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Rolling over in my bed, I pounded the pillow. Too much wine was the obvious culprit. I suspect Apollo, Megara and Andreas felt even worse. They were knocking it back like milk! The play was lovely, just to my taste. The final breath of the embracing lovers was touching, and the character actor was enchanting. I smiled to myself, thinking of his silly antics, and the crooked smile Apollo had given. Megara's tinkling giggle had me stunned by its sweet beauty, and Andreas' leonine growl of a laugh was the sound of a world weary man that still saw the joy in living. I felt myself more and more interested in our guests, the male two especially.

A memory struck me. I was twelve, just leaning against my mother's side while in the baths. The intimidating faces of the upper class vultures that stalked my mother were well known for pinching cheeks and commenting on my "blossoming features" and "soon to be womanly figure". Shuddering, I continued to delve into my conscious further.
"Yes, but he owes me after sleeping with that freed-mans daughter, remember? He can't say a word about it!" Lena cackled joyously. "So Dino and I are free to continue!"
My Mother looked on, completely in her element, the rich soprano giggle along the some nasal; some maliciously sugary alto titters from the ladies in waiting. While getting our massages, the subject was continued. Liesel, a girl new to the elite, had asked about the process.
Helen had explained patiently, oblivious to the sneering glances from the other women.
"In Troy, and some city states in Greece, a partner in marriage would like to become intimate with another person that is not their spouse; they must speak to the other and declare it. The conditions of this are the other can have a free pass of sorts to do the same, and it must be kept quiet."

I had mulled that piece of information over in my head upon occasion over the years. I had thought righteously to myself, I shall marry for love, and never cheat! But it had never occurred to me that someone could become the person that was used to cheat with until recently.
Shaking myself, I rolled back on my side and promptly fell back asleep for another peaceful hour.
My not-so-peaceful awakening was a shock to the system. A black haired blur sliced into my quarters with a cheerful grin and a chirpy good morning. Gods above. My mother followed Megara with Amber in tow (who was smirking wryly at my scandalised expression).

"Wake up Bella! We have so much to do and organise!" Smite me now almighty Zeus. "The social scene has officially started now, and we have some invitations to sort through. We cannot be seen at a boring party or in unworthy company!" How could someone be so cheerful this early in the morning? And after so much wine as well? Any mortal would still be unconscious with the amount she drank. I figured that Apollo and Andreas must be in worse condition the Megara, as they had drank almost twice the amount, but they bounded into my quarters merrily. I then became aware of my current apparel. A small tunic was all I was wearing; the shortest part of the garment was at the top of my thigh. They had both seen me naked, but it was in front of my mother for the love for all that was sacred! Neither seemed affected; but both were staring at my chest in a zealous way. My face flushed, I divert my eyes back to Amber, who was staring openly at our guests. Discreetly, I gain her attention and mouth her husband's name to her. Checking herself; she snaps her attention back to the matter of my attire for the day. Megara and my mother are happily discussing what functions and invites to attend, while the men continue to stare. Getting out of bed, their gaze moves lower and I become even more embarrassed. I had to admit these were the two finest looking men I had ever set eyes upon.

"Bella? Megara and I have decided that you should all accept King Eleazar and Queen Carmen's request to reside at his palace for a few weeks. Any party that they attend, you have the choice to go to, or another. You will not have to worry about packing, we shall manage that fine, shan't we Megara dear?" Renee Announced. Why had they even awoken me then? Oh yes, because the world hates me and would dearly love to see me mortified.

By this time Apollo and Andreas had finished staring at me and Andreas was looking intently at Megara. Confused, I met Apollo's gaze. Shocked by the passion in his stare, I looked away. What was this fluttering in the deepest pits of my stomach? This curling, tightened coil, waiting to spring loose just from a simple gaze from this delectable man was baffling me. The tension in the room was so thick, a double edged sword, honed to perfection, could not cut it...

