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As the lunch bell rang, students stampeded out their classrooms and rushed to the cafeteria, each wanting to be first in line. Bubbles met up with Jason Brown, the captain of the football team and her recent boyfriend, hugging and kissing him lightly on the lips. This was a cycle for Bubbles. She would fall for one of the guys in school, break up with him, then, eventually, cry her baby blue eyes out. After a few days, the sequence would start again. And again and again and again..

"Hey bro!" Brick called to the blue ruff who sat on a lunch table across the room from Bubbles and Jason, his chin resting on his hands. He glared daggers at Jason. Brick shook his head and sat beside him.

"Boomer. Get over it. If Bubbles is happy then so should you." Brick stated a-matter-of-factly, patting Boomer on the back. Boomer loosened a bit then sighed in defeat.

"You're right, as usual, bro. I just can't get over her! I've tried, believe me." Boomer depressingly said, placing his chin back on his hands and staring at Bubbles, emotionless and with half-lid eyes.

"Dude, cheer up! Whaddya say about you, me and Butch messing with the other team's lockers tonight at the big game? It'd be hilarious!" Brick cried at Boomer, his hand on Boomer's shoulder. Boomer thought about it for a minute till his face lit up.

"What're we gonna do with 'em?" Boomer asked, smiling at his brother. He smiled back.

"That's the Boomer I know! Now, come on. We gotta find Butch. I got a plan." Brick whispered, a wicked smile plastered on his face.

After the game..

"I can't believe this. We played like shit tonight." Ethan White, captain of the football team of Citisville High School uttered as they made their way to their locker room.

"Dude, shit could play better than us. That was just humiliating." Mike Keys, another player from the other team said.

"Yeah. Who knew the Townsville dorks could get that good? I expected them to be an easy win, you know?" Joshua Andrews mentioned. When they got to their locker room, they quickly took off their clothes and got in the shower, eager to go home and rest after a tiring game, only to be beaten. Unknown to them, Brick, Boomer and Butch were nearing their locker room, scheming.

"And make sure to be in and out as fast as you can, alright?" Brick asked with a huge bag slung on his shoulder. Both ruffs, who were also carrying bags, nodded. Brick nodded back. Then Brick counted down with his hand. 3-2-1. Then streaks of red, green and blue could be seen all throughout the room. Fortunately, none noticed since most of the team was showering and those that weren't were too preoccupied with complaining about the loss. It only took the ruffs about a second to get out of the room. They contained their laughter till they reached the field where they cackled hysterically.

"I can't wait to see their faces!" Butch cried as he continued to laugh. They flew towards the school's flag pole and hung the bags on the very top of the pole. Then, they fell to the ground, rolling and laughing all over.

"Best prank EVER!" Boomer cried. Then a furious scream could be heard from the field. The ruffs stopped for a second, looked at each other then only laughed harder.

"I knew you Townsville assholes were behind this!" Ethan ran to the ruffs, infuriated. The ruffs quickly hovered back high into the air, continuing to laugh.

"Dude, just cause you lost doesn't mean you can blame this all on us. I mean, haven't you ever heard of 'Sportsmanship'?" Brick taunted as Boomer and Butch laughed loudly behind him.

"Give us our clothes back, dipshits!" Joshua barked.

"Like that's gonna happen!" Butch cackled, clutching his stomach with tears practically forming in his eyes.

"But don't worry! We left thongs for you guys to wear so you don't have to go around town completely nude!" Boomer howled.

"Yeah! Wouldn't want anyone to see underneath those towels!" Brick laughed. The Citisville football players were practically turning red in rage.

"Jacob!" Ethan called. A scrawny boy approached Ethan, looking terrified.

"Y-yeah?" Jacob stammered.

"Go get your thong." Ethan ordered, smirking. Jacob looked at Ethan, fear in his eyes.

"But.. but I.. I can't.." Jacob stuttered. Actually, Ethan had only let him join the team so that they'd have someone to boss around.

"I'm not in the mood to argue so if you know what's good for you, you'd do what I say." Ethan retorted. Jacob submitted his head and followed.

