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Jenfur Lee

Chapter One: Homecoming

My arms could still feel the warmth from the last hug my mother had given me. Which quite possibly could be the last embrace I would ever receive from her. Things were getting too dangerous for me to remain at home. Too many incidents had occurred in Phoenix. Incidents that were starting to make people more and more curious about my abilities. The last straw was when I came home from school to see my mother passed out and bloodied on the kitchen floor. Knowing that they had meant to hurt me. I couldn't stand for my family to hurt at my expense anymore. So I had decided, against my mothers will, to move to Forks, Washington and lay low with my father for a while. At least this way, my mother and stepfather were safe from the man with the horn-rimmed glasses. This way I could try my hand at being a normal junior in high school.

As my father, Charlie was driving me home I noticed my surroundings. The buildings had not changed at all since my last visit five years ago. I guess that is what appealed to my father so much. Forks was a constant in his life. Maybe it would become that way for me to. Although as I passed the crumbling buildings, it appeared to be my own personal hell. In my head I kept reminding myself, 'It's the only way to keep her safe'. Charlie was generally a quiet person; I think I got that from him. On the ride home from the airport he told me all the events in town that I had missed, which weren't much compared to the hustle and bustle of Phoenix.

We pulled into the driveway of his house that was etched in my memory. Just like most of the buildings here, it hadn't changed much and could probably do with a new coat of paint. The one thing that had changed was the red truck parked in the driveway. I didn't see why Charlie would ever need another car seeing as he had his police car that he always drove. Perhaps he had taken to restoring old cars in his free time. He caught me glancing at the truck and a brief smile flashed on his face.

"How do you like it?" he asked in his low, gruff voice.

"It's nice. When did you get another car?" I asked baffled at his actions.

"Well I figured you needed something to get back and forth with. Your mom mentioned you were saving up. I bought it off a buddy real cheap… If you don't like it we can always go looking for something else-" He began backpedaling quickly. I couldn't help but smile at his concern.

"Dad, I love it. It's absolutely perfect." With those words, I gave him our first hug in five years.

Once at home, I began unpacking my minimal amount of belongings. I'd have to go shopping for warmer clothes soon, seeing as my winter wardrobe only consisted of a few sweaters and hooded sweatshirts. After spending most of my life growing up in the heat of Arizona, the dank atmosphere of Washington was definitely something I would have to get used to. While I was reaching into my toiletry back I felt my hand encounter the sharp pain of glass slicing against my palm. I immediately drew my hand back to see blood begin pouring down my wrist. My one bottle of perfume must have been jostled during the flight. While the pain almost seemed unbearable, it began to fade almost immediately as my ripped flesh slowly began to retreat back to it's normal state. Once again, my flesh had repaired itself. Now the only cue that was left of an injury was the trail of blood around the invisible wound. I quickly ran it under the faucet to destroy any evidence of my so-called ability. Just as I had grown to expect, there was not even a faint line where the glass had sliced my skin. I threw the remnants of the broken bottle into the trashcan before placing the rest of my belongings on the shelf that was emptied for this purpose.

"Bella? I was going to head down over to the diner for supper if you're finished unpacking." Charlie mumbled from the doorway watching me place my belongings away. "Does that sound ok? Your old man's not too much of a cook," He glanced away embarrassed.

"Sure that sounds great, dad. I know you're busy with work a lot. If you want me to take over, I'd be happy to. I always used to cook for mom." I immediately regretted the decision to mention my floaty mother in this conversation.

"That would be nice. I'm sure the microwave would enjoy the break" He chuckled softly. I joined him in his lame attempt at a joke. "I'll watch the rest of the game while you're finishing up. Take your time…It's good to have you back Bells."

"It's good to be back dad." I figured one white lie to make my father happy wouldn't be the worst thing I had done recently. I would be willing to move to Alaska, as long as my family was safe from any further trouble. Forks couldn't be so bad.