Elements: Earth

Daily patrol was almost over, thankfully. The entire day had been more.. eventful than Buttercup would've liked. In fact, she would rather those 'events' didn't happen. Sigh. But of course, what else would Buttercup's life be but the epicenter of bad luck? Well, most of the time anyway.

As she set her course for home, the very corner of her eyes caught something ablaze in the horizon. After a moment's contemplation, she decided not to ignore the aforementioned glow and actually try and appreciate the mysterious incandescence coaxing at her to look. As soon as she whipped her head, her expression softened and a warm smile arced her lips.


The sunset.. Was that always there? Like every afternoon, after patrol? Why hasn't she ever- Oh yeah. Being environmentally hostile, it won't be often that you'd notice these daily miracles of nature. But still.. You can never deny the poetic beauty that is the sunset. Even if you are eco-unfriendly.

Incidentally, she spotted a grassy, tempestuous cliff looming over Townsville and the retreating glow of gold. Normally, she wouldn't think twice of wasting her precious time on nature-provoked soul-searching. But due to given.. 'events', today had become an exception.

She hovered gingerly over to the patchy field before settling on a spot where her legs could freely swing on the edge, buckling her elbows for support. Casting a heavy gaze at the warm radiance, her thoughts reeled back to a few hours ago.. Those precedent hours when the dreadful 'events' had transpired. She scowled at the thought of those wretched events, pushing it back into the forgotten regions of her mind and scowling at the pang of hurt washing over her.

The fucking bastard.. She smirked as a recollection of the beating she had served crossed her mind. Sigh. Nothing beats some good ol' ass-kicking. Especially if the ass deserves it.

"And you know what else?! The two of you weren't the only bitches I had!" She scowled as his words returned to her. '"I am so s-sorry! H-he never told me h-he was seeing anyone! P-please.."

"Never told Buttercup neither, babe."

Suddenly, her head was a pound lighter and her breathing went ragged. The hell?! She pressed hard on her trembling, pursed lips, suppressing the flow of emotions struggling to show. She felt a painful swell in her chest and a stifling lump in her throat.

Damn it, Buttercup! You've gone through worse so you better suck it up! You're not Bubbles. You're.. You're.. Her fist curled into a tight ball, uprooting some of the grass. Her vision went blurry. Blink. Crying.. You're fucking crying. Tears began to stain her face. But just as soon as it touched her cheeks did she smear it away recklessly. Stop it. If Blossom or Bubbles finds out you've been crying..

She couldn't even fathom the possibilities of what those two self-proclaimed guidance counselors would do.

After a few rough wipes, a strict talking-to and a definite obscurity of her not crying, she decided it was time to go home. The night was coming and her sisters and the Professor were most likely getting worried. She had barely mustered a few feet from the precipice when a gruff voice from behind spoke.

"I see the years did you good," The voice hovered only a few inches away. She could tell he, whoever he was, wanted to come closer. A smirk adorned her features. I'd love to see him try. She was a good few feet away from the edge, lingering, waiting for the guy to realize his lack of superhuman capabilities. She didn't turn to him. She figured it was pointless, seeing as he won't be able to touch her anyway.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew her hair forward, whipping at her face.

",Powderpuff." Barely a whisper, but it was right there, his lips just brushing the tip of her ear. She could her the smirk in his tone, and he could sense the shock realization brought her. Instantly, she whirled around, eyes going wide at the truth glaring back at her. Smirking.

"You're..." It was the green Ruff himself.

"..Alive?" He ended. She shook her head in denial, eyes widened and mouth agape. This only stretched his smirk wider.

"But.. You're supposed to be..." He gestured for her to go further. No response.

"Dead?" He finished again, snorting. "Yeah well, that didn't work out too good for me, babe. So we decided to, you know.. Live." We. They're all alive. All of them. Before he could even blink, she tackled him back unto the cliff, patches of soil gathering on top of his head as they slid. She straddled him, her left fist forming a ball with his shirt collar, tugging him up, and her right held back threateningly.

"Where are your brothers?!" There wasn't a show of vulnerability in her tone. Neither was there an ounce of fear in his features. Instead, she was irked to find amusement plastered all over that stupid face. As she was about punch a hole in his head, she noticed his expression begin to soften. She watched as his eyebrows knit, the infuriating smirk fade and his eyes strain. Confusion seemed to overcome his features now.

"You.." He began. She was confused as well. He stared at her, or more specifically, her eyes. She hoped he could see the anger brewing in her due to his uncomfortable gaze.

"Stop staring at me!" She thrust her fist forward, hoping it would connect with his jaw. Unfortunately, he caught it with ease, not bothering to shift his gaze. He blinked. Once. Twice.

