Team Possible in the Land of the Lost
Chapter 2
Living off the Land

Kim shook Rick's hand. Looking around some more she noticed that it appeared they were inside a cave.

"Thanks, I think. Is it okay for me to get up?"

Rick nodded.

"You should be okay if you take it slowly. Let Will and Ron help you."

Kim slowly sat up. She wobbled a little as a wave of nausea washed over her. Closing her eyes for a moment she reached up to touch the place on her head that hurt. She touched a bandage. Putting her hand back down, she looked over at Ron.

"You have a nasty bump on the head. Mr. Marshall thought it best to wrap it up. You might have a headache for the next day or so."

Kim slowly nodded her head.

"I think I have a rock band playing a concert in my head."

Will laughed and extended his hand.

"Let's see if you can walk a little. Maybe a little fresh air and sunshine will help."

Ron and Will helped Kim to her feet. She put her arm around Ron's waist and the other around Will's neck. They made their way toward the sunlight. They went from the smaller cave room she and Ron were apparently in, into a larger room that apparently was the main room of the cave. There were some devices that seemed to have some function she could not realize at that time. Fruit was piled onto one flat rock. There was a large bowl made of rock full of water.

As they stepped through the room, they walked out of a large opening into the sun. Kim noticed that they were on a large shelf about 20 feet about the ground. There were a series of rocks that led up to the level where they were standing. Looking out over the land she noticed that it looked like most jungles that she had seen. But the sky was different. There were mountains in the distance. As she gazed over the land her eyes noticed some movement. Her eyes went wide as a T-Rex walked into view. Will pointed a finger at the creature.

"We call that one Grumpy. There is an Allosaurus, over by the Lost City we call Big Alice."

Kim glanced at Ron.

"It was Grumpy that I had to run from the first time. Somehow we avoided Big Alice."

Kim shook her head.

"I think I need to sit down and get something to drink."

Will nodded to Ron and they turned together and guided Kim back into the cave. Will lead them over to some chairs made of bamboo and other natural material. Kim held out her hand to grab the chair and guided herself into it. Ron knelt at her side while Will picked up a cup from the equipment that had been recovered from Kim and Ron's canoe. Pouring the water from a large gourd, Will filled the cup and handed it to Kim. She took a slow sip.

Rick pulled up a seat beside Kim and Ron.

"Not that I am sorry that the two of you are here, but can you tell me how you got here?"

Ron sat in a chair next to Kim and took her hand.

"We were on vacation, canoeing in Colorado. We had traveled this river before but this time we hit some type of storm. What had been a normal rapid changed into a really rough one. We noticed a dark cloud settling down on the river, but the current had us. We went over something like a waterfall. Next thing I remember was waking up in the water next to our canoe."

Rick nodded.

"That sounds a lot like the way we got here. What was the date when all this happened?"

Kim glanced at Ron.

"It was June 6, 2009."

Holly squealed and covered her face with her hands. Rick reached out with his hand and took hers. Turning back to Kim and Ron he sighed.

"We fell into to this place on September 7, 1974. Have you ever heard of us?"

Kim and Ron shook their heads. Kim set her cup down.

"Our parents would have been about 13 years old. Maybe they would have heard of you. Sorry."

Rick sighed.

"It doesn't really matter. It's quite possible that we found our way back and just never made the news. Anyway, I was quite impressed with the equipment that you were carrying. What do the two of you do?"

Kim took Ron's hand.

"Well, we are….were headed for college in the fall. This was a little vacation before school started."

Rick nodded.

"That explains most of your equipment, but some of the other stuff, Will said it looked like the two of you were some type of secret agents."

Kim and Ron shared a startled glance, and then she turned back to Rick.

"Well ….I guess you could call us that. Why don't all of you sit down and let the two of us tell our story."

Holly and Will took a seat on the ground next to their father as Kim started.

"It started when we met in play school. It was the first day when I met this boy with blonde hair……"

Holly helped Kim sit down on her bed. It had been decided that the cave would be rearranged so that Kim and Holly would be in the small room off to the side while Ron would stay with Will and Rick out in the central room. Holly sat down in front of Kim.

"I think it is so cool what you and Ron do."

Kim smiled at her. She and Ron had given the Marshall's a quick story and left out a number of things. The main thing they left out was Ron Mystical Monkey Power. Neither one of them thought that the Marshall's needed to know about that at this point.