Present day Cullen house 3rd person POV

Emmett could be found at any time of the night in Rosalie and his room. He liked the normalcy of being in a bed even though he could not sleep. The bed could not be warmed from his body heat, but the time alone with his thoughts was soothing, or so he claimed. Jasper figured he just liked to be near a bed in case Rose got frisky. Esme was designing a room for Bella and Edward in their next house. She knew that Edward trusted her on matters like this, and Bella simply did not care where she was, as long as Edward was there too. The Cullen's always had two locations planned ahead. A trip to Alaska while Bella recovered from the "new born craze", then New Hampshire and Montreal. The whole Family could speak French, and Bella could learn while in Canada. Esme desired to go to France after. The dear old USA got boring after a while. She needed the ancient mystique that Europe provided.

Carlisle however, was just gliding through the door. Still looking like an advertisement for the perfect specimen ever created, a true angel, and an aura of contentment from doing well in the world was shining from him like a beacon. Esme smiled softy, glad to see her soul mate so at peace with the world. She ghosted over to him, kissed his cheek tenderly, and made her serene way back over to her sketching.

Rosalie and Jasper were not as content at that moment. Standing still for so long was not an issue for them, but it was boring! Alice had taken her new project to the extreme. Literally. Play-doh figures of the Cullen "teenagers" and the other model Lacey were arranged in a uniformed fashion, not one daring to move or face the wrath of Alice Cullen. Despite Jasper's protests, he was stripped, measured in EVERY way, and swirled in cloth. He would do anything for Alice, but he was seriously unamused. Worse was, she had done it all in front of his sister in all but blood, and she had laughed at him. His wounded pride was slightly soothed by Alice's protests that he was beautiful, and Rose was upset Emmett was not as gorgeous. Emmett of course, had complained, but everyone ignored him – as was the custom. Slightly mollified, he continued to allow the torture to commence.

Rose however, was discontent because the promised adaptations she had finally allowed Edward to do on his Vanquish was waiting, because she had to play Barbie with Alice. Clothing and pretty shoes were all good, but cars were her love and passion. The needles sticking in her bust and hips had no effect on her, but they started to itch after a while.

Alice however, was in her element. The whining that Rose and Jasper started had no effect on her; she was doing what she was supposed to in life. If she could just do this with Bella every day, she thought, she would never need to wear those terribly unflattering wall-mart jeans ever again! Alice shuddered. Anything non-designer was not an option for her. Alice did not see herself as spoiled, just taught to appreciate the finer qualities of her passion.

After finally having enough, Rose slid the elegant red stolla over her head, and slipped out the room without Alice noticing: as she was so engrossed in her task. Jasper however, was a different story.
"Pay back, Bitch" she mouthed at him, after smirking at his desperate expression. He really shouldn't have influenced me to help out with this show, she thought.

Making her way down to a freshly showered Carlisle, she began to speak her mind. With everyone else distracted, and Edward out the house, this could possibly be her only chance.

Rose POV

"Carlisle" I started nervously "I need to talk to you about something..."
"Of course, my child. What is it?" At the world child, my heart gave a pang. Carlisle seemed to realise how I was affected, and smiled apologetically. "I'm worried I have scared Bella away." I saw him start to object. Raising my hand; I stated "hear me out"

"After telling my story to her, she cannot look me in the eye without showing pity. She hasn't even been over the house as much anymore, and when she is, she will smile at me in a way that she doesn't realise is as heart braking as the act was. I don't need sympathy Carlisle, I am over it. But I feel as if she sees me more as more an instability now, and she is scared by the relationship we had, as poor as it was, was a constant for her. This side of me has shaken up her view of what she thought I was. She didn't mean to judge me, and I feel awful for judging her as a stupid human with a slight infatuation. But what can I do to make her see me as a friend, or maybe even as a sister? Not as someone to be as a victim, and someone to pity. "

After I finished my tirade of feelings, I felt lighter than I had in weeks. Carlisle was my sire, and my father. He gave me the most precious gift that was Emmett, and me life again. As much as I would simply love and adore children, I am truly thankful that I now have the most loving family I could ever imagine. Nodding slowly, his golden head squared up to meet my eyes with his.

"Talk to her. Say everything that you said to me, to her." Hearing the solution put that simply, I felt incredibly insignificant. Seeing that I got his point he kissed my forehead and smoothed down my own flaxen hair. "When Edward next goes hunting, you can talk then".