"You've been crying.." His sudden discovery and the lack of hostility in his tone sent a shiver up her spine. What.. How the hell did he notice?! She was sure she'd successfully concealed any possible trace of the shameful deed. Her grip on his collar loosened and her brows met closer. And.. And what's with the sudden attitude change?! Concern was relatively evident in his tone, but despite the mildness, she swore it was there.

But Butch knew a lot more trivial things about her. More than she'd grudgingly like to believe.

She underestimated the guy, she thought. Something her sisters had never even remotely noticed, he did. He was perceptive, she'll give him that. But.. the fact that he was more keen of her emotions than her sisters ever were scared her. Did her sisters not notice her eyes? What about the constant shift in her emotions? Did they notice that?

Buttercup was confused. She hated that Butch had seen right through her. He wasn't supposed to be her shoulder to cry on. But then.. The fact that someone, someone, actually saw through her rough exterior.. It was.. Exhilarating. Even if it was Butch. It was like.. Flying but without the superpowers. You just stood right there. And all you needed was the right person beside you.

But it was wrong. To satisfy her want to feel it, she had to risk time with him. She wouldn't do that. She had to go back to hating him, loathing him with the utmost passion. It was sad, though.. To hate the person who understood you the most.

Buttercup shoved Butch to the ground, his back landing with a painful thump. She showered him with punches and colorful words, each injury and insult thrown with twice the usual effort. She didn't stop. He didn't make her. He didn't even struggle to throw a punch or any other show of physical violence. Instead, he shielded himself from her blows, his arms crossed in front of him.

"Hit me!" She cried, continuing with the one-sided brawl. No response.

"I said.. HIT ME!" Her punches grew faster, stronger, sizing up with her flaring anger. His arms tightened, struggling beneath Buttercup's blows. "Damn it, Butch! Just fucking hit me!"

He didn't punch her. Not until he knew what the hell was wrong. What could've made her cry when monster bites and third-degree burns made her smile?!

..Smile that infuriatingly heart-wrenching, time-bending, overwhelming smile she wore after every victory..

He caught her left fist, mid-punch, relieving himself of his makeshift shield. The right fis she shifted so that it hit the ground instead of his face, cracks forming at the contact. She shut her eyes tight and hung her head low, bangs covering her pale face. He stared at the dusk sky, racking his brain for an explanation for this situation.. for her. They stayed in that position for a while, her labored breathing the only sound filling the awkward air.

"It's that Mitch dude, isn't it?" He spoke up, seemingly unfazed. The sound of her ragged breathing abruptly stopped and that sinking feeling ambushed her once again, the mentioned name haunting her thoughts.

"So it ishim." He pursed his lips and nodded in pained understanding. Her eyes were wide. How could he know about him? She would've asked verbally, if not for the quiver in her lips or the fear of her voice cracking or the probable stutters in her words.

"Look.." He started. Buttercup hastily freed her fist from his clutch and stood up, hanging her head low in hopes of hiding the show of emotions evident in her face. "I-I don't know what he did to you," He sat up, afraid to look up at her. He didn't even know why he was doing this. For some reason, he felt compelled to inform her of the shithead that was Mitch and all the other guys out there he didn't deem fit for her. She was too good for all of them. He respected his counterpart that way.

Or so he thought.

She faced her back to him, her hands trembling with the forceful suppression of her emotions. "But I do know that you cannot trust him, Buttercup." He finally looked up at her, inexpectant of a positive reaction. Frustration caught up with her anger. Her dizzying head was getting lighter and his lecture didn't help any. He was waiting for an answer, a reply to spill out of those trembling lips.

"I admit.." Her voice quivered, like it did when you were about to cry. "..I was wrong and really stupidto have ever trusted Mitch." He looked up at her back, hope etched in his features. "He was a scumbag who played girls and had fun doing it.. But.. What makes you think you're any better?!" She turned to face him, anger and hatred heightening her voice.

"What the fuck makes you think I trust you?!" A single tear escaped her. Butch's eyes trailed the tear as it ran down her pretty face. He felt a pang of guilt stab him. Only he shouldn't be feeling guilty. He should be the happiest fucking Rowdyruff alive right now! Here his counterpart was, crying and not Bubbles and there he was.. Feeling guilty. Pathetic.

"Yeah, you're probably right. I'm a villain! Who would trust me?" He said, disguising his voice with amusement. "I mean, if you were my girl.." Her wide eyes looked down at him. W-what?! She stared at him, baffled at his chosen words. He only looked down and smiled. Not a smirk, but a genuine smile. "If you were mine.." He repeated, caught up in the possibility. After realizing his own words, he looked up at her shocked expression and quickly shook off the unlikely fantasies wandering his mind. Crap, he thought.

"I'd cheat on you!" He retorted recklessly, hoping to make up for his previous words. "Every chance I get!" Her face dropped and anger quickly took over. He didn't think, though. He only urged forward, a smirk adorning his lips.

