Chapter notes:

This is the ninth chapter, in which a lot happens. Yes, dear readers, you read the chapter title correctly. This chapter includes Bella, Edward and Jasper. If you aren't comfortable with the boys being *close* with each other, you might wanna skip this one.

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September 18, 2020 - 11:45 p.m.


"Are you serious?" I gaped, incredulity ringing in my voice.

"As a heart attack. The Volturi had to put a stop to it. We still don't know how they found out. It was an especially difficult mess to clean up because they had no idea how many humans knew. They played safe, and killed probably more than they needed to."

Edward had been telling me about a situation that during the second World War. Apparently there was a faction of Nazi doctors who had conducted a somewhat different set of experiments than I'd ever heard of. They knew of, if not witnessed first-hand, the existence of our kind. Lacking an actual specimen, they attempted to create their own -- their thinking being that an indestructible army would be their ultimate weapon.

The Volturi found out, and while they never discovered the source of the information, they "took care of" the doctors and anyone else who might have known.

"You didn't fight in the war." It wasn't a question, I knew he hadn't.

He sighed. "I wanted to, very badly. So did Emmett, but was still having trouble with his self-control. Plus, it's almost impossible to keep up human appearances in close quarters like that. You live with those men for months on end, twenty-four hours a day. They would notice too much. It was hard though, we really wanted to do our part. Carlisle was able to help train emergency medical staff, and I assisted him. But a nineteen year old going off to war won't listen much to a seventeen year old who's not, you know? My help was minimal, to say the least."

I nodded. While it didn't seem to be as much of a problem for me, Edward's physical age did limit him quite a lot. He passed as older than he was based on his overall bearing, self-assuredness, and obvious intelligence. Still, there were a lot of assumptions made about teenage boys -- both about their intentions, and their limitations. Most of the time he didn't mind -- he did have a century of experience with the issue -- but every once in awhile it bothered him.

We sat facing each other, the tub we sat in dwarfed the tiny bathroom. We chatted companionably, slowly washing ourselves. It had been a long and busy day, and it was nice to just soak for awhile, enjoying my husband's company.

I took his foot in my hand, and began rubbing slowly but firmly, pressing in with my thumbs. As a vampire I had learned that we neither tired nor grew sore from physical activity, but a good massage still felt nice -- even better even than it had as a human. We spent many hours like this in our normal lives. Very peaceful time. It contrasted greatly with the first few years we were together.

Eventually we rose, drying off the little water that didn't slick off our impermeable bodies immediately, and dressed. A few minutes later we were settled on the sofa in the living room, snuggled close together.

"Edward?" There was something I had been wanting to ask for awhile, but hadn't quite known how to broach.

"Yes love?"

"What...time...did the 'day' start?" I used air quotes to indicate that I meant this special once-a-decade day. Edward hated air quotes, so the rebellious part of me made sure I used them at least once every few days.

He gave a little laugh, "Why? Have you made plans?"

"No, but it's not like I planned any of today. I was just curious."

"Well, traditionally it starts at sunrise, which today was just before seven."

I widened my eyes theatrically. "You mean to say we have almost seven hours of this 'day' left," I threw out air quotes again, earning an eye roll from Edward, "and we're not sexing each other up? Or anyone else for that matter?"

Edward grinned. "Love, you are a vixen. An insatiable, slutty, little vixen."

Clutching my cheeks in mock bashfulness I fluttered my eyelashes at him. "Oh Edward, your words are sheer poetry. Keats has nothing on you, my darling."

Our lame banter was cut short by a knock at the door.

"Come in Jasper," Edward said. Normally I could hear anyone coming up, but Jasper was a stealthy man, and liked to see if he could beat even vampire hearing when he approached.

"You knew he was there? That he could hear us?" I asked asked Edward. Of course he did, Jasper could mask his sounds, but not his thoughts. The door opened, and Jasper entered.

"Of course, love."

"And what was it you called me, while he could clearly hear you?"

"An insatiable, slutty, little vixen," Jasper answered for Edward.

"Yes, that," I said, glowering at Edward. "You talk about your wife like that in front of other people?" I was teasing him, but was also surprised. It was unlike Edward to say something of that nature if we weren't completely alone.

He snorted, "Like he doesn't already know, my love."

