Bella of Athens!


Just as Edward started leaning towards me in the hope of kiss in the middle of history, Mr. Addams coughed weakly and started turning around slowly. Poor old man, he should really consider retiring, I thought sympathetically. But then again, he does seem to be fine, except when he keeps staring at me…

I shuddered while Edward looked at me curiously. No way was I letting him know that thought. He would probably make a meal of Poor Mr. Addams.

"Right then class, for the next few weeks we will be working on individual projects" He emphasized the word individual glaring at Edward in particular while he gazed innocently back. I bit back a laugh at his angelic expression.

"I will be picking your project topics myself. Now then…" He scanned down the register. Edward got the downfall of the Trojan empire. Alice got the invasion of the ancient Romans in Britain.

"Miss Mallory, The assassination of President Kennedy. Mr. Newton, the Civil war". At this I saw Alice slump a little. If she had got the civil war, she could have "persuaded" Jasper to do it for her. I smirked while Edward glanced at Alice and started snickering along side me while she pouted.

"Miss Queens, the life of Harper Lee… Mr. Rogers, the works of William Shakespeare. Miss Stanley, Fashion in the 1950's up to the present day…"


Alice wouldn't take that. When it came to fashion, she would stop at nothing, she was just as bad as Jasper and the Civil war when fashion involved. The countless hours that she could have spent dressing up me and Rosalie for her "project" were a frightening. A murderous scowl formed on her face; she stuck her hand up in the air, waving it desperately. If she accidently hit a human, the force would kill them.

"Sir! Why couldn't I have fashion?" To be fair to her, she was actually there in the 50's and onward, but she couldn't tell him that.

"Because I assigned the Fashion topic to Miss Stanley, that's why"

Alice sat back, sulking. I felt surprised at first, but then an evil smile came upon her face. I moved closer to Edward in the vain hope she wouldn't include me in the elaborate scheme she was probably planning right now. In Alice's book; this meant war. Nobody messed with Alice Cullen.

"Now where was I, Miss Swan…? The Greek Gods, Goddess' and the legends". I inwardly groaned while Angela shot a sympathetic look at me. It was a HUGE topic that would take me forever.

Once everyone had their topic we spent the rest of the lesson planning how we would present the information.

"I can't believe I got the hardest project in the class!" I once again grumbled. I was lying in bed with Edward's stone arms wrapped around me. I sighed. It was only 9 o'clock. Charlie was stopping down Billy's that night, so Alice had phoned Charlie. Once again, my entire schedule was cleared in three easy sentences. Of course, he didn't know that the rest of the Cullen family was on an extended hunting trip.

"Cheer up love". He tried to console me. "It won't be that bad, and I' be here to help you, and distract you if needs be." He tilted my chin up, and I started grinning.
"Hmmm, I think I do need distracting". With that, he efficiently took my mind of everything but the Angel in my arms"

Well that's the prologue! After this, I'll be moving into Bella's dream. I promise you'll find it interesting (I hope!).

For all that are interested, I'm also updating on try not to drown soon, as I found my pink notebook!!!!! I know I'm gormless!

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