Team Possible and the Land of the Lost
Chapter One
Where Are We?

The sun shone through the midmorning clouds as Kim finished packing up their tent and sleeping bags. Glancing over to Ron, she noticed that he had finished packing up the few pots and pans that they were carrying on their river trip. The two had decided to get away from it all by canoeing down one of the local rivers. They picked one that was lazy and slow in some area but also had up to class three rapids. It was the middle of their eight day trip and it had been a wonderful time. A quick call to GJ had gotten them the time off. Dr. Director had even made sure they had the best equipment possible so that their trip would be a relaxing as possible. The two of the team would take their time each day, just going with the flow of the river or charging into the rapids. Even though Ron screamed in terror most of the time, he still seemed to enjoy the trip. Each evening they would set up camp on the shore of the river and settle in for the night. School would be starting soon and the two of them really needed this time together. It had taken some talking by Mrs. Dr. P and Mr. Stoppable to their respective spouses to allow their children to take this trip. But that was in the past, now it was just the two of them. Kim smiled as she turned to her boyfriend.

"You about ready Ron?"

Ron zipped up the bag that held all of their cooking equipment and carried it to the large canoe that they were using for their trip. Their canoe was a special order from the L.L. Bean Company and fitted just for the two of them, it was even painted in the Team Possible colors. He tied down the bag in the middle of the canoe with the rest of their equipment and food. Grabbing his life vest he started to slip it on as he turned to his best friend girl friend.

"I've got everything loading KP. Let me get my vest and helmet on and we will be on our way. Are we going to try and hit those rapids later today?"

Kim paused for a moment as she put on her helmet and clipped the straps under her chin.

"We will have to see how we feel when we get that far. I don't know if I want to put up camp while soaking wet. It can get a little chilly."

Ron smiled as he picked up his paddle and handed Kim hers.

"Oh I think we could find ways to warm up."

Kim blushed slightly as she bumped him with her hip.

"Maybe, just maybe. Come on, let's get moving."

Kim climbed in the front of the canoe and took her seat. Ron put one foot in the canoe and pushed off. As the canoe slid into the flow of the river, Ron took his seat and they started to paddle into the center of the moving water.

Kim slowly paddled keeping just enough speed to stay just ahead of the flow of the water. They were in no hurry today. It was too peaceful to rush things. Ron settled back and watched her as he steered the canoe closer to one side of the river to take them under an overhang of limbs. It was slightly cooler in the shade as they moved down the side of the river. Kim glanced back with a smile.

"Got something on your mind?"

Ron nodded to a little sandy beach just ahead of them on the side of the river. There was a grassy meadow under some shady trees.

"I was thinking of taking a break and getting an early lunch over there."

Kim glanced over to the place he was pointing and thought about it. Shaking her head, she turned back to Ron.

"Let's keep going, we have not been moving long. I am sure we will find another spot even better. Maybe, we can find a place to take a dip or even a skinny dip?"

Kim had to suppress a giggle as the canoe jolted a little as Ron jerked up at her answer. Her face bloomed red at his reaction.

"Hmmmm, now that sounds badical. The Ron-man is all about a skinny dip."

She shook her head as she turned back to the front.

"Keep dreaming bad boy."

Ron grinned back.

"Oh I can dream alright, it's the dreams that come true that I am looking forward to."

The water started to flow faster as they entered a large gorge. Both of them settled down and started paddling in earnest. The water started to surge and slash. Ron yelled ahead to Kim.

"I don't remember this water being this bad on the map."

Kim concentrated on the water ahead of them. A mist seemed to have appeared over the water as it continued to churn.

"I don't know Ron, right now just paddle!"

Dark clouds started to appear over the gorge and lighting cracked across the sky. Kim glanced back to Ron and could see the worry on his face. She was sure he could see the same expression on her face. There was no time for discussion; they were running full force into unexpected rapids at the height of a freak storm. They had to concentrate on the water to stay alive. Kim called out directions as she paddled hard into the water. Ron steered the canoe according to her directions, trusting her to make the decisions on the track they would take through the rapids. He took the chance of a glance in front of them. The water seemed to disappear into a glowing cloudy mist that hung over the river in front of them. Lighting cracked from the clouds and disappeared into the mist. Kim jerked around to face him.


Ron tried to paddle back and turn the canoe onto another course but the current had grabbed them. Kim paddled as hard as he trying to keep them away from the cloudy mist. She started to scream as the front of the canoe dipped down as they seemed to go over a falls that was not on the mad. Ron joined her as his stomach lurched at the drop. He tried to steer the canoe in the falling rushing water as they disappeared into a dark black cloud.

Ron groaned as he swatted at the fly on his face. His eye popped open as he remembered what happened. He realized he was floating in a small lake, his life vest keeping him afloat. He started to look around when his head bumped into something. Turning around in the water he noticed the canoe was directly behind him. He started to call out.