Startled, I looked up to see the Edward's eye crinkled up in good humor, a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. Edward was teasing me about today. He was teasing me! Relief and good humor washed over me as I knew for an absolute certainty now, that he was OK with things. Edward didn't joke about anything that concerned him in the slightest.

But that also meant that he knew details. The realization that he must have seen some of Jasper's thoughts washed over me.

"Jasper! Can't you keep your thoughts to yourself?"

He laughed. "I tried, honestly, I did, but it's hard not to think about you darlin'. Like the man said, you're a...what was it?"

"An insatiable, slutty, little vixen," Edward finished, helpfully.

"Yeah, that. As a man, my mind tends to gravitate towards the women in my life who are..."

"Insatiable, slutty, little vixens," Edward chimed in again, laughing.

Covering my face with my hands I groaned.

"Ugh! OK, enough with the slutty Bella talk. Unless we want to throw in some stories about what you two have been up to, for the edification of the non-telepathic in the room?"

Edward raised his hands up in defeat, shaking his head, shoulders trembling with amusement.

"Huh, funny boys? How 'bout you, my beautifully fuckable, uber-angsty husband? Wanna talk about how un-slutty you've been today?" I aimed a pointed finger at Edward, so was covering a laugh with his hand.

"Or you, Jasper, you badass, emo-throwin', sexy-sexy soldier-boy? You got some stories in you?"

Jasper, too, was laughing, shaking his head.

"Didn't think so, so shut the hell up, the both of you?" I finished, unable to contain my own laughter.

"Don't worry Jasper, she's just jealous of our talent."

"Yeah," I mumbled, "I have 'talent' envy. That's it."

Jasper winked at me, remembering the teasing he had given me earlier about his 'talent'.

"Besides, I've seen some of what Jasper's been up to today, and believe me, you don't want the stories." Edward shuddered melodramatically.

"Oh, I see! So I'm not the only insatiable, slutty, little vixen in the family then? Well that's a relief!"

"I thought we weren't talking about that anymore," Edward pointed out.

"We're not!" was my emphatic reply.

Jasper laughed, sitting in the arm chair opposite us. "Well, it appears my services aren't needed anywhere at the moment."

"What do you mean?" It just occurred to me that I had no idea why Jasper was visiting.

"I stopped by here just to check in on you two, on my way back from Emmett and Rosalie's cabin. Alice thought they could use my help in sorting out their...disagreement..." He paused, brow furrowing just a tad, "She asked me to stop by and check on you two on my way back. It seemed perfectly reasonable at the time, but I didn't even think to ask what I'm checking in with you about."

Edward snorted. "How are Emmett and Rose doing?"

Jasper rolled his eyes. "They're fine. We'll be roped into fixing a few walls tomorrow, I can almost guarantee."

Chewing his lip in thought for a moment, Jasper continued, "I think I know what Alice meant, about checking in with you both. I think she just wanted to make sure that you guys were OK with...everything...that happened."

Glancing at Edward I saw a look of concentration on his face as he watched Jasper. The look was very, very familiar. Suddenly his eyes widened and his hand tensed slightly around mine. A low breath escaped him, whooshing out quietly. The vibe in the room had changed dramatically in a split second. The joking and laughing stopped abruptly, and the air became thick with...something. Tension? Yes, but about what?

Gazing up at Jasper, his face bore an unmistakable look of apology. He was watching Edward, face turned down slightly.

"Sorry man, couldn't help it."

Edward's response, when it came, was hesitant, but with an edge of surprise.

"It's OK...really. I mean it. It's...fine."

There was a tension in Edward's body that contradicted his words. I knew he had seen in Jasper's thoughts some of what we had done that day, and was very, very afraid it had upset him. The tension in his body confirmed my worst fear.

"Jasper? What did...what's going on? Edward?..." I stammered my way through the world's most poorly formed question, and was rescued by Edward.

"It's fine love. Please don't be upset. Jasper couldn't help some...memories...coming through. But it's fine, I promise. If you're worried about me being upset, please don't be."

Mortified I looked from Edward to Jasper, only to see Jasper sitting in a completely relaxed position in his chair, a look of amusement on his face. God I was confused!

"Really, darlin'," Jasper drawled, "don't be. Edward is fine." He raised a single eyebrow in Edward's direction. "Trust me."

Then, after a moment of heavy silence, Jasper spoke to Edward again.

"Well, this is interesting."

