Summary: Bonnie was innocently reading the paper when she was startled by news of her ex-husband. Contains reference to H/W slash. Entirely Bonnie's POV.

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Author's Note: Not sure why, but I was suddenly interested in how Wilson's ex-wives would feel if they were replaced by someone they knew.

The Fourth Mrs. Wilson
By Lady Katie

Bonnie Wilson read the paper every Sunday morning. At least part of it. Not usually the national news and definitely not sports. She went straight for the local news to read about the new little league park, or the man who was running for mayor. After skimming through that her next stop was the entertainment section. Maybe there would be a play worth seeing or a review of a new movie. Then she was on to the Living section where there would be a story about parties or decorating. As a realtor she felt it was her duty to stay updated on any kind of social trend. She was lucky that her business still brought in enough money to live on, but with the poor economy, she could use any edge she could find. That was her justification. In reality, she just really loved reading the editorials.

After devouring the rest of the paper, she generally skimmed the classifieds, just out of curiosity. Then the obituaries and announcements. Sometimes she would find that an acquaintance had passed away or a former client was getting married. It was these little things that interested her, even if it was a little nosey to want to know everything about everyone.

On one very normal Sunday morning she was nearly finished with her routine and her coffee when she came to the wedding announcements. The coffee she had been drinking was sprayed over nearly the entire page. Quickly she set the coffee mug down grabbed her napkin. She laid the paper on the table, looking for what had caused her such a surprise. She dabbed at it with the napkin, soaking up what she could and ran a finger down the page, looking at names.

Baker, Johnson, Miller, Radzinsky, Weston, Wilson-- There! She read the announcement quickly.

Dr. James E. Wilson and Dr. Gregory House were joined in a civil union on Friday afternoon. The small ceremony was held at the home of close friend Dr. Lisa Cuddy and officiated by Rabbi Levi Silverman.

She stared in shock and disbelief. She had just seen James a month ago and he hadn't let on that there was anything out of the ordinary. Or at least anything that she would find out of the ordinary. He hadn't said anything about House or civil unions. Or being gay. How long had this been going on? As much as James really was one to jump into marriages quickly, House didn't seem the type who would. And neither of them had ever given her any reason to believe that they were the civil union type. Although, now that she thought about it, House was rather obsessed with James…

He was also the kind of person to play terrible jokes on people. Putting a fake announcement in the paper wouldn't be beyond his powers or his sense of humor. Yes, she decided, this was all an elaborate joke. James had pushed his buttons and he was getting even. That had to be it.

As Bonnie folded the paper it occurred to her that maybe House would not implicate himself in such a prank. Wouldn't he put someone else's name in there instead? She frowned, pursing her lips in thought. It wasn't adding up at all. It couldn't be real, could it? She had known that James cared for House much more than any of his other friends. But this? Maybe she would just have to make a trip over to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Just in case. Yes, she was going to get to the bottom of this!

As she went about her day, the announcement stayed in her mind. She still wasn't sure if it was real or not, but suddenly she found herself giggling uncontrollably. She supposed most women wouldn't find the prospect of their ex-husband being gay so amusing, but she couldn't help it. She had always resented House for how much of James' time he occupied. By the time they divorced she really hated the man. And now what amused her most about this travesty of a wedding was House's role in it. She never thought she would ever have anything in common with him, but now House was the fourth Mrs. Wilson.