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Bella POV

The day after my change was finished, they had a funeral for me. They told Mac I was dead when he got to the house, and that it was best for him to not see me like that. Carlise had convinced Charlie to not see me again and keep the casket closed, Jacob still hadn't come back. We left for Alaska immediately after the funeral, it was too risky to stay in Forks.

100 years later:

"Emmett?" I asked, he looked up to me, "I'm ready."

"Bella, are you sure?"

I managed a small smile, "I'm sure. Today is 100 years since we left Forks, it's time to go back."

He smiled, then walked over and hugged me. "You want us all to go?"

"If they want to."

"OK, I'll go let them know."

Thirty minutes later we were on a plane to Forks. I was so nervous I asked Jasper to sit beside me. If not for his calming influence, I don't think I'd have managed. After the flight we still had to drive to get there. My mind was so jumbled that I didn't even realize when we arrived.

"Bells?" Emmett said, pulling me from my thoughts. "We're here."

I looked up, we were at the house, or where the house should have been, now it was only rubble and trees. I looked to Emmett, "Let's go into town." We left the rest of the family there and headed out.

There never was much to Forks to begin with. Now it was a ghost town, just old buildings. We parked and got out at the school. The main buildings were still there, the gym partially gone. Though they weren't in use, the rooms were still stocked with tables and chairs, there were even some books and papers scattered on the floor. We went to main street next. It was the same. Empty buildings, broken windows. I was almost expecting to see a tumbleweed go blowing down the street.

I walked into the police station. There were two desks and chairs, there was a picture on one of the desks. The frame was dusty and discolored, the glass was cracked, I picked it up and hugged it, it was one of me and Charlie taken the year before I 'died'. How did it manage to last this long? I didn't care, I was just happy to have it.

I went in the library next. There were still some books scattered about. I walked around, I knew somewhere there was a room where they kept old newspapers, maybe, just maybe, there were still some there. At the back of the main room there was a door labeled 'STORAGE'. It was locked, but that didn't bother me, all I had to do was push and it fell. "Emmett." I called. He was beside me in an instant.


I pointed to the newspapers, "Help me look?"

We each took a stack, they were so unorginazed and out of date. I found one with my obitutary, it was creepy so I just threw it to the side. Emmett laughed at me. About three papers later I found some thing I was interested and very happy to see. "Em, look!"

"What is it?"

"It's about Jake. He got married." I could feel tears I would never shed gather at my eyes. "Two years after we left. Oh, I'm so glad, it's refreshing, ya know, to know that he came back after what happened and found someone." There were two birth announcements in later papers, children born to Jacob and Camilla Black. They named their girl Bella, I was crying on the inside again. I folded the papers and put them into my bag. I wanted to keep them. Emmett found one with Charlie's obitutary, he lived 16 years after I died, and was buried in the cemetary in town. I made a mental note to visit the grave, it says he left behind a wife, Sue Clearwater. I'm glad he found some happiness. "Find one on Mac, please Emmett."

"Mac married Leah."

"What, let me see."

"It isn't an announcement Bella, he called and invited me to the wedding."


"It was about five years after we left, he called one day and said he and Leah were getting married and he wanted to invite me."

"And you didn't tell me, we could have come!"

"No, Bella, we couldn't. People couldn't have seen you, you were dead, remember."

"You could have come, taken some pictures for me, he knew about vampires, you could have told him I was one, I could have kept in touch with him."

"Baby, think about it. You know vampires and werewolf's don't mix. I did what was best for Mac. If he had known you were still alive, or not completely dead, then he never would have ended up with Leah. He'd have chosen vampires and never given her a chance. Between you, his best friend, and me, his family, is there any doubt he'd have picked us?"

I could really see his point, even though I didn't want to. "I guess you're right, it's just, I don't know, coming back here and seeing what I lost, what I missed, it's just overwhelming is all.

He pulled me into a hug and kissed me on my forehead, "I know, ready to leave here?"

"Yeah, I want to stop by the cemetary first, please?"

"Of course."

It was grown up, I found Charlie on the second row. It was so covered with weeds and grass, I cleaned it all off and wiped the headstone down, then went into the woods to pick some flowers. I stood there for a few minutes telling Charlie goodbye. Emmett waited for me at the gate to give me some privacy. When I was finished I walked back out to Emmett. "Can I go to the rez?"

"No, the treaty won't allow us beyond the place where you had your accident. If we crossed it and there were werewolf's there, it would end in trouble."

"Oh, OK. Let's go get the family. There's nothing left for us here."

Everyone was at the rubble of the house when we got back. "Did you find what you needed?" Esme asked.

I smiled. "I did, Jacob married and had children, he named one after me. Charlie married Sue Clearwater and Mac married Leah," I looked over at Emmett, "but you may have known that one already." He grinned and put his arms around my waist, leaning down to whisper in my ear.

"I'm sorry you got to miss all that, but I'm not sorry for changing you. Call me selfish if you want, but these have been the best 100 years of my life. I love you Bella."

I smiled up at him, "I love you too. Come on, let's go home."


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