I suddenly realized that I was completely out of the loop on this entire conversation. Edward seemed upset, but apparently wasn't -- if Jasper said so it had to be true -- and Jasper was thinking things that Edward could see but I couldn't.

"Ugh! You guys, seriously! What the hell?"

Edward coughed nervously, then grinned a little. "Sorry love. It is rude of us. Jasper's having some trouble keeping himself."

Jasper snorted. "And Edward here is having some trouble keeping himself."

Edward looked pained for a moment, embarrassment washing over him. "Sorry about that." He said to no-one in particular.

"Don't be." Jasper answered quietly.

Looking from one man to the other, I saw the standard -- and annoying -- Cullen one-way conversation take place. Jasper looked significantly at Edward, Edward nodded in response, and I didn't have a fucking clue what was going on. I was about to stomp my foot childishly -- a habit I had never been able to break -- when Jasper stood up and walked over to me.

"Stand up please Bella."

"What? Why?"

He offered me his hand, which I took, rising from the couch.

"What...where are we going?"

He turned us so my back was to the wall behind him, placing himself so he blocked my line of sight to my husband.

"We need to talk for a minute, darlin'."

"OK...what about?"

He leaned in to me, placing a hand on the wall near my head. The other hand ran slowly down my cheek. I couldn't see Edward clearly, and was still a bit worried about him.

"Edward's fine." Jasper's voice was low, but authoritative. "He saw enough to know what has already happened, Bella. And trust me, he liked it."

My eyes widened in surprise, and I swallowed dryly, throat constricted with tension. Looking at him, I was again left breathless by how sexy he was. His eyes burned into me as he spoke.

"Bella love, we had fun today." He trailed a single finger from my cheek, down my throat, past my collarbone, and let it rest of the top of my breast. His hand slowly moved to cup it, squeezing gently. "I want more." He leaned in and placed his lips on mine, gently kissing me.

I whimpered a little then.

"Bella, darlin', is that a yes?"

I hesitated for a moment. Jasper's touch was amazing, and I really did want more of him, but I was worried this would be too much for Edward. At the same time though, I was incredibly turned on by the idea of Edward watching. He had with Carlisle, and had seemed OK with it, I told myself.

Sighing quietly, Jasper spoke. "Edward, come here please." His tone brooked no argument.

Edward was by his side in an instant.

"Your wife is concerned about you. Will you please reassure her? This will be so much more fun if no-one is ... worried." His hand, rather than leaving my breast as my husband approached, squeezed me more firmly.

Edward smiled at me, then took my hand nearest him, pulling it above me, pinning it to the wall. Jasper mirrored his action with the other. Leaning in, Edward whispered quietly in my ear.

"I love you. I want this." He began running kisses down my neck as his other hand reached up to caress the breast Jasper had left unclaimed.

Jasper, for his part, leaned in to my other side and began to nibble on my ear, gently running his thumb over my nipple.

Breathlessly, I leaned in to Edward's ear, "Are you sure? This is...different..." I let the statement drift off, incomplete, for fear that I would violate the "don't talk about it" rule.

Edward didn't speak. His response was non-verbal. Taking my hand, currently pinned against the wall, he brought it down towards Jasper, and placed it firmly, palm down on the sizable bulge in the front of Jasper's jeans. He did not remove his hand right away, instead cupping it around mine, pushing my hand in a stroking motion around Jasper's length.

A low moan came from Jasper, in the vicinity of my neck, and I felt teeth dig into my flesh slightly. Jasper's hand squeezed my tit harder, then moved up to cup my chin, pulling my face toward his. Leaning in, he kissed me quickly, deeply, as I continued to stroke his length through his jeans.

He felt so good in my hand, so incredibly sexy. As he kissed me, my anticipation and excitement grew, fire curling around my abdomen, igniting a response lower down. My hand moved slowly over him, squeezing gently, then more firmly as we kissed. He held my face as we did so, like two lovers with not a care in the world, and no-one around.

Edward turned me so I was flush with Jasper, my back no longer against the wall. He pressed himself against my back, planting kisses up my neck and along my collar bone His hands snaked around to my front, cupping both my breasts. His own erection pressed hard into my lower back as he caressed me.

The sensation of having these two beautiful men around me, touching me, kissing me, hard for me, made me moan into Jasper's mouth.

"I think she likes it, Edward." Jasper's voice was husky, dark, when he spoke.