A voice answered him on the other side of the canoe.

"Here Ronnie, are you okay?"

Ron started to swim around the end of the canoe looking for her. Her voice scared him. It sounded weak. He saw Kim floating in the water with her eyes closed as she held onto the side of the canoe.

KP! Are you okay?"

Ron noticed a large abrasion on Kim's helmet as she nodded slowly. She had taken a bad blow to her head. The helmet had done its work and saved her life. Ron swam over to her and studied her face. It was slightly ashen. He reached up and lifted her eyelids. Both pupils were

"I'm okay Ronnie, but my head hurts and I feel like I am going to……"

Kim turned her head and threw up into the water. She wiped her face with the back of her arm and turned back to Ron.

"Dath is so grooth. Ronnie, what happenth?"

Ron studied Kim closely. Her eyes were rolling around in their sockets. He called out to her as he held her face in his hands.


She closed her eyes and went limp. Ron reached up and checked her pulse on her neck. Her pulse was strong and steady. Checking her respiration she was breathing normally. Ron looked around and noticed a sandy beach at the end of the reeds where they were floating. Pulling himself up he reached inside the canoe and pulled the rescue pack from its storage place. Taking it with him, he towed her to the shore and pulled her out of the water. Taking her helmet off, he placed it to the side and started to check her over. He had not been working long when he heard a series of thuds. A large shadow fell over him. Looking up his jaw nearly fell on the ground. It was a Tyrannosaurs Rex.

The T-Rex studied the two of them for a little bit then roared. Ron put the rescue pack on his back and picked up Kim in a shoulder carry. He started to run like the entire Lowerton backfield was after him. Dodging between trees and rocks he soon outdistanced the creature. Gasping for breath, he entered an area of ruins. He walked over to a small alcove surrounded by some trees. Placing Kim on the ground, he opened the rescue pack and began to check Kim over again. She was still breathing well and her heart rate was steady. He noticed a cut on the side of her hair. The blow to her head must have been worse than he thought. He was getting ready to treat the cut when he heard a slight sound behind him. He turned to see a creature standing behind him. It was about four feet tall and covered in brownish-red hair. It looked like a cross between a monkey and a young boy. He jumped backwards screaming.

"Aggghhhhh, a monkey boy."

Ron backed right into the rock wall and hit it with a thud. He eyes crossed and then rolled up in his head. He fell forward, unconscious.

Kim thought her head was to explode. It felt like that Rock Band that Monique liked was playing a concert just for her inside her head. Groaning as she opened her eyes, she looked around. She was lying on some type of bed made of wood tied together with some homemade rope. Her sleeping bag was under her and she was in clean, dry clothes. A voice grabbed her attention.

"Dad, she is awake.

Kim turned her head to the sound of the voice and noticed a young girl with blonde hair in pigtails looking at her. Two more people entered her vision. One was a young man maybe a few years younger than she and Ron. He had curly dark brown hair. The other was an older man with the same curly dark brown hair. He knelt at her side.

"Miss Possible, you take it easy. You have had a nasty blow to the head. You have a slight concussion but I think you will be alright. My name is Rick Marshall; this is my Ron Will and my daughter Holly. We found you by the old ruins after our friend Cha-ka told us he found you."

Kim nodded.


Rick nodded to Kim's side.

"Your friend is right over there."

Ron's face came into view. A bandage was wrapped around his head.

"Hey KP."

Kim smiled and raised her hand to cup his cheek.

"What happened to you?"

Ron shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, after I got you to shore a T-Rex attacked us. I picked you up and ran until I lost the big creep. Then I found a bunch of ruins and set you down to see what I could do for you. Then, well I'd rather not talk about it."

Rick smiled at the two of them.

"Ron was a little startled by a friend of ours by the name of Cha-ka."

A furry face appeared from behind Will.

"Red hair okay?"

Kim's eyes went wide as she stared at the furry creature. Rick nodded to Ron.

"Cha-ka sort of startled Ron here and he knocked himself out running into a rock wall. Cha-ka came and got us. He also showed up where your canoe was. We got your equipment and brought you here. Ron here filled us in on how you got here."

Kim shook her head.

"A T-Rex, a monkey boy? Where are we?"

Rick put out his hand to shake Kim's.

"Miss Possible, welcome to the Land of the Lost."

I KNOW I should not be starting another story but I just had to start this one. "The Land of the Lost" was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. I will be using the old TV show as a base for the story. I have no intention to use that useless asinine collection of overly sexual innuendos, dirty jokes and off-color humor that someone was stuck the same name on. I guess you can tell I don't like the new movie and I don't.

Like I said, I will be using the older show as a basis of the story. Kim and Ron will face life with the Marshall family in the Land of the Lost. They will meet up with all the old characters. I hope that you will like the story. Please leave a review. I don't own KP and friend and I don't own the old "Land of the Lost" show. Disney owns KP and NBC owns the "Land of the Lost."

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