to you. My last chance..."

"I want to be with you..."

Then his friend's voice which was full of regret.

I cannot return to your side...

I never wanted to leave you...

I never want to leave you...

"I want to be with you..."


"Let fate move with your aid Yuuri..."

"But how?" He wanted to help his friend so badly but he knew he can't revive the dead. He is the Maou, the person who hold the strongest magic among Mazokus but he knew of his limits. He cannot interfere after death.

"just free his soul..."

Then the next thing Yuuri knew is that he was submerged inside a sea of darkness. It was pitch black that it seemed like he fell into oblivion. He can neither see nor feel. It was almost hell. "Murata?" he uncertainly called.

He just knew that he is not alone inside the darkness. He could feel a familiar pull inside him like it was saying that he needs to look for something. Having the hope that he will be able to find his friend, Yuuri tried to call out into the darkness hoping that someone would be able to hear him

Would I just end like this?


"Murata?!" He knew of that voice. It sounded pained but he cannot mistake his friend's voice for anyone else.

"Go, Yuuri... "

Yuuri felt like someone had pushed him hard that he ended up being thrown forward. He closed his eyes expecting that he would be hitting something hard inside the pitch blackness. But instead, he felt himself halt in front of something shining. He opened his eyes only to see something glowing in front of him with the shape of a sphere.

A soul?

"Do you recognize him?..."

Yuuri instinctively replied. "Murata..."

He felt someone hugged him from behind, then the next thing that Yuuri knew is the blinding light that melted the darkness that surrounded them. Before he lost his consciousness he heard voices talking inside his mind...

"What did you do?!" Shinou's voice rang throughout the place, his tone laced with anger which was quite unusual.

"The right thing."

"My sage, do you think it is right to erase the memories of those people who knew you on Earth just in case something happened?"

"I don't think I need to burden Shibuya with something so hard to explain. And I want don't want them to 'suffer'." He knew that Murata was referring to his parents and those who he knew in Earth.

Murata... you knew this is going to happen... yet—

Don't cry... You helped him...

'You helped them...'

I didn't do anything!

'You will realize someday Yuuri...'

'You'll remember this day...' The voice started to fade and he felt himself about to wake up from his dream but everything is still a question to him. He didn't do anything yet, the voice sounded so sure that he made a right thing.

"Wai—Wait Julia-san!" he opened his eyes only to see the worried face of Wolfram and Conrad hovering over him. He tried to sit up, but the brunette stop him, smiling in relief that Yuuri finally woke up.

"You must still rest Heika, you still have a fever."

"You worried me again you wimp!" But the relief cannot be denied written on Wolfram's face.

"I'm sorry..." He weakly answered.

"We'll be dispatching once you feel better. We need to get ready for the preparations." Gwendal stood up and went to the bed, looking at Yuuri trying to tell him through his eyes on what preparations they needed to get ready for.

Yuuri immediately understood and nodded at the man. He knew that Gwendal was referring to the funeral. Even though they are still mourning right now, they cannot just leave things be. His friend needed to be brought back to Shin Makoku and be honored. No matter how painful it is, they all need to move on. For sure Murata would also say the same. He didn't want anyone to be burdened by his death. He wanted every to get on with their lives.

"Yes." Yuuri glanced at the Murata's closed door. If he is taking the situation too much he knows more than anyone that Shinou is suffering the most.

"Leave him be first, they need time Heika." Conrad spoke after noticing Yuuri staring at the closed room.


(~page break~)

"Here we are gathering in front of our honored..." Gunter continued to speak, formally doing the ceremony for their farewell on their sage. His eyes glanced seriously at his audience as he delivers his lines and praises. Everybody was solemn, no noise except for the winds blowing inside the grounds of Shinou temple could be heard. Almost everyone is praying, giving their last message to the sage.

