Great, I've composed a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fic. How did this come about? At what point did I think this was a good idea? (Sigh) Oh well, I've written it, and I've got plenty of chapters for it; I may as well post it.

Okay, this idea happened during my Cyborg phase. I also happen to like Pokémon. Somewhere along the way during the phase, my imagination started nagging me to write this. I also happen to love Dragon Ball Z. Hence the nickname that I chose. Why I did this I may never fully figure out, but hey, it occupies my time, and that keeps me from going more insane than I am now. (Shrugs) Still, I like where it goes. I find a great sense of friendship through the main characters and they go through some difficult challenges before finally following the game series' 'Human becomes Pokémon to save that world' plot. The difference this time is that, well, you'll find out. After all, follow a path long enough and you're bound to get somewhere.

Now, the disclaimer. How many have I done? Well, I don't own the rights to Pokémon, or Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. I own a copy of all four games and I've beaten all of them. But, I don't own the rights to any one of them. There, I've finished that part. Is everybody happy? (Crowd of lawyers nod) Good. Now let's get this show on the road. (Climbs onto black and red Harley and drives off, leaving camera rolling)

I opened my eyes and looked around slowly. I couldn't figure out where I was. All I could remember was my name and my species and a handful of memories.

"Hey, there's somebody over here!" A child's voice called. I looked around and realized that I was on my back. I tried to stand up, but my body wouldn't cooperate. I tried to move my right arm, and my fist clenched. My body was weak. "He looks hurt." The voice came from past my feet. I tried to raise my head, but it wouldn't move. I let it fall to my left. Perhaps I was injured. "We'd better get him back to the town." I closed my eyes and let sleep overtake me again.

"He's coming around." A kind female voice called. I opened my eyes and immediately closed them. It was bright, too much for my eyes to take right away. "Don't open your eyes so quick, you need to let them adjust." I groaned and tried to move. My arms were responding, but they still felt weak. "Don't move, you seemed to have taken quite a beating." I nodded and rested my head against a semi-firm surface.

"Where am I?" I asked. My voice sounded a bit different, but I assumed it was stress from the damage.

"You're in a small clinic outside of Arbor town." The voice said. "You were found by two little girls. Luckily you were just small enough for the two of them to carry."

'Small?' I thought. 'I'm six feet tall, how could two little girls carry me?' I let my eyes open slowly, letting them take in the light slowly. When I could see, my thoughts came to a screeching halt. A Chansey stood over me. And the voice of a Chansey matched hers perfectly.

"I have to take care of some other Pokémon, but I'll let the girls know that you've come around." She said. I looked around and nodded slowly.

"Thank you." I said.

(System diagnostic: physical status)

*Physical status: abnormal*
*Physical form: Pokémon, sub-type Chimchar*
*Program status: intact*
*Skeletal form: reformed, intact*
*New special programs and functions: Flame exhalation, retractable claws, enhanced strength, increased agility, increased speed, sharp teeth and increased jaw strength.*

The information did not shock me as much as it should have. I had been transformed into a Pokémon. A Chimchar no less, a small monkey Pokémon that can breathe fire and learn a variety of bite based attacks. Still, I have no idea how I changed.

I should explain. I was once a human, but an accident turned me into a cyborg. All of my organs are artificial, including my heart and brain. I have an internal power core that keeps these organs functioning, and I have two backup power cells that restore my functions when the core is disabled or otherwise inoperable. I used to have tremendous strength by human standards, and when I was forced into my mechanical shell I was even stronger. Now, I am a Chimchar, a small fire monkey that would grow up to be a mythical Pokémon that could supposedly ride on clouds.

"He's right behind this door little ones." The Chansey said. The door opened and a blue Ralts and an Abra walked in slowly. They looked at me for a moment, as if they didn't know whether to come in or not. "Well, I'll leave you to your decision little ones." The Chansey walked away.

"Should we go over to him?" The Ralts asked quietly. "I'm kind of nervous."

"I don't know." The Abra replied in a whisper. "This was your idea." They looked over to me and I smiled softly. "Well, he doesn't seem like a bad Pokémon. And we did save him." I looked out of a nearby window and moved my right hand onto my lap. I looked at my body and heard the door shut and the shuffling of small feet. I looked over as they moved two chairs near my makeshift bed.

"Hello." I said quietly. "I hear that you two saved my life." They blushed and nodded. "Thank you." I bowed my head to them. I heard them giggle for a moment.

"You're welcome." The Ralts said.

