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You know, it sucks when I'm the only girl in my all girl Math class that actually pays attention. I always pay attention, even with the stupid gossip going on in front, behind and beside me. I've often wondered why Ms. Rayne didn't call them out on it and give them detention. From that I've heard, she comes down pretty hard on the boys.

See, my name is Lynnette Amy Mars but I prefer Lynnie. I have light brown hair that falls to the middle of my rib-cage and curls a bit at the ends. I also have green eyes. If you consider wearing the school uniform properly wierd, then I'm wierd. I've also been labelled the 'Math Geek' but I dont wear glasses.

My best friend, Macy, who was one of my two best friends, was wayyy hyper since she heard the news of .J.O.N.A.S. coming here. I love Macy to death but she needs to get over those boys.

Okay, I'll admit it. They're music is pretty good.

I heard from Macy that her our other best friend, who I didn't see much due to her schedule, Stella, is the stylist for Nick, Kevin and Joe Lucas. Been best friends with them since they were all little. I didn't mind that. Stella is a cool girl so I liked her based on personality and kindness that she and Macy showed me constantly. Stella has a couple of classes with me but I have no-one in Maths.

I like to spend my time getting my homework done so I can just relax and read.

Oh, did I mention I love to play the guitar? Oops. Guess I forgot.

My parents want me to slow down and have fun with everyone else. Pfft, like I'll listen. I can be very stubborn. I don't want to 'have fun' because I have to focus on school if I want to go down the right path for me.

Horace Mantis is a big private school. Plenty of spots to be quiet in. I'm a big regular in the library so I took the time to know the librarian, Miss. Jamie, who works there and let me tell you, you'd wish she could be your best friend. She might be near her thirties but she sure knows how to be understanding and doesn't mind that I'm serious me wonder why she's still a 'Miss'.

When someone starts talking about boys, I tune them out extremely hard. Love is only a distraction so why bother with it?

Some of the gossip worked it's way to my brain, no matter how hard I tried to shut it out. "I can't believe the J.O.N.A.S. boys are coming here!" I heard a girl squeal behind me.

"I know. They're totally going to be all over us," Another said, confidently. I didn't want to say that her statement would be wrong. I knew she was just dreaming anyway. I mean, come on, they're famous stars. Like they're going to notice a boring old fan flagging them down.

I sighed. Figures. Just as I'm starting to get use to being at Horace Mantis, some new 'rockstars' come to relieve me of duty, as I like to call it. If someone is picking on me, it means one more kid is let off the hook.

The bell rang loudly and every girl started bolting for the door, some even forgetting their bags. I shook my head and bent to grab my school bag, putting my maths work inside. I was startled, however, by the screams of all the fan-girls in the school running past the door before I heard the exclaimation of who I assumed to be the famous boys.


Man, is it cool for guys to scream? I chuckled lightly, imagining the boys running, or at least trying to run, away from my school's crazy 'J.O.N.A.S. Fan Club'. Ms. Rayne was sitting at her desk, reading her latesr copy of OK! Magazine, which just happened to be about our school's newest editions. I rolled my eyes. The school was getting alot of publicity just because they enrolled some famous rich boys.

It felt nice to have the wind on my face as I walked around campus at lunch. I didn't need to eat much so all I had was an apple. Call me crazy but I just can't go without an apple.

My favourite place to be on campus would have to be the big oak tree at the back of school that faces this big lake where I see some local residents fishing. When I'm having a bad day, I just come and sit out here with a good book or look up at the clouds.

Today, I decided on reading a book recommended by Stella, Interview With A Vampire. I didn't know the author. The school's copy was old and worn so the author's name was gone.

I started to read. The stress of today melted away into the book and I completely forgot about everything. Time, school, work, friends, eveything. I love the feeling of having no weight on my shoulders.


My head shot up at the sound of my name and I saw Stella running over with three guys.

Two of the guys had dark brown curly hair, one of them wore a sweater. The other guy had semi-long, straight, dark brown hair and was wearing a bow-tie. I mentally giggled. No boy here would be caught dead with that on.

"There you are, Lynnie! I've been looking for you for an hour," Stella said, coming to stand by me with her hands on her hips and giving me the 'Why-are-you-so-hard-to-find?' look. I smiled sheepishly.

"Stell, you know I'm always out here reading or looking at the clouds," I retorted, watching her as she had a look on her face, like she was mentally smaking herself, and blushed. I laughed and Stella glared.

"Well, Lynnette," Stella used my full name with emphasis as I glared, "This is Joe, Kevin and Nick Lucas." She pointed to each of them as she said their names. I looked back over at the boys and they wore smiles on their faces but I could tell it was from being nervous.

I decided to have a little fun with that.

"You know, boys, I'm not the type to go all fan-girl on you. That's Macy's job," I told them, turning back to my book. I saw them gape out of the corner of my eye and smirked a little, rolling my eyes. I can't believe they thought I'd do that.

"HEY!" I heard a voice yell.

Nick, Kevin and Nick started looking around for it's source while Stella and I sighed. "Macy, get out of the tree," We said in perfect unison.I heard a small 'aww crap' before Macy hopped down in front of us, camera in hand.

I held my hand out, not even looking away from the book. "Camera, Macy."

Macy sighed and put the camera in my hand. "Good Macy." I said.

I was surprised Macy was so calm but then Macy saw the boys looking at her and me. Lets just say I couldn't leave her outside for a couple of reasons but I didn't think she'd be able to concentrate on work with what just went on. Her Mom came to pick her up.

End of story.