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I was having one of those days. No more like one of those weeks. Everyday dragged by slower than the last. I just wanted this week to end already. The sound of fingers clicking across keyboards was driving me insane. Honestly, why would you bring a laptop to class; just to irritate the living hell out of all those around you? I ran my hand through my hair then rubbed the back of my neck. I looked down at my watch for the thousandth time in a half an hour and sighed deeply.

"Dude, what's with you?" My brother Emmett asked.

"This class drives me crazy! It's so boring; I'd rather stick this pen in my eye than sit through another..." I looked down at my watch again and groaned. "...45 minutes."

"Come on Edward, this class is supposed to be an easy A. All you have to do is show up and write the final paper. Simple." I looked to my best friend Jasper who was sitting on my right, then back at Emmett on my left. He was casually scanning the room for girls, not hard to do in this class.

I slouched down and leaned my head back against my seat. Only 43 minutes until the weekend. Thank God. I needed to get laid.

I began doodling on my notebook nothing of any substance or consistency, just something to distract myself from going insane.

I still wasn't sure why I let Emmett and Jasper talk me into taking "Women's Studies: An Analysis of Feminist Literature in the Nineteenth Century". Oh wait, it was because Emmett said "it would be full of women and their raging feminist hormones". He figured all we'd have to do was sit there, look interested in what they all had to say and then smile and nod when they went off on their feminist tangents. At first I thought it was ridiculous, but the first day I walked into class I figured we had struck gold. The ratio of women to men was easily 10:1.

But after a month of dissecting the works of the Bronte sisters (see I did learn something) it was starting to lose its charm.

"Hey Edward, I know what will make this class a little more interesting..." Emmett gave me a sly smile.


"How's about a little bet?" He asked. Jasper leaned over me to hear Emmett's proposal.

"What kind of bet?" My interest peaked.

"Well, I think that you need a little bit of a challenge in the 'women' department. Edward, your recent conquests have all been easy victories and I really think that college is about challenging one's self and really pushing to have new experiences..." I perked up in my chair. I wasn't sure if I was a little scared of what was coming next.

"Jasper and I will pick a girl from this class, any girl we see fit, and you, my brother, must get her in the sack!" Emmett clapped me on the back and Jasper laughed next to me.

"Great idea, Em. What do you say Captain Underpants?" Jasper looked at me with a knowing expression.

"Firstly, never call me Captain Underpants again. That was the seventh grade. Secondly, you know I can't resist a good bet. So, tell me, what are the rules?" I looked first at Jasper, then over to Emmett. His eyes were roaming the auditorium.

"Well the first is obvious," Jasper said, "We pick the chick."

I nodded my agreement.

"The second is that you can't tell her it's a bet," Emmett added.

"Obviously, Emmett, don't be stupid." Jasper rolled his eyes. "What's he going to say? 'Hey gorgeous I made a bet with some buddies that I could get you into bed...so wanna fuck?' That would go over really well."

"Hey, I'm just laying it out there so there are no loop holes," Emmett shrugged.

Jasper sighed. "Ok, another rule, you must both be sober when it happens. You cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol of any kind and it has to be completely consensual."

"Ok that should be easy enough. I don't do drugs and I don't need to spike a girl's drink to get her to come to bed with me," I crossed my arms over my chest and chuckled.

"Ya, he might be into bondage but I'm sure Edward isn't down with rape." Emmett nudged my arm with his elbow and winked. "Oh and it has to be full-on sex. Oral sex does not count."

Jasper smirked. "Right, that's important. Oh oh I have a good one. Since we won't exactly be around when the deed is done, you have to bring us a little souvenir to prove you actually did it!"

Jasper and Emmett high fived. "Nice!" Emmett complimented.

I shrugged. "Easy. I shouldn't have a problem getting her panties off for you guys. Anything else?"

"Yes." Jasper scrunched his face in concentration then he looked over to Emmett and grinned. "You cannot have sex of any kind with anyone else, including yourself, until the bet is over."

Emmett looked like he was going to pee his pants with glee. "Jasper I could kiss you! You better keep your hands where we can see them Edward!"

"Fine by me," I started. "I don't need to put my hands in my own pants, when there's always someone else who's willing to do it for me."

"Whatever, Edward. You better hope she's an easy target, or you'll be walkin' like a cowboy!" Emmett's laughter boomed out into the auditorium. Dozens of heads turned our way and the professor halted her lecture for a moment.

"Jesus Emmett, shut the fuck up!" I whispered and punched him in the leg.

"Ok, ok. Timeframe?" Jasper asked, bringing us back to our task.

"Ya," Emmett thought for a moment. "You have until the end of term. Six weeks. If you haven't slept with her by the end of year kegger party, you lose."

"And what exactly do I lose?" I said cockily.

"Well, bragging rights for one." Jasper laughed. "And Captain Underpants you will remain!"

I tried my best not to roll my eyes at him. "Really, guys, what's the wager?"