"Yeah." The Abra agreed. "We couldn't just leave you there. Not with that monster on the loose." I tilted my head to the left. "There's a rumor that some kind of monster Pokémon is roaming the forest." I nodded.

"Why were you going through the forest if you know of such a rumor?" I asked. They looked at each other and blushed again.

"Well, we heard that it's a fighting Pokémon." The Abra said. "And we psychic types are real good at battling them." The Ralts nodded.

"Yeah." She said. "We figured that we could win if we used our Confusion attacks together." I nodded but frowned.

"A good idea, but if he's strong enough to take that hit more than once, you could end up getting hurt." I said. They nodded. "But you'd fight it anyway?"

"Yes." The Abra said. "We're trying to prove to our parents that we can be strong enough to join the Rescue Team Guild." I tilted my head again. "You've never heard of Rescue Teams?" I nodded. The Abra looked to the Ralts.

"Rescue Teams are groups of Pokémon that help other Pokémon." She said. "Groups are usually two or three Pokémon."

"And you two want to help other Pokémon together?" I asked. They nodded. I smiled. "I hope you beat that fighting Pokémon." They both smiled when a loud crash came from beyond the door.

"Where are they!" A loud voice yelled.

*Voice code registered: Hariyama*
*Possible 'Monster fighting Pokémon'*
*Recommend extreme caution in current state*
*Odds of survival: 1/10*

"That's the monster!" The Abra said loudly. She looked at the Ralts. "What do we do?"

"I don't know, I don't know!" She said. I sat up and groaned. They looked at me.

"It sounds like a Hariyama." I said. "He's a big Pokémon, and he's really strong. He can level a tree in one punch."

"I will teach these children to take my captives!" The Hariyama yelled.

"Please, leave this clinic or we will be forced to turn you in." A Chansey said loudly.

"Get away from me!" The Hariyama yelled. A loud scream was heard. The Chansey had been defeated by the sound of it. "Where are they?" A stomp was heard and the sound of a wall collapsing followed.

"Oh no, what do we do?" The Abra asked. I moved to stand, but my body ached.

*Damage: Moderate*
*Engaging in combat is not recommended*

(System command: Initiate self repair systems)

*Command accepted*
*Time to total repair: 1 hr 17 min 37 sec*

"Please, we'll run away." The Ralts said as I stood up with a groan. I shook my head. "We'll be okay, but you're hurt."

"I'll be fine." I said. "We have to stop him before he hurts someone else." They looked at each other.

"Do you think we can win?" The Ralts asked. I gave a lopsided smile.

"I've never met a challenge that I've turned away from." I said. "Jack 'Goku' never turns away from a fight." They both nodded and the Abra pulled a small blue berry from a nearby drawer.

"Eat this." She said. "It will restore some of your strength." I nodded and took the berry. "I'm Alex."

"I'm Liz." The Ralts said. I bit the berry and immediately felt some of my strength returning. "I hope we win." I nodded. I felt heat in my stomach building.

*Strength restored by 15%*
*Combat abilities active: Scratch, Ember, and Leer*
*Combat strength: Level 12*
*Allied combat strength: Abra: Level 7
Ralts: Level 5*

The door splintered and a large Pokémon walked in. He had no visible mouth and he was very round. His hands had three flat tipped fingers and he had his hair done up in a small bun on top of his head. He stomped in and stared at me.

*Enemy combat strength: Hariyama: Level 20*
*Chance of victory: 62%*

"You dare to steal my captive?" He asked in a threatening voice. The girls whimpered as I finished off the berry and hopped down. "You will all join my prisoners soon, but first I am going to beat you to within an inch of your lives!" He stomped forward and I jumped above him. I landed on top of his head and he started yelling.

"Let's get him!" I yelled.

He reached up and I loosed a flame from my mouth. It burned his right hand and he pulled it away. I felt him buckle and saw the girls' eyes glowing blue. They were using their psychic powers to push him back. I held his hair tightly and began scratching his head with my claws. He yelled in pain as he fell on his back. I jumped away and landed near Liz. I turned to see him getting up so I loosed another flame to his legs. He screamed and clambered to his feet and was immediately back on the ground. He looked up and I leered at him. His eyes went wide as I ran toward him and began clawing at his face again. The girls were lifting objects and smashing them on him when he suddenly went limp.

"Oh my, did we overdo it?" Alex asked. I knelt down and listened to his breathing. I stood up and shook my head.

"He's still breathing." I said. They both sighed. "I'm more worried about the Chansey." I turned around as a Magnezone floated in flanked by two Magnemite.

"What happened in here?" One Magnemite asked.