Murata lay on a white open coffin, his body laying on white Angrec[1] flowers that was prepared by Genshi Mikos inside the castle, he was dressed in his usual black gakuran, his glasses removed from his eyes properly folded beside his head. The sage looked so peaceful you'll never think that he suffered from a curse.

"Let us say our last message and let our sage be at peace..." Gunter finished his salutations letting each one get in front of the coffin and say their goodbyes.

Many people approached the coffin and laid some flowers together with their last salutations to the sage. With just a short time of his return to Shin Makoku he managed many things and his knowledge helped many people. Shin Makoku became a more stable country with the sage around.

Edmund approached the coffin on his turn. His eyes still held regret and guilt for he still blamed himself that it was his fault for the incident and he wasn't able to do anything at all. In just a shirt time he became fond of the sage and he knew that the feelings are about to became something if only the incident didnt happen at all. "It was my fault that this happened... Please forgive me that I wasn't able to do anything at all. I hope you would forgive me. " Edmund breathed deep trying hard to control himself from crying. "I want to meet you again..." The king dropped white Gardenias[2] and went back.

Gunter, Conrad, Wolfram and Gwendal also paid their salutations and dropped Daffodils[3] before they left. Then, Yuuri went near the coffin and stared at the lying body in it. "Hey, Murata I know that this isn't the end but even if we meet in our next lives I know I'll end up being your friend again. Thank you. For your guidance.." Yuuri's tears dropped. "I-I'm sorry. I'm crying again. I know you'll scold me if you see me like this. But... "

Yuuri tried to calm himself before speaking again.

"Let's meet again..." Yuuri dropped Zinnias[4] before he left.

Everything fell silent as they waited the last person to move and say his final message to the sage—Shinou. The king moved slowly yet regally, as if he wanted to stay still. He didn't want the ceremony to end at all. He wanted to prolong the time that he will be seeing his sage. The end of the ceremony also means that he won't be seeing the sage anymore. This is the last stage. Call him selfish but he doesn't want to let go.

"Shinou-Heika..." Ulrike called out to the king probably sensing the distress in his soul.

"I love you..." He doesn't want to say goodbye, but his message clearly rang of sadness. The king knew for himself that he won't be saying that word to anybody else. His heart was taken from him the moment he laid his eyes on those onyx orbs and he knew he'll never get them back again. And at the moment, the sage will take his feelings together with him.

He knew the sage would want him to be happy. But how could he? The reason he went back to the present was to take his last chance. But now that he lost in the hands of fate... He'll let his love take everything to the grave.

Just as Shinou dropped the Arbutus[5] he is holding he kissed the sage right in front of everybody.

His farewell, giving everything to the ones he love.

"Shinou-Heika..." Ulrike cried as he understood the meaning behind everything.

"Shinou..." Yuuri's eyes clearly brimmed of sadness and sympathy.

Then the sage was laid to rest.

(~page break~)

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Here are the references for those numbers above:

[1] Angrec : These flowers actually represents royalty. And because Murata is a highly respected Mazoku, I decided to put something that will emphasize his position. And by the way those flowers are white.

[2] Gardenia : Based from the Japanese point of view these flowers actually represents secret love. Don't you think that Edmund is the perfect person to give such flowers?

[3]Daffodils : Japanese point of view Daffodils means Respect.

Y know the last time I read something about the meaning of Daffodils it says that a bouquet of them means good luck but a single Daffodil says the otherwise.. but of course I go for respect. It would be awkward to say 'good luck' or 'tragedy' on a funeral right? Especially that is Conrad and the others giving those flowers.

[4] Zinnia: These flowers are meant for those between friends. Each color represents something but generally this is a flower of friendship.

[5]Arbutus: of course this flower says : "you are the only one I love." It fits him giving this kind of flower. (I think) XDD

Just as you noticed those flowers I used are white :D

I had to research for those language of flowers for this chap.. well that is actually enjoyable.. kindly correct me if I'm wrong about those meanings behind each flower and I'll tell those three sites to correct them.. XDDD