"It's something we do, but I imagine that we might have to at least slow down when we get to school."

Holly bowed her head.

"So you think there is a way out of here?"

Kim shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know. We've only been here a day or so. Hopefully together we can figure a way out of here. Maybe with your dad and our equipment we can work something out."

Holly smiled and got up to get in her bed.

"Besides, it's nice to have another girl around."

Ron glanced over in the direction where Kim had disappeared as he settled down in his sleeping bag. Will noticed the glance.

"Different sleeping arrangements?"

Ron smiled as he nodded.

"Yeah, it's not like we have done anything. But we have shared a sleeping bag several times, mainly trying to keep from freezing to death. Some of the flights we had to take were in the back of cargo planes and there was not much else to do but snuggle."

Will laughed.

"It was to be awesome to go around the world doing what you do."

Ron shrugged his shoulders.

"As long as we are together, we can just about do anything."

Will thought for a moment.

"Including getting out of here?"

Ron thought for a moment.

"We can only try."

Ron settled down in his bag as Will blew out the lamp.

Low conversation greeted Kim as she opened her eyes the next morning. The familiar smell of breakfast cooking also greeted her nose. She opened her sleeping bag and sat up. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she looked under her bed to see her clothes pack. Pulling a shirt and a pair of cargo pants out; she got dressed quickly. She padded out into the central room in her socks. Rick, Will and Holly sat at the table with expressions of extreme contentment on their faces. Ron looked up to see Kim standing there.

"Morning KP. I thought they would like a Rontastic breakfast. Come on, have a seat and eat."

Kim walked over the table and took a seat. The Marshall's appeared to be savoring every bite. Ron loaded Kim's plate with his special pancakes. Along with the pancakes were some of the special bacon strips they were testing for GJ. They were freeze dried and ready to eat. Kim poured some of the syrup they had on her pancakes and began to eat. Ron took a seat next to her and joined her.

Rick sighed and looked over to Ron.

"Thanks for the breakfast; I had almost forgotten how good pancakes were."

Ron nodded as he stuffed some of his creations into his own mouth."

"nootthhhh bigggttthhh

A swift kick from Kim forced him to swallow before answering again.

"No big Mr. Marshall. It's the least we can do after what you have done for us."

Wiping his mouth, Rick picked up his cup and slowly savored the coffee that Kim and Ron had carried with them.

"Coffee, real actual coffee."

Kim sighed as she savored her own cup.

"Glad we could help."

Sighing Rick sat back in his chair.

"Oh, there are some coffee plants here but the results are just not as good as this."

Rick took another slurp of his coffee and set his cup down.

"I thought we could give the two of you a so-called tour of this place. There are places that are safe to go and places not so safe to go."

Setting his cup down Ron rubbed the back of his head.

"I take it the place you found us was one of the places that is not so safe."

Rick nodded.

"Yeah, Big Alice is one thing, but when it gets dark you have to worry about the Sleestak."

Kim looked over at Rick.

"Sleestak? What is that?"

Holly started talking excitedly.

"They are really ugly lizard men. They live in the lost city."

Rick smiled as his daughter.

"Yeah, for the most part they stay around the lost city, but it's not real wise to be out after dark. They do leave the Lost City sometimes at night."

Will put his hand on his dad's arm.

"Dad, do you think we should let Enik know that Kim and Ron have gotten here."

Rick thought for a minute.

"I bet he already knows Will, or at least knows that someone else is here in the Land of the Lost."

Kim glanced over to Rick and Will.

"Who is Enik?"

Rick glanced to Kim and Ron.

"Enik is another resident around here. He looks like a Sleestack except smaller. He is actually one of the Sleestack ancestors. He got trapped in the Land of the Lost some time ago. He has helped us deal with the Sleestack on different occasions. He also taught us how to use the crystals and the pylons."

Scratching his head Ron glanced at Kim.

"Crystals?? Pylons?"

Will laughed.

"It's all in a day in the Land of the Lost."

Motioning for Kim and Ron to come up beside him, Rick settled down behind a rock overlooking an open area. The area was similar to a large courtyard. The flat rocks made the floor of the courtyard. Two large pylons stood near the center of the area. In the distance they could see the remains of the Lost City built into the rock of the mountain. Will and Holly joined Kim and Ron. Rick pointed out the entrances to the Lost City.

"We don't spend a lot of time here. It can get a little dangerous."

Rick pointed as another dinosaur appeared.