"It looks like these youngsters defeated a wanted criminal." The Magnezone said. "Did you defeat this wanted Pokémon?" We all looked between ourselves, and then at the Magnezone and nodded. "Amazing, simply amazing. You took down a terrible criminal today." A Magnemite floated beside me with a bag. I heard the jingling of coins. Two more Magnemite floated in by the girls with equally big bags. "The reward for his capture comes to three thousand Poké. Well done kids." The Magnemite floated by the downed Hariyama and used magnetism to lift him from the ground. He let a pained groan as he was floated out the door. "We've rescued his other captives and we shall be informing your parents of your heroic deeds." The girls were smiling happily, while I was looking at the bag. "Is something the matter little Chimchar?" I looked up to see the Magnezone looking at me. I nodded.

"I don't have any parents." I said. "I don't have anywhere to go." The Magnezone looked at me for a moment and looked as though it were nodding.

"You could join our Rescue Team." Liz said after a moment. I looked at her to see Alex nodding. "You were so brave back there; we think you should be our captain." I thought about it.

'I don't have a clue what's going on.' I thought. 'And I have nothing better to do. I like helping people, and Pokémon here are like people.' I nodded. "Sure. I'd be honored." The girls squealed and grabbed each other's hands and proceeded to jump up and down for a moment.

"Well, that solves that dilemma." Magnezone said. I looked up to see it floating toward the door. "Good luck to all of you. And stay out of trouble." It turned around and floated out the door.

"Wow, we can finally tell our parents that we're forming a real Rescue Team." Liz said. I turned to the bag and opened it. There were a number of gold coins with a P on the front with a line going down it. "This is going to be fun." I turned to see them lifting the bags onto their backs, using their powers to make the load lighter. I grabbed my own bag and slung it over my right shoulder as the Chansey ran in and immediately felt my forehead.

"Oh thank goodness." She said. "I heard that you defeated that awful Hariyama." We all nodded. "Are you okay dear?" I nodded and smiled.

"I'm fine now." I said. "I feel like a million Poké." She smiled.

"You must have eaten that Oran berry from the desk drawer." She said. I nodded, remembering the blue berry I had eaten. "Well, you be careful. I don't want you in here unless you're in need of help." I nodded. "Now you three can leave whenever you want. I have to check on the other patients."

We travelled to the house Liz's parents lived. They were a Gardevoir and a Gallade. They seemed worried until Liz told them about the plan.

"You mean that you really want to form a Rescue Team with Alex and this Chimchar you've just met?" The Gallade asked. Liz nodded.

"His name is Goku, and he helped us take down a Hariyama." She said. Her parents looked at me for a moment.

"He doesn't look too strong." Gallade said. "I'm not sure I want to trust him with your safety." Gardevoir nodded.

"And we don't get many Chimchar in this region." She said. "We don't even know his parents and if it's okay with them." I watched as Gallade looked me over with a frown.

"I know you're getting stronger Liz, but you're still just a child." He said. "Can't you at least wait until you're a Kirlia?" Liz shook her head.

"With Alex and Goku, we can handle anything." She said. "As long as we look out for each other, we'll be okay. We'll become a great Rescue team together, I just know it." Alex nodded, though she was blushing.

*Gallade strength estimation: Level 36*
*Gardevoir strength estimation: Level 38*

"Well, okay." Gardevoir said. "But I've got one condition for Jack here." She looked at me and knelt down. "You have to promise to look out for these girls. Okay Jack?" I nodded.

"I promise to make sure that they don't get hurt." I said. "If they do, I'll come here to face your punishment." Gardevoir looked at me for a moment.

"Is this on your own code of honor Goku?" Gallade asked, also kneeling down in front of me. I nodded. He smiled. "If anything happens to our little girl, we'll go to your parents." I looked away.

"I don't know my parents."I said truthfully. Gallade frowned. "It's okay though. I'm willing to allow you to make sound judgment if I mess up." Liz looked at me with what I believed to be newfound respect.

Next we walked to the home of Alex. Her parents were a pair of Alakazam. They were talking mentally, but it seemed that they were taking the news well. The parents looked at me for a moment before the father walked over.

"I'm willing to let my daughter go, but only if you promise to protect her as best you can." He said. I nodded.

"I promise to protect both of them to the best of my ability, even if I have to lay down my life to do so." I said seriously. He gave me a perplexed look. "On my own code of honor, I will not let any harm come to these girls." He nodded.

"I shall hold you to that." He said with a smile.

