This is my first one shot so don't hurt me.


I shuffled into the meadow and looked around. Saw a pair of red eyes watching from the shadows and smirked hugely.

"come out and lets play a little game" I said softly

Laurent stepped out of the shadows and smiled at him. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and started walking to him. I had something in my hand as I pulled them out of my pockets to wrap them around his neck to hug him in the process slipping something metal onto his back and then stepped away

He started getting closer to me as he started to speak.

"you know Isabella it has been too long. When is the last time we talked." I just shrugged.

That is when a pack of wolves were suddenly standing right next to me. I pulled a remote control out of my pocket and looked back at Laurent.

" ha I know you want to kill me but you should know I am more powerful than that. I control the vampires I know so forget you and Ill see you in hell, you bastard" I said lowly

Then I clicked a button on the remote and he exploded. I turned to the south and started shipping off.

"later Jake" I called over my shoulder


Yes I know it sucked but what ever I still love me.