"I suspect so," Edward laughed quietly, one of his hands abandoning my breast to move lower across the hard planes of my stomach, then lower still. I felt his fingers drift under the waistband of my jeans, pushing down until they breached my panties also.

One of Jasper's hands moved to replace Edward's on my abandoned breast.

As Edward's fingers found the top of my slit and began slowly exploring, I felt him inhale sharply. "God Bella, you're so wet."

I laughed a low breathy laugh into Jasper's mouth, and pulled away slightly to make a smart-ass comment. Before I could do so, however, Edward sank two fingers into me, pressing his thumb firmly against my clit. Instead of my smart-ass comment, I released a loud moan, followed by a quiet oath.

"Fuck, yes," I whimpered.

Jasper chuckled to himself and began unbuttoning my shirt, continuing to kiss me. He slowly extricated each round button from its enclosure, and when he was done, Edward pulled the shirt off my shoulders with his free hand. His fingers continued to stroke my sex making me moan quietly.

Feeling the need to connect with Edward face-to-face, turned around, grasping at his neck to pull him in for a kiss. Jasper, now behind me as Edward had been, pressed himself against my back, running his hands up to the bra encompassing my breasts. Tracing the top edge of the material, he pulled it down on either side, enough to force my hard nipples to pop out of the top of each cup. Using the thumb and forefinger on each hand, he slowly traced circles around each nub, then began teasing them in between his fingers.

I grabbed Edward by the hips, not breaking our kiss, pulling him into me, pressing hard into him. I was so incredibly turned on I was desperate to get any friction I could. He accommodated my need by pushing his rock hard cock against me rhythmically.

Edward broke our kiss then, looking down at Jasper's hands playing with my tits. His eyes were pitch black, and his mouth slackened slightly at the sight. He looked up to meet my gaze, and I could see he was completely lost in this. He looked down again, licking his lips at the sight of Jasper squeezing my pink nipples. Jasper stopped his movement then, and pushed my breasts up, offering the hard tips to Edward's mouth.

He bent down, taking one between his lips, sucking and licking as Jasper held the breast for him.

This was too much for me. Too much pleasure, too much sensitivity, too much overwhelming desire, and not nearly enough actual satisfaction. I was overwhelmed with need then, and wanted very much to be fucked.

Placing one hand behind me, I grabbed firmly to Jasper's length, squeezing not very gently. I did the same to Edward with my other hand. I couldn't believe I had them both there, stroking them. It was almost too much. They were both so amazing, so sexy, so wonderful on their own, I was having a hard time imagining what this could become. The thought blew my mind a little.

But we needed more room, and fewer clothes. I gathered all my will power and pulled Edward's amazingly sensual mouth from my nipple. Groaning at the loss, I began to walk towards the bedroom, unbuttoning and removing my jeans as I walked.

Not surprisingly the two men followed me, doing the same. When I turned around to face them, they stood in front of the bed, each wearing nothing but boxers and a big grin.

Suddenly I felt self-conscious. I had no idea what to do next. Who should I go to? But in the next instant, Jasper was in front of me, leading me to the bed, Edward behind him. Jasper lay on the bed pulling me on top of him. My legs straddled his waist as we kissed, his cock hard against my clit, as I ground myself into him in a slow rhythm.

Behind me, Edward ran his hand over my ass, letting two fingers drift toward my aching hole. I could feel Edward's fingers toying with my opening as Jasper's length stroked my clit. It was absolute fucking heaven, and yet I wanted more. I wanted one of them inside me. Remembering our almost-slip-up earlier, I kept my opening well away from the head of Jasper's cock.

Jasper must have thought of the same thing, because I heard Edward intake a sharp breath, hissing it out a moment later.

"Bella?" he asked from behind me, fingers still playing at my entrance. His tone was sexy, but had a quietly chiding edge. "Did you almost fuck Jasper? Did you want his cock in here--" he sank two fingers deep inside me, "--so rubbed yourself on him till he almost did it?"

"Yessss." I hissed out to him in response. It was all I could say. He clearly wasn't upset, and he knew the truth anyway.

"You Jasper to fuck you right now, don't you?"

I didn't know what to say. Was he playing dirty word games, or was he asking for real? This wasn't something we had talked about. There was going to be no intercourse between Jasper and I -- that was understood. I was thinking this through, but must have taken too long to answer Edward, because a moment later, his hand came down hard on my ass, the sound cracking through the room.