"Man. What an ass." Brick muttered, looking down at the crowd of football players beneath them.

"Yeah. I'd be happy to whoop that guy's ass any day." Butch answered. Boomer was about to say something too when something blue caught his eye. He turned his head to the blue figure and, immediately, his face lit up, realizing who it was. Bubbles. But jealousy quickly rushed through him, seeing who she was with. Jason Brown. Boomer's eyebrows furrowed and he never took his gaze off the couple.

"Hey, Brick?" Boomer called, not bothering to turn to him.

"Yeah?" Brick replied, laughing at Jacob's attempts and what he was wearing.

"I'm gonna go take a walk. I'll be back in a minute." Without waiting for a reply, Boomer slowly flew away as Brick and Butch continued to laugh.

'What the hell am I doing?! I'm supposed to be avoiding her! I'm never gonna get over her if I keep this up. I mean, following her?! Staring at her?! I feel like a freaking stalker. I should just go back to Brick and Butch. I should go back. I will go back.' Boomer debated in his mind. Till after a few minutes, he stopped and sat on the roof of a tall building, placing his chin in his hands and thinking deep. He faced the other way so that he wouldn't have to see Bubbles while making a decision on whether to go back or not.


At a dim and dusky alley, an attack has just occurred. A sturdy-looking man held Jason Brown against the brick wall, choking him.

"Hey, Jason. Long time no see, eh?" The man greeted. Jason looked down, ashamed. Bubbles looked confused and afraid as she was being held back by another man. She had blood streaming down her forehead from the recent struggle.

"H-how'd you know his n-name?" Bubbles asked. She feared the answer. The man turned to her.

"Hmm.. Bubbles, right?" Bubbles nodded reluctantly. "Hey, Ray!" The man called. The other guy turned to him.

"Yeah, Jack?" Ray asked as he approached Jack.

"It's the blue puff." Jack uttered calmly. "How pathetic. Really, Jason? A Powerpuff girl?" Jack turned to Jason. Jason remained silent. Jack punched him forcefully on the cheek. Bubbles screamed in pain.

"Please! Don't hurt him!" Bubbles cried.

"Shut up, blondie! Can't you see he's been using you?!" Jack hissed. He turned to Jason. "He knew we was lookin' for him. So he hooked up with a Powerpuff Girl, thinkin' you'd protect him." He scowled at Jason.

"Shoulda picked the green puff, Jason." Then, with intense fury, the two men started beating Jason up. Bubbles was confused. Should she help Jason? Even for what he did to her? She figured it was the right thing to do. So Bubbles did her best to pull the two men off him but in her condition, she just couldn't find the strength to. Nonetheless, she continued to fight the men off, punching them, kicking them, whatever she could think of.

"Please." Bubbles whispered, sobbing. "What'd he ever do to you, anyway?" With that, the man named Ray snapped and slapped Bubbles away, making her fall to the ground.

"What did he do to us?!" He laughed maniacally, stopped then glared at Bubbles. "The bastard killed our brother!" Bubbles gasped as tears formed in her eyes.

"I-I don't believe you." She said, defeated. She hung her head low so that the men wouldn't see her vulnerable.

"Yeah. His face don't look like no murderer, huh? Well, the truth hurts, girly." He answered. She remained quiet. He smirked seductively at her.

"You know.." He began. "I wasn't lying when I said you were hot."

Back to Boomer..

Boomer flew as fast as he could to where he heard the familiar cry. He knew whose it was and his heart pounded loudly with every second he grew nearer to the dark alley the shriek came from. When he arrived, two men surrounded Bubbles' frail body, trying to assault her.

"Bubbles." He whispered to himself as one of the men turned to him, angry. She was half-conscious and her body was being propped up on the brick wall. Then he noticed Jason who lay senseless on the cold alley floor, blood smeared all over his jacket and bruises all over his body.

