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Chapter 1: This Doesn't Seem Right

The wind breezed chilling air across the streets. It was in the middle of winter and snow piled up the streets after a blizzard arrived yesterday or a truck pushed them aside. A boy about fifteen, named Len Kagamine walked gracefully, smiling, along the sidewalks. He loves walking outside in the nighttime because you see most of the river of stars at a park he goes every night after dinner. He has blond hair tied up in a little ponytail, spiked up in front, beautiful blue eyes that sparkles in the moonlight, he was wearing a black and white hoodie, long black jeans, and comfortable white shoes. Len brought an orange with him in case he wanted to have a nice, juicy, cool orange for a perfect night. Finally arriving at Lake Wood Park, the most enormous park in the state, but there was something about the park tonight that didn't seem right. The trees were full of leaves and didn't dance with the wind, the moonlight didn't shine here, just a blanket of pitch black darkness, and you hear nothing, all was silence. It was like walking into a horror movie. But this is a perfect night to watch the shooting stars race across the world like fireballs about to hit the ground but they don't. Len took a deep breath and walk cautiously along the path.

'This is spooky', Len thought to himself. He kept on walking until he found the spot he normally goes. An open snow hill area, surrounded with trees and bushes that have glorious white thornless roses during the winter. This was the only spot that the moon lights up the darkness. Len walked to a bush and grab one rose, walk to the hill and sat down. Looked up and watch as the stars twinkle and glisten the space. He smiled warmly of the beauty of nature, "So beautiful". Then Len drifted to sleep.

Len shot his eyes wide open, realizing that he fell asleep, it was still nighttime. He laughed to himself, then got up and walked back to the path. His twin sister, Rin Kagamine, is going to be so upset that he stayed too long. Rin is very scary when she's angry. He imagine that giant construction machine that flattens him. 'She's going to kill me.', Len cried silently to himself. He stopped and realizes that the path is gone. Trees were filled in as it's place. He looked around and there was no other path to go back town.

"Am I dreaming?", Len pitched his arm. "Ow! No...this isn't a dream." Len is beginning to feel scared. Then from the corner of his eye, he saw a black figure standing on the hilltop. Len turned around with wide eyes. The clouds pulled apart, showing the moon. The black figure was a young man with blue hair, red ruby eyes and giant bat wings. He was dressed in dark blue shirt with a white one underneath, a dark blue scarf, black tight pants, and a black cape. This was something you wear if you were in the 1700's. He's eyes were blood-thirsty and staring at Len. Len could feel his body stiffen and his legs shaking under him and not leaving his eyes off this stranger, it was like he's being hypnotize by the beautiful ruby eyes. Water started to fill his eyes making it hard to see. The young man smiled, showing perfectly white fangs and disappeared. Len blinked, letting the tears round down his face and scents someone behind him. The man grabbed him from behind, pinning Len in the snow.

"Aren't you a tasty human", he laughed in amusement. "This is the first time I've ever smelled something so delicious. It's making my mouth water."

Len shaking like mad from fright, "Let...!! Let me go!!" He trys freeing himself but failed. He stopped as cold breath is on his neck, Len shivers. The man tilts to the side and Len's head, letting ice cold lips on his neck. Kissing it and massages Len's neck feeling the warm blood flow and his heart beat. "S-S-Stop..!! Ahh...!!", Len moans. Then a few second later, Len felts two sharp teeth dig in his neck. "AAAHHHHH.....!!!", Len screams in pain. His blood is being drained from him. The man deepen his bite. Blood spreads on the white sheet of snow. The vampire licks the blood clean and healing the wound shut. Len starting to fade into unconscious, then suddenly a man with a samurai sword charges at the two.

"Tsk", The vampire grabs the young boy and flys up in the air. "Why does he have to be here right now?!", he growls and disappears in the clouds.