We stood in front of the Rescue Guild. Inside we would register for training, and when that was complete, we would be a fully fledged Rescue Team. We stood in front of the main gate and the girls seemed a little nervous. I had my money bag slung over my right shoulder. I had picked up a piece of coral that had grown in the shape of a small pipe. I had it in my teeth and I occasionally exhaled a puff of smoke through the hole. The pipe felt stronger than normal coral, and it wouldn't break in my teeth.

"This is it." Liz said happily. I looked over to her. She had been given a blue scarf from her mother. It was a special scarf that focused her mind to let her use her psychic powers easier. "The Rescue Guild."

"Yeah, this is going to be a tough trial, but it'll be worth it." Alex said. I nodded and puffed out another bit of smoke from my coral pipe. She looked over at me. Her mother had given her a pair of glasses that increased her focus as well as let her see a little better. "What do you say boss?" I looked at the door and then at a wooden grate on the ground. I nodded.

"No time like the present." I said, a small amount of white smoke issuing from my mouth. The girls laughed and Liz walked over the grate.

"Pokémon detected." A voice said. Liz looked around for a moment. "Identifying visitor."

"Just wait Liz." I said. "Some kind of sentry is making sure we aren't bad Pokémon." Liz gulped and nodded.

"Footprint belongs to Ralts." The voice said. "Next visitor step onto the grate." Liz stepped aside and Alex stepped up. "Pokémon detected. Identifying visitor." I chuckled at the repeat performance. "Footprint belongs to Abra. Please allow third visitor to stand on grate."

"Your turn chief." Alex said as she stepped off the grate. I nodded and stepped up.

"Pokémon detected." The voice said again. "Identifying visitor." I heard the girls giggle as I puffed once on my pipe. "Pokémon is… Maybe Chimchar."

"What do you mean maybe!" A loud voice called.

"We don't get many Chimchar in the area." The other voice replied. "Take a look up top if you want to make sure."

"All right, that's what I'll do then!" The loud voice yelled.

*First voice identified: Diglett*
*Second voice identified: Loudred*

"Visitor may step off of the grate." The Diglett said. "Loudred will be coming up to verify your identity." I looked down the hole and saluted. I removed the pipe and exhaled the smoke away from the hole.

"Thank you." I called down the hole. "You're doing an excellent job. I am indeed a Chimchar." I stepped off the grate as a Loudred opened the gate and walked out. He looked at me and nodded. "I've already confirmed my identity to Diglett." The girls looked at me for a moment as the Loudred seemed to be thinking.

"Well, thanks." He said quietly. "But what are you three doing here? We don't need any supplies right now, and if you're selling anything else, we ain't buying." I nodded.

"We're here to form a Rescue Team." Liz said. Loudred looked at her for a moment.

"Are you now?" He asked. "Well then, follow me to the Guild masters office. He'll get you set up in no time."

We walked behind the Loudred and saw a lot of Pokémon talking amongst themselves. A ponyta was conversing with a Metang and a Bellsprout was chatting with a Doduo. There was even a Blastoise and a Charizard having a conversation about how to best combine their strongest attacks.

"We have a lot of teams this year, and a lot of them are real rookies." Loudred said. "That Blastoise and Charizard just joined a couple of days ago, and they're still learning the basics of being a Rescue team." The girls nodded. Alex was floating in the air while Liz struggled to keep up. I walked behind her so I picked her up with my left hand. She and Alex had decided to pool the reward until we had a place to store our money, so I had no problem carrying her and the heavy reward bag.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Liz asked quickly. Loudred looked over his shoulder.

"Looking out for my friends." I said. "We don't need you tired out when we meet the Guild master." Loudred chuckled.

"Trying to make a good impression eh?" He asked. I nodded.

"We don't want to be seen as anything less than a group of friends." I said. Liz and Alex looked at me as we walked. "A team is coordinated through orders. I'd rather we learn each other's body language so we can react faster than that." They both nodded.

"This is where I head back to Diglett." Loudred announced. "The Guild master is through this door. Her assistant Chatot may come off a bit high and mighty, but he's a good guy at heart. Just be nice and respect them both, and you should have no problem getting everything set up." We all nodded as he walked away. His voice was loud, but he seemed to be keeping it in check pretty well. "And don't forget to knock first!" We chuckled as I set Liz on the floor. I raised my left hand and rapped three times against the sturdy wood.

"Come in." A happy voice called. I opened the door and the girls walked in. I let out one last puff and took the pipe in my left hand. "So you want to start a Rescue Team?" I walked in and saw a Wigglytuff. This Pokémon was one of the toughest around. It was known to be able to withstand a lot of punishment and could shrug off most any attack with ease. We all nodded at her statement.