"Damn kids!" One of the two men exclaimed as he ran to Boomer. He held back his fist, ready to throw a blow but Boomer caught it and gave a powerful grip, making the man groan in pain. He gave the man a powerful uppercut as his body went up then down with a loud thud, a crack forming in the cement ground. Boomer's eyes grew darker, filled with rage, as he glared at the other guy who stood close to Bubbles. He slowly walked towards the man, his breathing deep. The man looked pitiful and frightened. Then, Boomer felt someone whack him forcibly on the side of his head. But it wasn't enough to get Boomer to go down. He stood still then turned to the man who had just dropped the slightly-bent metal bar. The man tried to run out the alley but Boomer caught up to him and punched him right in the gut. The other guy was already running the other way, dropping Bubbles on the ground.

Boomer didn't care much about beating those guys up. His only concern was Bubbles as he held her gently in his hands. Luckily, someone in the neighborhood had witnessed the attack and quickly called 911. Sirens could be heard from afar, getting nearer and nearer. As an ambulance arrived, paramedics quickly came to her and Jason's aid. They briefly examined the two then carried them off on stretchers. Boomer stood there, watching and feeling the unpleasant mix of guilt and depression.

"Excuse me, sir but do you have any relations with either of the two victims?" A paramedic asked him, interrupting him from his thoughts.

"Huh? Oh. Uuh.. yeah." He nodded. He figured being long-time friends with Bubbles could be counted as a 'relation'.

"Then please step in the vehicle. We have a few questions to ask." The paramedic said, leading him to the ambulance. He obliged and hopped in, sitting near Bubbles' stretcher, remorse in his eyes as he looked at her.

At Townsville Hospital..

Boomer slowly stepped into Bubbles' room. The Professor and the others were on their way. But as of that moment, there was only him and her. As soon as he saw her, relief surged through him. He expected Bubbles to have tubes and machines all over her but all there was was a cast on her left arm and right foot. Bubbles laid on the hospital bed, a smile on her pretty pale face. Her smile grew as soon as she saw Boomer walk through the door.

"Hey. Thanks for saving me." She said. He blushed lightly at her comment.

"Happy to help." He replied. "So, how're you doing?"

"Some of me still kinda hurts. But all in all, I'm fine." Bubbles replied innocently. Boomer sat on the bed beside her and glared at the fragile casts wrapping up her injuries. Guilt stabbed him as his breathing became heavy.

"I-I'm sorry for letting this happen." He simply said. He wanted to say more but was afraid his emotions might tear him apart and make him start crying. He didn't want to cry. He wanted to be brave. For her.

"None of this is your fault. I was just too stupid to actually like Jason!" She buried her face in her hands and sobbed quietly. Boomer's heart had been ripped out from his chest due to Bubbles' previous relationship yet it seemed that that wasn't enough. He just had to see her at her current state. He was at the verge of tears but knew he had to stay strong.

"You don't deserve him, anyway, Bubbles! You deserve someone who'll really love you. Not for your superpowers. But for everything else." He told her whole-heartedly. Now he wanted to confess more than ever.

"Even for the little things?" She asked, looking up at him and smiling. He smiled back.

"Especially for the little things." They both smiled wider.

"W-what I'm t-trying to say, Bubbles, is that-"

Tap Tap

The blue couple turned to the window leading to the hall outside. It was Butch and Brick giving Boomer the thumbs-up. Boomer slapped his face in embarrassment as Bubbles giggled. Blossom and Buttercup rolled their eyes at the boys then pulled them away from the window. When they were gone, Boomer breathed deeply and readied himself.

"Bubbles, I-"

Before Boomer could say another word, Bubbles had grabbed Boomer by the collar and pulled him into a kiss. He was shocked at first, his eyes wide and focused on her but, eventually, he gave in and let his eyes droop down. Her arms snaked around his neck as his palms were on her cheek, his thumb caressing it. Bubbles kissed Boomer as passionately as she could as the kiss lasted for about 5 minutes. After they broke away, howls and hoots could be heard in the background where the expected Butch, Brick and Buttercup came in, jeering at the blue couple.

"I love you too." Bubbles whispered softly, so as not to be heard by the others. Boomer smiled from ear to ear and kissed her again, before Professor came in, fake-coughing and making Boomer pull away and laugh nervously.

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