"I said, you want him to fuck you, don't you, Bella?" his tone was dark, authoritative.

I moaned out loud at the combined pain and eroticism of the act. I rarely got to see this side of Edward, and I loved it. I knew what game he was playing now, and I loved it.

"Yes." I said quietly, sheepishly.

Whap! He spanked me again, driving me to the edge with lust. I ground down on Jasper, rubbing along his length. He stroked my breast, giving a nipple a gentle pinch with one hand, while sucking on the other. The combined sensations were unbelievable. I was convinced I would come any moment.

"Yes, what, Bella?"

"Yes, Edward."

Exasperated, he sighed.

"Bella, I want to hear you say it. Tell me what you want. Do I need to spank you again?"

"Unnngh...Yessss..." I was so close. God I was close. But I wanted it to last.

Whap! His hand landed on my ass cheek again.

"Tell me!" He commanded.

I knew it wouldn't happen, but I also knew Edward wanted me to say it. So I did.

"Mmmm...I want Jasper to fuck me, Edward. I want his cock in me, and I want you to watch. I want you to see me coming on Jasper. I want you to see me riding Jasper until he comes in me."


"Oh God! Fuck Edward, please fuck me. I'm so close!"

Jasper grinned up at me, and winked, then in a flash he had me on my back on the bed. I whimpered at losing the connection we had between our bodies, and at the loss of Edward's fingers in me. A part of me, however, was glad. I wanted this to last as long as possible.

Jasper was heading down my body, leaving a trail of cold moisture where his tongue visited my flesh. As he moved downwards, Edward headed up, our mouths meeting in a deep kiss, his hand roaming over my body as mine did over his. I gasped at the feeling when Jasper's mouth met my sex, tongue snaking out to run up the length of my slit, dipping in to tease my aching clit. Edward and I, laying beside each other -- him on his side, me on my back -- kissed and caressed, while Jasper elicited increasingly loud moans from me.

My hand moved down to stroke Edward's cock. He was rock hard. I looked down, wanting to watch Jasper licking me, and wanting to get a good look at Edward -- it didn't matter how many years we'd been together, the sight of him erect always got a reaction from me. Moving my focus downward, I saw Jasper's tongue working my apex, my hips bucking to meet his stroke. His eyes, however, were off to the side, watching me stroke Edward's cock.

It struck me then -- and how it hadn't before was beyond me -- that he might want to play with Edward too. I didn't know how Edward felt about that, but in all honesty I couldn't think of anything that turned me on more! Stilling my hand on Edward, I could see how very close they were -- Jasper's mouth, and Edward's cock. I looked up at Edward and saw him looking down, the same thought clearly striking him. Jasper, realizing Edward and I had stopped moving, looked up curiously. Seeing the direction of our gaze, he followed it, eyes landing on Edward's hard shaft.

I began slowly stroking Edward again, all the way up and then down his shaft, but this time I angled it down a little more, an inch or two closer to where Jasper's mouth -- and my sex -- were.

Looking up at Edward for a moment, concerned this might be too much for him, I saw his eyes widen in shock, then he let out a half-moan, half-yell, followed by a throaty "Fuck!"

When I looked down again, I saw Jasper lips were wrapped firmly around the head of Edward's cock, hesitantly at first. After a moment he plunged his entire mouth around the hard shaft, sinking in deep into his throat over. I heard a loud groan, and realized it came from me. This was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

Sitting up so I could get a better view, I was pushed over the edge. I needed relief. Now! Somewhat left to my own devices, I began toying with myself as I watched Jasper suck Edward. Edward rolled to his back, and his hands wound through Jasper's hair, guiding him, Edward's head thrown back in ecstasy. I pushed two fingers of one hand deep inside me, rhythmically stroking my aching clit with the other.

Jasper took Edward's cock in his mouth several more times, allowing it to reach far down his throat each time. Then Edward looked over and saw me on the brink of my own orgasm, and that was it for him. With a roar he came in Jasper's mouth, hips thrusting up as his hands firmly gripped Jasper's head.

Jasper gamely swallowed Edward's release as he pulsed in his mouth.

My own orgasm followed swiftly, racking my body with pleasure as I cried out, not closing my eyes once, wanting to keep it all with me.

