Keenan was unstoppable when he started to rant.

Niall had learnt that years ago. Yet it still surprised him how much fury Keenan possessed for someone who was supposed to be a light and fluffy summer king.

It seemed almost unnatural.


So Niall leaned against the rough brick wall he'd been standing next to and listened as his friend tore his heart apart with every word he spoke.

"Is it not enough for you to be here?" he was snarling. "Or do you need Irial too? As well as me?"

Niall sighed, opening his mouth hesitantly.

"No, speak and I'll hit you, I swear it,"

Niall blinked almost stupidly.

"I wouldn't talk to the King like that if I were you,"

Another voice intervened softly, and a shiver tore itself through Niall's very being.

"Irial," Keenan stated flatly, standing straighter and scowling fiercer, a feat Niall was surprised he could manage.

"Yes, dear Keenan?" Irial smiled sinisterly. "You called?"

"I didn't and you know it," Keenan muttered, "It was a simple name statement,"

Irial laughed, head thrown back to expose the perfect line of his throat, a line that led down through his unbuttoned shirt to reveal a chest so alluring it almost hurt Niall to look at.

"Niall, Niall, dear Niall," Irial grinned, sauntering closer until he was standing side by side with the new Dark king.

"You don't belong here," Keenan growled before Niall had the chance to reply, "So go away,"

Irial stared with amusement.

"Go away?" He snickered, shaking his head, "That's all you can muster? What a great king you are,"

The sarcasm was heavy and it filled the air with a new tension as Keenan reacted violently, snapping out a hand laden with the power of summer and sending an astonishingly powerful heat blast towards the Ex king.

Niall reacted purely on instinct. Stepping sideways to intervene. The blast hit him and slithered away, barely affecting his body other then the otherworldly warm glow that spread across his skin and the power dissipated.

"Do not do that again," Niall spoke quietly but the words were imbued with a power that made even Keenan take an embaressing step backwards.

Irial on the other hand was still grinning, seemingly not effected at all on the near attempt on his life, his eyes glued to the unfolding drama.

Keenan stared for a second longer at his old friend. He didn't speak another word, just turned and walked away, footsteps making no sound on the sidewalk.

"Niall?," Irial whispered, mouth a centimeter away from the New King's ear.

"Lets go home," Niall answered the unasked question, reaching across and taking Irial's hand in a firm, cool grip. Irial smiled once again, a pure twitch of the lips, lacking sarcasm and anger, lacking the very thing that made his seem so dark, and it was then that Niall realised what he should have known long ago, Irial had been waiting for his real return, and finally it had happened.

"Yes, my King"

Well the ending is a little lacking, meaning i just couldn't so anything else with it at this moment in time.