"Then I'd lie about cheating on you and probably keep seeing the girls I cheated on you with. I'd break your pretty, little heart into a pile of meaningless dust faster than you can say 'Ouch'." His words overwhelmed her. Were all men such worthless pigs that all they cared about was getting some ass? Pain drowned out her anger for a moment, and this was evident in her features. He noticed this, just as he usually did, and that pang of guilt suddenly evolved into a monster, eating him up from the inside out. An internal battle started. Him against his conscience.

Let her suffer, see if I care. I should just kill her right here and now. I damn well should! I will. I'm gonna..

Fuck. I'm not gonna do it, am I?

And since pain was temporary, Buttercup was quick to get over it. So from pain, anger emerged once more.

"You son of a-"

"BUT." He quickly cut off, ignoring his sudden tone. "But then.. When it'll be too late.." He swallowed, unsure of his words.

"..I'll realize that they were NOTHING.." Absolutely nothing..

"..Compared to you." Her anger dissipated, replaced by shock once more. He looked up, almost afraid of what he might see, and stared searchingly at her, pulled in by the sight of her eyes. He wondered if those eyes could ever look at him with an emotion other than hatred or anger. Yeah.. I wouldn't mind that. He smiled that genuine smile.. That smile from before.

Entering that state of internal shock were you couldn't even choose proper letters to form a coherent word, Buttercup gaped mindlessly at the figure. She was still trying to register the fact that he had practically confessed to her.. That Butch, a Rowdy Ruff Boy, the ones who were created to kill them, was indirectly confessing his feelings to her, a Powerpuff Girl. It was like.. Batgirl and Joker! Incompatible in every way possible.

So then why did the twitch of his lips make her heart jump? Why did his words replay endlessly in her mind in sheer bliss? Why was she suppressing a smile when a broad frown should be in its place? Why the hell am I so happy about everything he just said?!

She clutched her chest, where the dreaded feeling emanated. She had never felt this with Mitch. It wasn't pain.. It was more pleasure than pain. It was addicting. And God, did she hate it.

"Buttercup," Even the curl in his tongue as he said her name drove her up the damn wall!

"I'll realize how incomparably perfect you were and how incredibly stupid I was for having hurt you." He understood that this was all just a dramatic climax to his fantasies.. But.. If it was the best way to express himself.. Then by all means.

"I'd end it with those girls and come crawling right back to you because I could never go to anyone else. No one else but you." That last word..

"I'd tell you that I'd do anything, ANYTHING, to have you back. And knowing you, you'll probably make me do something so painfully degrading and humiliating that it'll scar me forever, but I wouldn't care! I'd deserve it and I'd do it the second you tell me what." The honest-to-God truth. He gingerly stood up, the only movement made since he'd started with his concession and stood so rightfully near her, their eyes meeting closer. The sincerity of his smile hadn't faded. If anything, it broadened and shone even more.

"And when you do agree.." He sounded hopeful, as if retelling a real story. "When you do agree to take me back, I would hold on for dear life. And I guess in a way, I'd meant that literally. Because, then I'd tell you that you WERE my life." He ended, his eyes bearing that extra glimmer. She was still so in shock. Her heart was pounding uncontrollably against her ribcage, nearly deafening her. Cloud-10 blissfulness dizzied her.

His words.. It was so..

He stared and stared, unable to pull away. She is so..


She sighed, breaking the heavy tension.

"Erm, yeah. So.." He smiled sheepishly, averting his gaze and rubbing the back of his head.

"I don't really know if you think you can trust me or not.. But I'm a hell of a lot more trustworthy than Bitch." He finished, smiling back at her. She chuckled at the term, overcoming the numerous mini-heart attacks she'd been ambushed with.

"Mitch, you mean?" She smiled so sincerely. He'd never seen her wear that smile. She should smile more often, he thought. Just then, he noticed how especially soft and luscious her lips looked that night. He stared at it. For way too long. She'd noted that. She liked it.

"Who?" He replied later, completely forgetting the question. His eyes were still glued to her lips, struggling to tear from it. She brought her hand to his cheek. Finally, he looked up at her eyes, softly gripping the hand on his cheek. Her eyes.. No trace of hatred or anger. He liked what he saw in her eyes. His smile widened. He lifted a hand to hers and ever so gently pulled her closer..

..Until their lips met in an explosion of fireworks.

Her lips were just how he imagined they would be.. Soft, despite her being constantly rough. He kissed her so desperately, cherishing every second of the contact. He wanted so much for her to never forget this one moment, even if a time came when they'd be forced to part. As long as they had this, he was happy.

They pulled away, moments later, much to their chagrin. He pressed his forehead against hers, caressing her nape. He sighed.

"For the record.. I would never make you cry."

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