As our orgasms wound down, and Jasper recovered his breath, I had one desire, and one desire only. I wanted to do for Jasper even a fraction of what he had done for the both of us. Crawling over to him on my hands and knees across the bed, I took his head in my hands and pulled him up for a deep kiss. He tasted of Edward -- it was amazingly sensual. We kissed as he rose from his position, and I turned him so he was laying on his back on the bed. Edward rose to his knees to join me, hovering over Jasper. I kissed Jasper's mouth one last time, before kissing my way down his body, gently biting his nipple on the way. He groaned in response, placing a hand on the back of my head, winding his fingers through my hair.

Taking his length in my hand, I stroked him a few times, preparing to envelop him with my mouth. I looked up to see if he was watching, just as Edward leaned down and placed his lips on Jasper's. They kissed very slowly, tentatively at first, like two pubescent kids figuring it out for the first time. But after a moment the kiss grew heated, and I saw Edward's tongue flicker into Jasper's mouth, across his lower lip.

Jasper's cock twitched in my hand, and grew, unbelievably, even harder. Seeing his reaction spurred me on, and I quickly wrapped my mouth around him, bringing his entire length into my mouth, working as much as I could in. I had to use my free hand to stroke the base of his cock, not able to fit all of him in my mouth. The hand on the back of my head applied gentle, pressure to let me know what speed he wanted, and when he wanted it deeper.

After a few minutes I could feel his balls tighten, and knew he was getting close. I sped up just a little, anticipating his climax, only to feel his hand on my head slowing me. I obliged, a little confused.

"Stop," Jasper said quietly, "Bella, stop."

Unsure if I'd done something wrong, or if he just wanted something different, I stopped and looked at both Jasper and Edward. Jasper looked at me, a little sheepishly.

"I want to fuck you, baby."

I was speechless. We had the rules and...

"Not like that, Bella, there's more than one way, you know," he clarified -- somewhat.

Realization dawned, and heat coursed through me again. Remembering my conversation with Emmett I was glad we were in the cabin -- we had lube handy. Sitting up I addressed the two stunning men before me.

"Edward, keep Jasper occupied. I have to get some...things." With that I grabbed the lube from the nightstand drawer and left the room to grab a towel. Returning, I stopped in my tracks, completely shocked. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was incredibly sexy. Incredibly...naughty. Edward was on his hands and knees above Jasper, who was laying on the bed. Edward was taking in as much of Jasper as he could into his mouth -- more than I'd been able to, I thought with some chagrin -- while Jasper clutched at his head, groaning.

"Fuck, that feels good. God Edward, I never knew...fuck!"

I was incredibly turned on by what I saw, and glancing at Edward I saw that he, too, was ready to go again.

"Vampire." I thought, smiling to myself.

"Don't make him come, love," I admonished Edward, "He's saving that for me."

Jasper groaned again, and pulled Edward's head off of him. "Bella darlin', you'll be the death of me talking like that!"

Chucking, I sauntered to the bed and threw Edward the bottle of lube, placing the towel on the bed. I climbed up also, crawling on all fours across the bed, raising my ass in the air. Jasper and Edward sat up behind me, each taking a quantity of the slippery substance into their hands. Hands found my rounded cheeks, and began to work. I felt so incredibly sexy as these two men worked the lube into me -- massaging slowly at first, then inserting lubed-up fingers. One would work my ass while the other ran a slick hand down to stroke my clit, pinching it gently occasionally.

After a moment the attention stopped, and I looked behind me to see what was holding up the play. What I saw made heat run through me, and I could feel myself getting more wet just by the sight. Edward was applying lube onto Jasper's cock, slowly massaging it between his two hands. After a minute or two he pulled Jasper forward, towards me, and guided his cock in to me. Using one finger first, then two, they slowly stretched and relaxed me. After a time, I felt the head of Jasper's hard cock pressing into me. From experience I knew a deep breath and relaxing was the best way to get through the first part -- before it got good. Really fucking good.

Taking a deep breath in, then letting it out, I felt Jasper's hands on my hips, holding me steady. My knees went weak when I realized that meant it was Edward's hands guiding Jasper's cock into me. Slowly he entere, stretching until it almost hurt, then stopping for a moment to let me adjust. After a few minutes he was seated fully in me, filling me completely. Edward continued to rub my clit while Jasper moved inside me. I groaned loudly, shocked at what we were doing, and very, very turned on by it.