"Dammit!! I didn't make it in time!!", the samurai stops at the stained blood in the snow. "I need to find them. Save the boy and kill that monstrous vampire." The samurai spots a wallet, half covered in snow. He picked it up and open it. "Len Kagamine. Age: 15/Male. Goes to Jouryoku High School. Lives in......" The samurai closes it and sighs. "That's one of my students in World History. I'll go to his place and tell his sister." The teacher shivers from the thought of telling his sister that he was taken by a vampire, hopefully alive or maybe dead. He arrived at Len Kagamine house, breathless. It was quite big. A white two story house with all kinds from exotic flowers covered in sheets so that they won't completely die in the winter season, stone path to the door, black roof but it's covered in snow, and a white detailed door. The teacher walk up the stone path and knocked on the door. There was this evil aura coming from inside, 'I think it's Rin', he thought to himself. The door slam wide open, cracking the walls, 'Yeah it's Rin'. -_-;;

"Where the fuck have you been Le-?! Oh! Kamui Gakupo-senpai I'm sorry!! What are you going here? Is there something wrong? And why are you wearing that outfit?", questioned Rin Kagamine. Kamui Gakupo has long purple hair, tied up in the back, long on the sides, and short up front. He had japanese sticks in his ponytail, long white robe that comes to his knees, black and blue ninja boots, and a samurai sword on one side.

"Actually, there is something wrong. Your--", Kamui was cut off when a light long green pig-tail haired girl ran down stairs.

"Mr. Gakupo-senpai!! I didn't mean to eat leeks in the classroom and I'm sorry if I forgot my homework and and if I'm failing your class, please don't fail me again!! I'll do anything!!! I'll clean your class everyday! I'll stay after school and do tons and tons and tons and tons of work until I get an A++!! Please don't fail me!!!!, the girl cried on the wooden floor.

"Now now, you're not failing my class, Miku Hatsune. I didn't come here for that.", Kamui folded his arms and making a very serious face. "It's about your brother, Rin."

"What happened to my brother?", Rin eyes looked frighten. Miku got up and stand next to Rin, listening and curious.

"He was taking by a vampire in Lake Wood Park.", he said. All was silence until very low giggles come from the two girls.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!!!! Are you kidding me?!", laughed Rin.

"There's so such thing as vampire!! HAHAHA~!! Your watching too many horror movies!!", Miku laughing harder than Rin.

"THIS ISN'T A JOKE, YOU TWO!!! Doesn't this belong to your brother, Rin!!!", Kamui yelled and handed a wallet to Rin.

Rin examined it and it was covered in blood and melted snow. This does belong to Len. "You mean....Len is....dead..?", Rin's eyes tear up very fast and falling down her cheeks.

"I don't think so. If he was, the vampire would have left the body there, but didn't. He took Len with him."

"Do you know where he's hiding? Like a castle or a cave?", Miku said while comforting Rin in her arms.

"The forest is very big. It'll take days, weeks, maybe months to find your brother. All I know is that he's alive."

"Question: Why are you wear that??", Miku said.

Kamui thought about it for a few minutes then confessed, "I'm with the Super Natural Organization in the Under World, Kamui Gakupo "The Samurai Blood Hunter". I'm on a mission here to take care of that vampire and destroy it, but staying here long, I'm too attached to this world. I like it here and decided to stay here and be a teacher. I'm not a bad guy. I'm here to protect humans from monsters such as that one."

"I-Is there any way.... w-we can help?", Rin said through her cry's.

"There is but I don't you want to do that."

"We'll do anything!! Just tell us what to do!!," the both girls said at the same time.

"You'll have to join the Organization", Kamui said with sharp looking eyes.

The two paused and thought for a few seconds. They'll do anything to save Len. "Okay", both nodded.

Kamui was surprise of their determination and bravery. He close his eyes and grinned, "Okay, Come with me to the UnderWorld." He step outside and opened a black and purple portal from the street floor. Lightening shot from the sides and gusts of wind blew hard.

"Oh my gosh!!", said Rin

"Wow!! This is cool!!", said Miku with excitement.

"Now, Shall we?", Kamui Gakupo smiled and let two girls jump in first and then so does he.

To be continued.....Next chapter: Where Am I?