Harley awoke in a new cell in Arkham Asylum. One surgery and blood transfusion later and she was ready to be released from the medical hospital, and put back into Arkham. This time though, Detective Reese made sure there would never again be opportunity for the psycho's release. Through Barbara's unlimited resources from the Wayne Foundation, he was able to hand-pick an assortment of private guards whose soul task was to keep Harley behind the asylum walls. Each guard earned a handsome salary; one they would never compromise; and one Harley could never match.

She knew she had been beaten… but she also knew that one day, she would be free again. She just needed to be patient. And she was…


Gibson's stay in the hospital had been brief. One week, three days, four hours and twenty-seven minutes to be specific, if you asked Gibson. Helena couldn't bring herself to visit him at the hospital but she did have a welcoming party for him upon his release. She too, tapped into resources of her father's money; still determined not to spend a dime of it on herself, but finally accepting the money to treat those she cared about. When Gibson arrived to No Man's Land, everything that he recognized, that his meta powers had memorized, was gone. But what sat in its place brought a smile so wide to his face that Helena knew she had done a good thing. It didn't make up for putting him in the hospital in the first place, but he was overjoyed when he saw the construction of the new bar.

"How did you know?" he asked, giving Helena a big hug.

She didn't pull away like she usually would. He deserved the hug. "I found your sketches while I was cleaning up the place," she confessed. "And I wanted to do something to make up for what I did…" She swallowed hard, still coming to terms with all the pain she had caused… and the reasons why she'd caused them.

"It's beautiful, my delectable little peach pit," he released her from the hug. "How can I ever thank you?"

Helena mumbled under her breath. "Never hugging me again might be a good start…"

He wandered around his new club, greeted by a mound of friends and patrons; all there to enjoy his return. His senses were in overload as he studied all the changes and complete new layout of the club. He had sketched his dream club on a piece of paper, never imagining it would ever come true.

Barbara snuck up beside Helena and took her hand. "You did a good thing, Hel," she reminded her friend, squeezing her hand affectionately. "A very good thing." Helena leaned down and gave Barbara a hug. Her days had been sappier than normal; but ultimately, she didn't mind. She finally came to realize that her tough-girl image was only necessary when she was out on sweeps. But with her family, the walls finally started to come down.

"Hey! You trying to steal my date?" a voice interrupted the hug. Helena rose tall and kissed the intruder.

"I wouldn't dream of it, Gabby," Barbara laughed, watching the two as they hugged and kissed.

"Good, because I'm having a hard enough time trying to compete with her soulmate…"

Helena swung Gabby around and started to pull her to the dance floor. "There's no competition," she said, and then turned to stick her tongue out at her friend in the chair. "Because Barbara still won't put out!"

Barbara rolled her eyes as the two dance into the crowd, enjoying the music. As soon as they moved away, Barbara was greeted by another visitor. Dinah stood next to her guardian and handed her a drink. "You okay with those two together?" Barbara asked, hoping Dinah didn't feel left out.

"It's weird… but I know they are happy so… I'm happy for them," she consented. "How about you? Does it still bother you that they are together?"

Barbara sighed heavily and shrugged. "All I can say, Dinah… is… at least Gabby's finally 18!"

And after a short burst of laughter, Barbara and Dinah also made their way onto the floor, dancing and laughing into the perfect night.


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