Title: Kleptomaniac
Fandom: After School Nightmare
Word Count: 265
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

It's dark and the little girl who refuses to graduate is sitting in front of Kureha with her pretty doll-dress and her pretty doll-smile. Kureha doesn't know how she ended up here, but she isn't scared. Little girls are nothing like men – Kureha knows this well, by now.

"Kureha-chan," the little girl says, "are you afraid of me?"

Kureha shakes her head. Raindrops hit the ground – her hair is always damp in this dream. Her fingers are always cold. "You're just a child. I have no reason to be scared of you."

The little girl moves closer to her, perfect smile intact, perfect hair and perfect ribbons fluttering. Kureha's legs are frozen and the darkness is starting to tighten.

"Mashiro-kun won't leave that child alone," the perfect little doll-girl goes. "I need to punish him, but he never seems to be bothered by anything I do physically."

Kureha is shaking, and she doesn't know why. "Mashiro-kun is very strong."

"Mashiro-kun," the little girl purrs, "loves you." Her fingers touch Kureha's thigh, soft and tiny and slim. Kureha jerks. The darkness shifts, and then she is laying on wet grass, with a little doll-child looming over her, her hand sliding higher and higher.

Kureha bites her lip. The girl smiles. "When I'm done with you, Kureha-chan, men aren't going to be the only thing you hate."

The umbrella lies next to her hand, just out of reach.