Emmett thought for a moment and when his eyes lit up and an evil grin spread across his face, I felt the first tiny spark of fear. "If we win, meaning you do not sleep with the girl of our choosing, while sober, within a six week time frame and bring us back proof of your doing so, you are not allowed to have sex for the entire summer!"

Jasper busted out laughing. A couple girls in the row in front of us turned around and gave us dirty looks.

"What?" I whispered. "That's ridiculous. How would you even keep me from doing that? You aren't with me all the time!"

"Oh but one of us will be, Edward! Think of it as a sort of secondary punishment. You get Jasper or me, by your side, everyday for three and a half months." Emmett looked triumphant.

I thought for a moment and took a quick glance around the room. Why should I be nervous about this? If the girl was hot, all the better for me. If she was, well, not hot, all the better for her.

"And if I win?" I said with more confidence.

"What do you want?" Jasper smiled.

"I want the same from you both. If I win, neither of you can have sex for the entire summer." I looked at each of their faces and was quite satisfied with the hint of hesitancy I found there.

They looked to one another and nodded. "Deal." We all shook hands and I settled back into my seat.

"We have to make this worth it," Jasper whispered across my seat to Emmett. He nodded in agreement. They both began twisting in their seats to check out their prey.

"What about that one?" Emmet pointed to a larger girl a few rows ahead.

"Nah, too easy," Jasper shook his head. "How about her, miss Hello Kitty over there?"

It was Emmett's turn to disagree. "We don't want him to end up in jail. She looks like she's 14."

"Hmm...How about that one over there? The one with the black lipstick?" Emmett chuckled.

"We don't want him to be ritually sacrificed to some creepy pagan god! Jesus!" Jasper shivered and continued his search.

I looked down at my watch again. 18 minutes left. They went back and forth for a few more minutes before Emmett found her.

"There, in the front row, long brown hair, ugly sweater, hot friends on either side. She's perfect!" he exclaimed.

Jasper and I looked at each other quizzically. "Her? What's wrong with her? She looks perfectly normal." Jasper questioned.

"That's just it, though. I mean look at her. Completely average. Not too hot, not too, ugh, you know. Come on, she's a gem! A total academia!"

"Whoa, Emmet, that's a big word for you buddy. Take it easy," Jasper laughed.

"Shut up Jazz. What I'm saying is she's the girl." He crossed his own arms in front of his chest and looked at Jasper again.

Jasper leaned forward in his seat and stared hard at the girl. Just then she raised her hand to answer a question the professor must have asked. "Yup, she's the one." He agreed.

"Perfect. It's settled. Good luck Edward." Emmett clapped me on the back again and leaned back in his seat.

I leaned forward myself to get a better look at my challenge. I grinned with self assurance. While I was off having the summer of my life with whomever I chose, my brother and my best friend would be suffering the worst case of blue balls ever.

This would be cake.


A loud, completely obnoxious laughed boomed through the auditorium. Idiot. I didn't even turn my head to see which moron guy on a supposedly easy ride for sex had so rudely interrupted Dr. Hewitt's lecture.

I turned to my best friend Alice on my right and rolled my eyes. My other best friend Rosalie nudged me on my left. I turned to her and she had a scowl on her face.

"I fucking hate those jack-asses who think by taking women's studies courses they'll get some ass." Rose is ever the lady. I nodded in agreement and turned back to the lecture.

Dr. Hewitt asked a question about the latest book we were discussing and I raised my hand confidently to answer her. I leaned back in my seat with a satisfied smile. If only I could be so confident in other aspects of my life.

Twenty minutes later Dr. Hewitt ended her lecture and I began packing my things. Rose had already begun pushing her way through the throngs of students either on their way to another class, or like me, home for the weekend. She must have a hot date.

"Don't lose me!" Alice chirped beside me. She was so small we always lost each other in the crowd. I grabbed her hand, lowered my head against the onslaught of angsty feminist students, and began pulling Alice up the aisle towards the exit. We were half way to the exit and I could almost taste freedom. Not that I had any big plans for the weekend, but still, it would be nice just to relax.

"Hey there, beautiful," a smooth voice said from somewhere beside me.

I couldn't be bothered. I had just had the longest week of my life and I was not interested in being this man whore's next lay.

"Not now," I snipped.

I didn't even look at him. I just held tight to Alice's hand and continued to tug her along.

Once we were finally free and out in the beautiful sunshine Alice stopped dead.

"What's wrong Alice?"

"Umm, hello! That pretty guy was trying to talk to you!" she rolled her eyes.

"So?" I said, exasperated.

"So why didn't you talk back to him?" she asked as if I was losing it.

"Because, Alice. You know as well as I do what he's after and I'm not going down that road again." I began walking down the street toward the small house Alice, Rose and I shared.

She sighed and jogged to catch up with me.

"Fine, Bella, I get it. But could you at least slow down a bit? Not all of us have long legs you know." I looked over at her and smiled. I would be nowhere without Alice. She had been my best friend since childhood and she had seen me through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I stopped abruptly. "Wanna got to the café around the corner before we go home?"

"Ok Bella, what for?" she asked sweetly.

"I don't know why, but all of a sudden I have a huge craving for cake."

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