Smiling in that soothing manner of his, I felt I could face the mighty power that was Isabella Swan (almost Cullen).

Bella POV (Ancient times again)

The villa we were fast approaching in our carriage was fast approaching. Stunning mosaics decorating the intimidating walls was the first thing I wanted to run out and study. I knew that Amber would unpack for me, and that I would be expected to sing later, as the youngest guest I would be the obvious choice for this task, not to mention my mother was not only known for her beauty, but for her ability to brag about those closest to her.

After my introduction to the King and Queen, I ducked out of sight and made my way over to the gorgeous artwork. Startled, I found Andreas already there. I had not spoken much with Andreas, and I suddenly found myself ashamed by that fact. With new resolution, I was determined to get to know this quiet, curious man. With a few hours conversation, I learnt much about him, and the he learnt much about me. I told him of my childhood and the constant expectations to be as beautiful and talented as my mother, and her desire for me to marry well. He in turn told me of his own childhood, and how he spent his days. His marriage to Alice was a shock to his Family. But they were pleased that he had found a lovely person to spend his life with, so all was well. The conversation had just stopped to a non-awkward silence, just the pair enjoying each other's company.

Suddenly, I found myself locking gazes with Andreas, his honey eyes penetrating me to my very soul; while I unconsciously lean in. A smile graces his exquisite face, and I see the well defined muscles on his magnificent body. Taking me into his arms, I feel my heart pounding. The cryptic glances threw between Andreas and Megara made sense now. He was asking permission. His soft lips, so warm and inviting pressed gently to my own quivering rose red mouth, but getting firmer and more dominant by the second. I tentatively run my tongue across his bottom lip, and he eagerly opened his mouth, sighing. His breath was the sweetest ambrosia, his teeth smooth and even. My mind was blurred to anything but this wonderful man. I became aware of his rough hands running through my hair and tracing the small of my back; and a burst of courage bubbles up. I lock one hand in his blond locks and the other caresses his bicep eagerly. I lose track of time, it seems as if the world itself has froze for this moment. Remembering to breath, I exhale through my nose, and inhale slowly. We continue for another age, but eventually we break apart, and he slowly traces a single, solitary finger from my cheek to my waist, while I shudder delicately. Wordlessly he kisses each of my cheeks, then my neck and takes my hand in his: and the feeling of pure rightness shines through. I realize he is taking me back to my quarters to prepare for the soiree tonight, and I sigh. Looking back amusedly over his shoulder, he draws me forward into his side, and we arrive.

Panic escapes me. How can I face Meg now? But Andreas turns to face me.

"Do not worry about Meg. If anything, she will want to compare everything" It's kind of shocking how well he can read me already, and his presence calms me. Turning to leave, Andreas kisses me soundly, and taps my rear gently as I turn back round to enter my chambers. Smiling to myself, I hear his low goodbye. Murmuring my own goodbye I slip into my room, ready to face the tornado that is hurricane Meg.

Apollo POV

Megara and I finish our duties, and I slip away to my room. Sunset was just finishing. Walking out to my balcony, I examine the spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. An odd urge forces me to look away from this peaceful scene – and my heart is shattered. My Bella is in the clutches of my brother, caught in a passionate embrace. Cursing, I realize this must be Ares affair he was entitled to after Athena slept with Achilles. My already broken heart cracked a few more times. A claimed woman in an affair can only be pursued after the man she is in the affair with decides it is over, or she is to be married or even if she breaks it off herself.

Damn it. Damn it to Hades.

Hades POV

Well this is an interesting predicament. Bella of Athens is the new conquest of the Gods. Persephone glares at me with hatred in her eyes, her flame red hair escaping its twist. A bubble gum voice spits out "I won't let you do this to her! You stalk your pray like it is some sick game! Never again shall a female fall for your attempted charms." When you see my wife, you expect her to have a cat like growl, but instead the sweet soprano rings out. The porcelain skin still gleams with her purity and her wish to help.

This is why I love her. She never is what you expect. And she's a great lay. Caressing her face, I sweep her up into my arms. She's going to show me again what a great lay she is. Whether she likes it or not.