He moved slowly, clearly wanting it to last. I wasn't sure I would last though. I loved the feeling of being so completely filled there. Once his guidance was no longer needed, Edward moved away to watch as Jasper fucked me. Looking at him, I saw his hand was working his own length as he watched us. This spurred my own lust on, as Edward was usually very reticent about letting me see him play with himself. I always liked to watch, but he almost never touched himself in front of me -- and never let himself come that way. It was amazing to watch him, but I realized I wanted something else -- something I knew we couldn't do with just the two of us for at least another decade.

"Edward," I said quietly, "will you come here?"

"Of course love. Anything." His usual reply.

"Can you climb under me?"

"Under you?" He looked perplexed. Jasper, however, gave a snort.

"Bella, darlin', you're a really fucking dirty girl."

If I could have blushed I would have. I wasn't used to being called that, but it seemed to be par for the course today. Stammering I tried to reply, "I..."

"Bella, shhhh...It's a good thing." He said huskily, thrusting slowly in and out of me, adding a little lube after a minute. "I like it that you're such a dirty girl. You like me fucking you in the ass don't you?"

Heat coursed through me, my pussy getting wetter. I really wanted Edward to get under me -- now.

"Yes..." I replied a little hesitantly.

Whap! He smacked my ass as Edward had, and like when Edward had done it, it drove me wild.

"Fuck!" I cried out.

Edward was crawling, best as he could, under me. I raised my legs to straddle him, as he placed himself on his back. Soon he was directly under me. I reached down and began to stroke Edward's length.

"Bella?" Edward said quietly, "Why do you want me here under you?"

"I want...I wanted...Edward, I know why!" I stammered, continuing to stroke him.

"Say it, baby. I love to hear it."

"I want you to fuck me, Edward."

He groaned, hardening under my touch.

"Bella, Jasper's already fucking you."

"Yes," I whispered. "But I want you both to fuck me."

With no further hesitation, he placed the head of his cock at my wet entrance and thrust up into me, filling me completely, stretching me in a way I had never felt before. It bordered on painful, but was also amazingly sensual. There wasn't a part of me that felt untouched.

Jasper and Edward both groaned as they pushed into me, stilling for a moment to get their bearings. I tried not to move, both because three of us moving in synchrony was a logistical impossibility, and also because I wanted them to do with me as they pleased.

"I can feel you," Jasper whispered.

"Me too," Edward replied.

Then they both began moving, finding a rhythm that worked. As they moved, I could feel my release building. Jasper added a little more lube, making everything just that little bit slicker. His thrusts began to be a little more erratic, and he pushed himself deeper into me. Edward's cock was in an amazing position to hit my g-spot, and each thrust brought me that much closer. I cried out when he reached up and began massaging my nipple with one hand, squeezing it gently. Reaching down, I stroked my clit in time to Edward's thrusts. I knew Jasper was going to come in me soon, and that thought alone made me almost come. I wanted that so badly.

"Jasper baby, fuck you feel good! I want to feel you come in me. God I'm going to come so hard, please...fuck...come in me...!"

A hiss escaped Jasper's lips and his thrusting became almost brutal, then he let out a loud groan and sheathed himself completely in me, no longer moving. His cock pulsed in me as he exploded in orgasm. Knowing he was coming in me pushed me over the edge, and my hand worked frantically on my clit as I cried out.

"Harder Edward, fuck, harder! Oh God, I'm com--fuck! Yes!" My walls clamped down around Edward's cock as he thrust in to me, my orgasm shuddering over my body, tensing my entire body before releasing me in ecstasy.

Edward let out a feral growl as he thrust harder into me, finally throwing his head back and crying out as he came, pulsing inside me, releasing himself into me.

We stilled, utterly stunned, breathless, and satiated. No-one moved for a full minute, just taking it all in. Soon enough though, they extricated themselves from me, and we all wound up in a tangled pile on the bed, breathing heavily. I surreptitiously used the towel to clean myself up, grateful yet again that I was a vampire and didn't have the same human needs I once did. This type of activity would have been much messier and more painful as a human, I concluded.

I leaned over Jasper, then Edward, giving each a kiss.

"Wow," was all I said, and collapsed on top of them.

"Where have I heard that before?" Edward teased.

"Shut it, Cullen." I mumbled, content to spend the next few hours just laying here with these two amazing men.


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