"That's Big Alice. She stays right around the Lost City so we don't have a lot of trouble with her."

Rick nodded back into the jungle.

"Let's get out of here. I don't want to push our luck and I want to show you more of this land as well as the crystals and the pylons."

Kim noticed a large rock outcropping as they emerged from the jungle. Rick motioned for them to join him at the rocks.

"These crystals have powers when used in combination."

He pulled a red and a green crystal from the rocks.

"If you put a red and a green one together, you get a bright light."

He touched the two crystals together and a blinding light was emitted. Kim and Ron shielded their eyes for a moment. As the light died down, Ron stood there blinking.

"Wow, that is badical."

He turned and touched a couple of the crystals.

"What happens with red and yellow?"

Will jumped over and grabbed Ron's hands. He slowly separated them and took the crystals out of Ron's hands.

"Red and yellow explode."

Ron blanched.

"Like go boom?"

Will nodded.

"BIG boom."

Kim took Ron's hand.

"Let's let them show us what to do."

Ron nodded.

Trying to catch her breath, Kim slowed down for Ron to catch up with her. They had been climbing one of the highest peaks in the area. Rick said there was something important for them to see. As they reached the summit the two of them looked out over the Land. In the distance they could see another mountain range. Kim turned to Rick and pointed to it.

"Have you ever tried to make it to that other range?"

Rick shook his head and handed her a pair of binoculars.

"Take a look at the highest peak."

Kim put the binoculars up to her eyes and moved to focus them. She stopped for a moment, and handed the binoculars to Ron. He noticed a strange look on her face; it was a mixture of sadness and fear. He took the binoculars from her and took a look at the distant peak. For a moment he was going to yell out that he could see someone until he noticed who he was looking at. He could see Kim turned around and looking at him. He lowered the binoculars and glanced to his right. Kim was facing the opposite direction. She turned her head and nodded.

"It's us."

Ron looked down at the binoculars.

"As Adrena Lynn would say…..Freaky!"

Climbing the rocks back up to the cave, Kim and Ron followed the Marshall family up to the cave entrance. They had just made it almost to the level of the cave when Kim heard Holly yell.

"Dad, Enik is here."

Kim and Ron looked at each other and remembered the Enik was another one of the residents of this strange land. They climbed the last few steps up to the entrance of the cave. Ron took her hand as they entered the cave. Ron was startled to see a creature standing there in the cave next to Rick. It was lizard-like standing about the same height as the two of them. Two large dark eyes were on its face with two slits for a nose. It appeared to be dressed in a gold tunic, with some type of charm hanging from its neck. A small horn rose from its head. Three fingers appeared on the hands along with clawed feet. The creature turned to face them as they stopped inside the cave. Rick turned to them.

"Kim, Ron this is Enik. Enik, this is Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable."

Enik bowed slightly to them.

"I welcome you to this place. I felt that a change had come over this land and started to search for what had happened. My search brought me here. How is it that you came to this land?"

The two of them hesitated for a moment. Enik appeared to chuckle.

"Please forgive me, I have been here far too long and forget that this land takes some getting used to."

Kim shook her head and smiled.

"That is okay Mr. Enik. We were just a little startled. It is nice to meet you."

Ron waved to Enik.

"Hey dude, nice to meet ya."

Enik turned to Rick and Rick laughed.

"They come from a slightly different time from our own. They may say things will seem strange."

Enik nodded.

"Much as the same when you arrived Rick Marshall, it took me several weeks to fully understand what you were saying."

Turning back to Kim and Ron he bowed again.

"I look forward to understanding the way you speak; maybe we can start by telling me how you arrived here."

Kim motioned to a seat.

"Let's have a seat and we will tell you what happened."

Pushing a large palm frond out of the way, Ron made his way down the trail that Holly had told them about. Kim grabbed the frond and held it until she had past. They were making their way to an area of the LOL or Land of the Lost, which Holly told them they could find some vegetables. It had been a few days since their conversation with Enik.

The creature had been friendly, however at one point of the conversation, Ron picked up a blue crystal. Something strange happened. All the monkeys outside the cave went silent and Ron seemed to go into a trance. Only when Kim shook him by the shoulder did he seem to wake up. When he did, the monkeys outside went back to yelling and screeching. All the time Enik had stared at Ron.

