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Ex Multus Familia: Part 2


He was going to take them out.

He was going to kill them, and he wouldn't regret it one bit.

Everett calmly loaded the ammunition in to his weapons, counting, measuring, evaluating. There had to be enough to be sure that he'd be able to kill the top leadership of Telic, even if a few of his weapons were taken away. He planned on being so rigged-out with every variety of weapon there was that they wouldn't even recognize half of what he was carrying as weaponry.

The phone rang again, but Everett ignored it. There wasn't any point in answering. If everything went according to plan, well, he probably wouldn't be around in 46 hours anyway.

"Damn it." Everett's hand slipped momentarily as Lisa started crying. Everett winced and closed his eyes, wishing that in a moment he would hear Mona's footsteps, her voice as she spoke quietly and soothingly to the baby, calming her down. Of course, if Mona was there, Everett would have been in the baby's room as well, playfully fighting with Mona for a turn at looking after their little daughter.

But now he could hardly stand to look at her.

"Please stop," he whispered, whishing somehow that the baby would understand him. But he was already standing up at the same time, moving automatically toward the baby room.

Gem had been coming by every day, probably worried that he'd neglect the baby, but Everett had been determined not to. He'd known that Mona would've hated that, and so he did what he had to.

"Soon it'll be better," Everett promised Lisa, picking her up and bouncing her carefully for a bit. Her crying subdued to a sort of hiccup whimper as Everett headed back into the kitchen.

That was the good thing about Gem visiting so often and worrying so much about the baby. Everett would take Lisa to her, ask Gem to look after the baby for a bit. Then he would leave, knowing he'd left his daughter in good hands. Gem would make sure that Lisa was raised with love.

As Everett heated up one of the bottles that Gem had prepped and left in the fridge, he frowned at the plate of sandwiches that was sitting on the counter. He'd had a few when Gem had brought them over a few hours ago, but he really couldn't remember when he'd eaten before that. And he'd really only eaten those two because Gem had obviously been waiting for him too. She wouldn't leave until he did. Something must be out of whack with his metabolism for him to feel so….well, not hungry.

"Better?" Everett murmured, watching Lisa suck eagerly on the bottle. She'd been unhappy at first when Mona hadn't been there to feed her anymore, but Gem had figured out some trick that had gotten Lisa to accept the bottle. He didn't know what it was; he was simply grateful that it worked. Again, it made things easier.

He put the sleepy Lisa back into her crib and then returned to the living room. He was going to go have to make an ammo run; he couldn't ask his friends for any. If he did, they would go running with tales to Max about Everett going around asking for ammo.

Max might come to the wrong conclusion about Everett's need for ammo, but it would essentially be the right conclusion. And he didn't want anyone to know and decide to interfere.

They wouldn't understand. This was something he simply had to do. He had brought Telic to his home and had allowed them to kill his mate. He had to restore balance to the world and do what he should have done earlier. He would finish them off so that they couldn't take anyone else's mate, and he would ensure his daughter's future.

And then, if he was lucky, he would get to join his mate wherever she was now.

There was a knock on the door. Shit. All his weapons were lying out in plain sight, and whoever came in was going to seriously question his sanity. Which they were probably already doing that, but he didn't want to tip the balance and make them worry enough to put make someone stay with him all the time. He was tempted to not answer the door, but no one would believe that he had gone out. He hadn't left the apartment since he had gotten back home they day they had buried Mona at the farmhouse.

Shoving as much of the gear as he could under the couch, Everett walked over and opened the door.

Gem was standing there, as he had half expected she would be. She didn't have Crystal with her, so the baby must have been with Dalton or something. Unlike usual, there was nothing in her arms, no plates of food for him. Instead, they were crossed in front of her. She glanced up at him with a stern expression on her face.

"You didn't answer your phone," she accused. She looked past him into the apartment. "Where's Lisa?"

"Asleep," he grunted. Turning around, he walked back into the living room, leaving Gem to either follow or stay where she was. He didn't care which it was; if Gem said something about the weapons, he'd deal with it.

