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My Little Love Secret

She couldn't believe she done it. But she was happy she did, glad it was with him. He was surprised that he did that, but probably as happy as her, if not more. Sam Manson and Danny Phantom weren't both virgins any more. They weren't really dating or anything, but it was like a spur of the moment.


They lay together, finally one. But when Danny first goes into her, he knows she'll be in pain, but he couldn't continue to do it.

Regretfully he pulls out, her virginity already lost, she looks at him and tells him it's okay but he shakes his head and says "Sam, I really did like this but I can't put you through that…at least not yet."

She nods "I get it Danny…" They get up in silence, the night was bliss but it had to end.

"I'm sorry Sam." Danny says truthfully. He really meant it, he wanted to continue but he knew it would be wrong. "It's too early, we're only 19 (A/N or 20~I have to figure it out). I don't want to put you through something you'll regret."

Their clothes were back on and she turned to look at him. She smiled and said "Well Danny, I know this night, the first for me---"

"And me." Danny added in with a small smile.

"And you, but I know this night, I won't regret."

*End flashback

Well that was done and they continued being the closest of friends like nothing happened. They would see each other every day but no one would mention that beloved night.

A month or so passed and nothing happened between them. Sam learned that she was okay; she wasn't pregnant even though no protection was used during the time. But that was in the past and this is now.


"Sam!" Danny called into Sam's house from the back door, which Danny had the key to but never bothered using (ghost powers come in handy). He phased through the door and saw a note on the counter:

Danny, you're the only one who would see this so there is no point in addressing you. Ahh, whatever. 

I went shopping downtown for some snacks to take to the party. I'll be right back, don't worry.

Danny read the note and shook his head "She'll be the death of me." He said jokingly. "Tuckers going to kill me…" with that said he flew off downtown in search of Sam.


Sam got the food for Tuckers going away party and headed out of the shop. She didn't like shopping in this neighborhood but she had to, it was close and easy.

With one bag in her hand Sam turned a corner to a darkened street, it was 7:30 and dark and the streetlight was broken. She walked along heading home when she heard sniggers behind her. Looking over her shoulder she saw three men, one holding what looked like a beer bottle.

Their drunk. She thought.

"Hey, honey." One said, quite tipsy-like.

"H-hey. You wanna join us babe?" Another called out, clearly drunk. Wow. Some group. She thought.

"Where ya going? A chick like you shouldn't be wandering around alone. There are some bad folks out there." The leader, who didn't seem that drunk, she guessed. "Come with us, we'll take you home."

She shouldn't have said anything but she couldn't resist "Nah, you seem to have some nice enough looking ladies with you, why don't you take them?"

It took awhile for the two goons to process the insult but the other leader advanced and she saw him wearing a black jacket over his bare chest. The other two were in plain white (dirty) shirts.

She knew she couldn't outrun them with the bag and he was just about three feet away. She dropped it and ran.

The gang looked strong and bulky but they ran pretty fast. They were gaining on Sam. She skidded around a corner but saw one of the cronies a little up ahead of her. They're cornering me. She thought. She looked behind her and saw the leader.

"Whatch'ya gonna do, babe? You're trapped now…no where to run." He called out.

He was right. She couldn't cross the street; another of the guys was coming over. She did a three-sixty and saw an alleyway she could go into. It was her only choice, a dark and musty alley followed by three men who were partially drunk. Yup this was how she wanted to spend a Friday.

Sam sprinted into the alleyway and ran until she saw the end. But that's it. It was a dead end. She looked to her left, nothing just solid concrete. She looked to her right, again nothing.

She felt a strong hand on her shoulder and was forced to turn around. She saw the leader, they caught her. The two cronies forced her to the wall, each pinning up her wrists above her head. The other surveyed her.

"Ohhh…. You are a pretty one…umm…I'd like to eat you up." The leader said and he started to approach.

"Leave me alone, bubble butt!" Sam yelled out, she couldn't think of a better insult, she was still in shock. "You have enough fat, there's no need to use me!"

He stared at her with a look of hatred.

"Oh I was going to go nice a soft on you, but you have some attitude…I'll let you hurt." He smiled and caressed her cheek. She moved her head away from his touch.

"Aww….it's only your face and I'm just getting started." The leader smiled. He trailed his hand on her stomach and Sam let out a stifled scream which was quickly stopped by one of the thugs' hand.


Danny reached downtown and was just looking at the bag that was dropped by Sam.

Hm….this is hers, I mean look at it, it's those Go Green bags. He thought. Danny turned back to his human half and started waking when he heard a stifled scream.

"SAM?!" he yelled.

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