"Why do you wish to start a team?" The Chatot asked.

"We want to help Pokémon in trouble." Liz said. "The more Pokémon we help, the safer the world will be right?" The Chatot nodded. His note shaped tail was moving like a metronome, as was the note shaped feather on the back of his head. I couldn't help but feel calmed by the effect.

"I like these Pokémon Chatot." Wigglytuff said.

"I feel as if I know them." Chatot said. "I've heard of a Hariyama that was beaten by the efforts of three young Pokémon. A Chimchar, a blue Ralts, and an Abra. Just like these three." We all nodded. "Surely you are not the ones from the reports?"

"Yes we are." Liz said. "He was tough, but we took him down before he ever even attacked." Chatot squawked in surprise but quickly composed himself and cleared his throat.

"Well, the reports were true then." He said. "I'd actually been hoping to meet you three." He turned to the Guild master, his tail doing the metronome movement again. "I believe that they will prove most worthy apprentices Guild master." Wigglytuff nodded. "Then we are in agreement. I shall handle the paperwork tomorrow morning." Wigglytuff nodded again.

"And to commemorate this moment, I'd like you three to have these." She said. She turned around and pulled out three gold plated boxes and set one down in front of each of us. "Inside are your guild badges, and equipment pouches. And you each get a unique gift from each one." She giggled. "I'm so happy to have new friends joining the Guild." She hopped and spun about as we opened the boxes.

"Wow, a metal spoon!" Alex said happily. "This is perfect for my training." She pinned the badge to her pouch as she put it on around her waist. Liz gasped and pulled out a small blue beret.

"This is so cute." She said. She put it on and smiled. She put her own pouch on her left shoulder.

"It has a kind of special power that keeps items from becoming sticky when you wear it." Chatot said proudly. "It used to be mine back in my younger days." Liz bowed.

"Thank you mister Chatot." She said. Chatot looked happy, but also as though he were blushing.

I opened my own bag and pulled out the rescue pouch and put it on like a belt with the pouch on my left side. I pulled out the bag and looked inside. There was a ragged silver scarf, but it didn't look like it would unravel.

"Each item in your bags is unique." Chatot said. "The item within was either once used by an adventurer or was placed within by our Guild master." I pulled out the scarf and Chatot seemed confused. "I don't remember that scarf however. Do you Guild master?" Wigglytuff shook her head. "Where did it come from then?" I slung it around my neck and felt a surge of power. "It must be an Aura Scarf. It appears to the wearer if a scarf is left within a bag for a long time with no owner." I placed my money bag within the larger bag, which fit perfectly into the Rescue pouch. "It increases the wearers' abilities by nearly double, and shows the color of the owners Aura." They all looked at me for a moment. "We should bring in an Aura specialist I believe." I looked at Chatot. "Ones Aura is unique, but most are a specific color that relates to ones spirit and personality. I have never seen a silver one before."

"I've had my Aura checked before." Wigglytuff said with a giggle. "It was bright pink. It meant that I was happy and I like almost everyone I meet." Chatot nodded.

"That was a perfect match." He said. "Mine was a dull green however. I believe that Aura specialist was joking however. She said that I was very controlling and somewhat of a 'stick in the mud'." Wigglytuff laughed for a moment. "Well, tomorrow we shall take you to the specialist, get your paperwork done, and give you your first assignment." The three of us nodded. "But first, what will you call your team?" We all looked at each other for a moment. "You mean that you haven't thought of a name yet?"

"We haven't really thought about it." Liz said. "We were kind of hoping Goku would come up with one." Liz looked at me, as did the others. I thought for a moment. "Our team name should be something special, something that tells people about us."

"It should also be an expression of our combined natures." Alex said. "Liz, you're always looking for the bright side of things and you're a bit impulsive." Liz nodded.

"And you're always worried and thinking about consequences while assessing the bad side of things." She added.

"Sounds kind of chaotic if you ask me." Chatot chimed in.

"Team Chaos sound good to anyone?" I asked. They all looked at me. Alex seemed to be thinking about it while Liz smiled. "I mean, you two are kind of opposites. Also, you're both psychic types, and I'm a fire type that will one day grow into a part fighting type." They all nodded. "Kind of like two opposing forces, creating Chaos, but in a good way." Liz smiled bigger.

"I like it." She said. "It's perfect. Alex, what do you think?" Alex shrugged.

"I can't see any problems with it." She said. "Team Chaos it is."

"Team Chaos, the newest apprentices." Chatot mused. "Our little guild just keeps getting bigger."