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I was 7 the first time I saw them. My Dad was coming to pick me up from the airport in Astoria, Oregon. That's where my Moms new husband was from, we'd been living there for a couple years. Phil and Renee, my mom and step dad, had just gotten married, they were about to go on their honeymoon to Florida. That's why I was going to Forks, Washington. To stay with my dad, Charlie. I mean who would take a 7 year old with them on their honeymoon? I was standing there holding on to my backpack waiting for Charlie when I saw them walk by. There were 4 of them, 3 guys and a girl. The guys were all tall. One had blond hair, the other 2 had brown, one darker than the other, one of them looked like a wrestler. The girl was perhaps the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was also tall and blonde. I knew it was rude, but I couldn't help but stare at them. They walked over and joined up with 3 more people, another girl, who looked like tinker bell with black hair, she was so small, and an older looking couple. They were without a doubt, the most beautiful people I had ever seen. Graceful when they walked, I couldn't help but glance down at my skinned knees. I wanted to be a ballerina, but I was too clumsy. They all walked like dancers. And they all had the most beautiful golden eyes. I continued to watch them, I tried to look away, I just couldn't.

"Bella. Bella honey come on, there's your dad." my Mom was saying. About that time I started to turn and look at her I saw Tinkerbell whisper something to the big one and they both turned at looked at me, his eyes were darker than the rest. Uh oh, I thought, probably think I'm rude for staring. I started to look away when I saw them both smile at me. The big one even waved! I smiled back even as I felt my cheeks heat up from being caught staring. I quickly turned my head, and I could swear I heard him laugh, I wasn't about to look back at them to find out.

"Come on mom, lets go get daddy."

"Bells!" my Dad called, "hey honey, I've missed you." He bent down and gave me a big hug. "Rene. Phil." He addressed them as he stood up. "How was the wedding?"

"Great." My Mom answered. "But now we really must be going, our flight out leaves soon." She gave me a kiss, told me she loved me and took off, Phil right behind her sending me a wave and a smile. She wasn't a bad Mom, I just don't think she was ready for motherhood when she had me. I looked up at Charlie.

"Well kiddo," he said taking my hand, "lets get your stuff and head on out. You hungry?"


"OK, we'll stop at a McDonalds on the way out, that OK with you?"

"That's fine." We started to leave and I couldn't help but turn back one more time to see if they were still there. They were, but this time no one was looking at me, so I turned and headed out the door to my dads pickup.



My alarm clock went off just before 6am. July 27th, I groaned, hit the snooze button and rolled over sticking my head under my pillow. Like that would do any good. I counted in my head, 3, 2, 1. The phone rang. I stayed in bed.

"Bella!" My dad called, "Moms on the phone."

Yeah, I knew that. She always calls this time on my birthday. I tried living with her and Phil after their honeymoon was over. They decided they liked Florida so much they'd move there permanently. My stay with them lasted about a year. I went to Florida about 4 months after they got married, Rene was surprisingly pregnant, a few months later she had the baby, a girl Emma, and then it seemed Bella didn't exist anymore.

So I moved back to Forks with my Dad. We do OK together, I cook, I had to learn how to if I wanted anything that had a flavor other than burnt. He gives me my space, I like my space.

"Got it," I called, picking up my room extension. I heard him hang up. "Hey Mom," I said.

"Hello Bella. Hope I didn't wake you."

"No mom, I'm always up at 6am on a Saturday morning." she missed the sarcasm.

"Well, I just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday. Seventeen. My Goodness, it doesn't seem like its been that long." I half listened to the same speech she gave every year about her little girl growing up so fast, I wasn't her little girl, Emma was. Don't get me wrong I love my sister very much, but my Mom was more a Mom to her than she ever was to me. "Bella, are you listening?" My moms voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry mom, still half asleep. What was that?"

"I said Emma wants you to come visit us for Christmas."

"I dunno Mom, Dad and I always spend Christmas at the rez with the Blacks. It's kind of a tradition."

"Well, Isabella, I'm sorry if I ask to much of you. Its just one Christmas and you sister would love to see you."

"We'll see Mom, maybe I'll go when we go on winter break and come back here for Christmas Day."

"OK, well Emma said to tell you Happy Birthday, she stayed with a friend last night."

"OK mom, I'll talk to you later, Love you, Bye." we hung up. I pulled the pillow over my face and screamed. Charlie came in laughing.

"Though you might like some caffeine after you talk with your Mom."

"Thank you Dad! I love mom and all but, well, you know how she is."

"I know." he answered placing a tray on my bed. I'm not a coffee drinker so on my tray he had a bottle of Dr. Pepper, a doughnut (since he cant cook) a red rose in vase and a small wrapped box.

"Dad, what's this?"

"Your birthday present Bells." I unwrapped the box and opened the lid, inside lay a necklace. It was a thin gold chain with a Daisy, he knew they were my favorite flower. The petals on the daisy were made with diamonds and the center was a small topaz stone. It was beautiful. I jumped up and gave Charlie a hug and thanked him, uncomfortable with my emotional display he nodded, said you're welcome and excused himself, he was off to go fishing with Billy Black.

After he left I sat down on the bed and looked at my gift. The center stone was the exact shade of their eyes. All but the big one. His eyes were darker. Eyes that haunted my dreams after so many years. Sometimes I wondered if maybe my childish memories played them all up to be so much more, and they were none of them really that beautiful after all, but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that wasn't true.

BEEP. BEEP. I was pulled from my daydream by my cell phone alerting me to a txt message. I picked it up and hit receive, it was a video message. Jacob came on the screen singing, very off key I might add, Happy Birthday. I called him when his serenade was over to thank him.

RIING, RIINNG, RIINNG. This was so unlike Jacob, he always had his phone on him, and he just got through sending me a txt, so he should answer. Oh well I thought, I'll call back later. I decided it was finally time to get up. I rolled out of bed and went to brush my teeth and shower, when I was done I pulled on a pair of old jeans, a black t-shirt and my necklace. I was supposed to be heading out to the reservation later on today for a surprise party for me, Jacob spilled the beans though, boy don't know how to keep a secret. I picked up my tray to take downstairs and clean the dishes up.

I was in a good mood after my gift, and txt, and since I was home alone, I grabbed my iPod, set it to play Evanescence and, walked down the stairs singing. After washing and putting away the dishes I headed upstairs to strip the beds for washing. While the first load washed I straightened up in the living room, I know Charlie is happy he has me, otherwise he'd have to pay a housekeeper. When the washer stopped I started putting the sheets into the dryer. Just as I was about to push the start button someone grabbed me from behind. I tried to scream but a hand covered my mouth. Someone else tied a bandana around my eyes. I bit at the hand over my mouth, and tried kicking all around, hopefully I could hit something. I did, the dryer. The worst pain caught my foot and I was momentarily stunned, I thought I heard a chuckle. Before I could continue my attack on our appliances someone picked up my legs and tied them at the ankles! Oh crap. Someone wrapped their arms around me from the front so the person behind me could tie my wrists behind my back. Well, happy birthday Bella, I thought as I was pushed into a car.