Gem walked past him and into his kitchen, aggravation quite plain on her face. She went over to his full sink and lifted a couple plates, and utensils. "Pretending you don't have dirty dishes doesn't make them go away, Everett."

"No shit," Everett said without even a hint of sarcasm. He wandered back into the living room and picked up one of the guns to check its barrel. He had already cleaned it twice, but a clean weapon was an effective weapon.

The sound of water rushing into the sink made him scowl, but he didn't say anything. Let Gem clean his dishes. She was probably going to be taking care of his kid soon anyways, since she was the one who seemed most concerned about Lisa. Everett supposed that was good; if she couldn't have…Gem would be good to her.

Gem was silent, and Everett didn't feel the need to say anything to her. He ran a cloth over the length of the barrel, making the metal shine. No Manticore weapon had been better taken care of. The dishes made noise as they hit against each other in the wash, but that was the only sound in the apartment.

After a while, Gem came out of the kitchen, drying her hands on a cloth. Everett jerked his eyes away from her since for a moment, he had imagined Mona doing the same thing, her long dark red hair held back in a ponytail, that easy smile on her face.

"I'm not putting them away," Gem said. She didn't even raise an eyebrow as she looked at all the weaponry. "That's your job."

"Okay," Everett said.

She didn't leave like he thought she would or even go check on Lisa. Instead, she sat down on the chair across from him after moving a semi-automatic out of it. Silence filled the room again, and he could feel her waiting for him to say something, like it was his fault she was in his apartment, and it was his job to initiate the conversation he didn't want to have in the first place. So he didn't. He methodically started cleaning the inside of the barrel, ignoring Gem, thinking she would leave after being ignored for a long enough.

She didn't.

Everett continued cleaning at the same pace, moving along each of the guns, polishing, counting ammunition, all the time very aware that Gem was sitting in the arm chair, waiting for something. She didn't always look at him either; the wall took up her attention or the window or the weapons. An hour later, after everything that could possibly be cleaned or counted was, Lisa started crying. Thankful for the excuse to leave the room and Gem's constant presence, Everett got up and walked to the baby's room. The fussy little girl looked up at him and wailed pitifully, forcing him to scoop her up out of the crib and hold her close. She didn't need a diaper change, and she couldn't possibly be hungry; she quieted down after he picked her up, only whimpering occasionally. He tried to put her back in the crib, but she let out such a wail that Gem called out and asked if he needed her help.

"No, I've got it," he replied, lifting the baby from the crib again. He held the infant against his chest. "What's wrong with you, huh?" he mumbled to her as he gently patted her back.

"I think that's a question you might want to ask yourself, possibly," Gem said from the doorway. She was leaning against the doorjamb, looking at Everett with a serious yet not pitying gaze.

Everett turned toward the window, not completely willing to answer that comment right now. Gem stepped farther into the room. She ran her hand over the railing of the crib and looked at him.

"Look, I know you're still hurting—"

"Don't start," Everett cut her off, "I don't want to hear how Mona wouldn't want me to act like this, how this isn't how she would want me to live my life this way." He glanced down at Lisa, his fingers threading through her thick dark fuzzy hair.

"I wasn't going to say that, Everett," Gem said, "I was just going to say for you to wait."

Everett looked over his shoulder at her. "For what?"

"Just wait for a few months, until everything's settled back down, until you're thinking rationally and not running off of emotions," she said. She wasn't just some woman right then; no, she was playing the part of a Manticore soldier again, eyes hard and unforgiving. "Give it some time, make a real plan, and then go kill the enemy. You're still avenging Mona's death and your own misery, but you're being smart about it instead of running off on a suicide mission that's going to leave your friends thinking you were reckless and your child an orphan."

Everett stood there for a moment, looking out of the window. "I can't promise, Gem."

"I know," she replied, "But think about it."

When Everett turned around again, she was gone, the front door clicking shut behind her. He wasn't going to promise to not follow through with his plan, but… He cupped his hand around Lisa head and brought her closer. Maybe more preparation would be for the best.


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