Now they were helping gather food. Together with Rick, Will and Holly; they had decided to not use the freeze dried food that made up what they had been carrying with them. This food would be held in reserve in case something would happen to the food supply. They were in a part of the land where there was a lot of fruit and vegetables. The only problem with this area was that it was near the Lost City and the Sleestak. They entered the clearing where Rick had told them to go. Strawberries covered the ground in front of them. Kim's mouth watered. There is nothing she liked better than fresh strawberries and these were huge. She pulled out the bags Rick had given them.

"Come on Ron; let's get a load of these strawberries."

Looking over to another part of the area, Ron noticed some carrots and onion plants. He took his bag from Kim.

"Why don't you get the strawberries while I try and get some of these carrots and onions? Rick and Will were going to try and catch some of the chickens. I thought a good chicken stew would be good."

Kim's mouth started to water at the thought of Ron's chicken stew boiling in a pot. She handed him his bag and started to pick the strawberries. She was soon in a rhythm, eat one strawberry and put two in the bag, eat another strawberry and put two in the bag.

Ron grinned as he watched Kim eat almost as many of the strawberries as she was picking. He knelt down on the ground and began pulling up the onions and carrots. Will and Holly had brought in a load of potatoes the day before. Rick showed them where they could gather some salt, while Ron had recognized a vine growing in the same area as black pepper. This world may be lost but it had everything one needed to survive. A large belch came from Kim's direction. Ron turned to look at his red faced girlfriend. She smiled at him.

"Excuse me."

Ron just smiled and continued working pulling up the carrots and onions. Soon he had enough to last for awhile. They would be eating well tonight. Standing, he walked over to where Kim sat on the ground. He touched her on the shoulder. Kim turned and looked up at him.

"I think….burrrrrpp…..that I may have….burp…..eaten too many strawberries."

Ron shook his head. His girlfriend may be a great student and athlete, but when it came to some foods, she was lost; at least to the point of eating some things in moderation. Those things were strawberries and chocolate. Just as Kim used to lose herself in a pretty face, she still would lose herself in those two foods. Ron had already learned to give Kim the small boxes of chocolates on holidays and special occasions because she would eat practically the entire box in one sitting. Then the weight gain that came from the candy would be placed squarely on his shoulders. An upset Kim because she could not get in a pair of her favorite pants is not something he wished to experience again.

Ron held out his hand.

"Come on KP. Let's get back to the cave. I'll need some time to get supper together."

Kim grabbed his hand and allowed him to pull her to her feet. She looked around and noticed how close they were to the Lost City.

"Hey Ron. Let's go explore the Lost City."

Ron looked at Kim like she had just asked him to stop eating Nacos for the rest of his life.

"KP, you have to be kidding. Everyone has told us to give the place a wide berth."

Kim laughed and gave him a small push.

"Come on Ron. I don't want to go into the Lost City. I just want to explore the outside a little bit. Come on."

Before Ron could say anything, Kim had started off for the Lost City. He shook his head as he jogged to catch up to her.

"Come on Kim, it'll soon be time to eat."

Neither one of them noticed the figure stepping from behind the tree. Two obsidian eyes watched the two of them as they headed in the direction of the Lost City.

Kim slipped quietly up to one of the doors of the Lost City. Big Alice didn't appear to be around so the two had taken time to explore the outside area of the Lost City. Now Kim was approaching one of the entrances of the Lost City. Ron stopped her as she started to take a step into the door.

"Kim, now you said we would not go in. Rick said we shouldn't go in."

Kim shook her head.

"Rick said, Rick said. Ron…. We have taken down nine foot alien and monster robots. I don't think some over-sized lizards are going to give us any problems."

Ron was about to comment when two nets flew out of the entrance and enveloped both of them. Before either one of them could react; they were yanked into the entrance of the Lost City.

Kim gave Ron a sour look as he stared back at her. The "I told you so" expression on his face got on her nerves. The secondary fact that he was completely right made the sitch even worse. A group of Sleestak had pulled them from the nets they had caught them in and dragged them to another part of the cave system. Now, they were trapped in a large net, hanging over a mist filled pit. Ron pouted as he crossed his arms.

"Now we are going to miss supper."

A low moan of some large creature below them caught their attention. Kim put her head in her hands.

"We aren't going to miss supper Ron. The problem is it appears that we are the main course."

Ron looked down into the mist.

"Ohhhhh snap."

Kim and Ron are getting used to living in the Land of the Lost. Now it looks like its dinner time. The trouble is that it appears that they are on the menu.

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