Hey all, this is the first chapter of my epic Fullmetal Alchemist story.

This is my first FMA fic, so please be kind.

I own nothing but my original characters and the original towns. I have borrowed a few passages directly from the anime. You'll notice that I have changed some things around, like where some of the characters are from. Havoc is one of those characters, so please don't send me flames saying, "He's from the east...." I know that. I have read up to volume 18. I have also read scans of later chapters. So without further ado...

Oh wait--one more thing... This story is combined manga- and anime-verse. It starts off in a flashback form... kinda sorta. Rated M, for language, some mature themes, sexual references and some citrus later.


Roy Mustang looked down and saw what he had done. He couldn't believe that he had done that. But it was right in front of his face so he couldn't deny it. But he was just following orders. How could anything be so bad. He turned his gun onto himself. This is the only way, he told himself.

"Don't," said a voice. It was Doctor Marcoh. "It was your orders, you did as you were told."

"Yes," said Roy. "But they were innocent. What did they do? They just wanted to help people."

"Nothing," said Marcoh. "Instead of taking your own life, why don't you concentrate on getting on position in the military where you won't have to follow orders? If I run, will you keep quiet about it and let me escape?"

Roy nodded and accepted the advice as Marcoh ran away.

"Did you think of your sister?" said a voice coming from behind the young man. It was Maes Hughes, Roy's best friend.

"Elir," said Roy. "No, I didn't think of her at that moment."

"But are you thinking about her now?" asked Hughes.

"Yeah. I am now. And to think that I almost killed myself, when I'm all she has in the world. Well, biologically anyway. And she's only a child," said Roy.

"I'll help you in getting to that goal of a position where you don't have to follow ludicrous orders. I'll assist you no matter what it takes. I'll stay one rank below you and support you to the top," said Hughes.

"Thanks Hughes," said Roy.

Just then a young girl came running in. "Roy!" She cried. "Bro, look what I can do!"

"Hi El," said Roy. "What can you do?"

El said nothing, but she clapped her hands and broke one of the Rockbells' makeshift patient beds using alchemy.

"Alchemy without a transmutation circle?" asked Hughes.

"That's supposed to be impossible," said Roy.

"Apparently it's not impossilable," said El. "Because I can do it."

"Are you sure it isn't a fluke?" asked Roy.

"No. It's not a fluke. I did six times already," said El.

As Roy looked at his sister, with her autumn brown pigtails and mismatched socks, he realized how much he loved her. He was the only real family she had in the world since their parents had died years ago. They had been adopted by a woman who ran a bar/host club in Central, but Roy had been the one to raise his sister. He was glad he had been talked out of commiting suicide: how could he leave Elir all alone? He held out his arms and knelt down to hug her. El was thirteen years old, and only 4'11". Her hazel eyes fell upon the gun that Roy had dropped, and then her eyes fell on the lifeless bodies of the Rockbells. She knew what Roy had done but she said nothing. She knew he had been following orders. She hugged him tighter.

"You should take the test, El," said Hughes.

"Which test?" asked El, still hugging her brother.

"The State Alchemist Exam," said Roy.

"You think they'd let me take it? I'm only 13 years old," said El.

"Well, if they don't let you take the test, I'll get in their faces and then they will," said Roy.

Upon hearing that El could do alchemy without a transmutation circle, they let her take the test, and she passed with flying colors. Roy achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. And Hughes did as he promised and achieved the rank of Major, one rank below Roy's. Elir was assigned to report to Major Hughes, but Roy was allowed to give her missions as he pleased.

Three days after passing the test, El was called into Hughes' office. Her brother was there as well.

"Hiya," she said, only half serious. Roy jokingly raised an eyebrow at his little sister. She returned it with a wink.

"El," said Hughes. "I called you in here because I have received your offical state alchemist title."

"Really?" said El. "That's cool."

Hughes handed El a manilla folder. El opened it and read the file out loud: "State Alchemist Elir Mustang will now and forever be known as the 'Wicked Alchemist.'" Elir handed the folder back to Hughes. "Wicked? Is he mispronouncing 'wiccan' and being an asshole, or is he ignorant and he thinks I am a satanic worshipper?"

"Perhaps neither..." said Roy. "Maybe it's just a play on words. Wicked-wiccian...."

"Maybe," said El. "Who knows, Roy?"

"Exactly--who knows?" said Hughes, although he quickly changed the subject back to business. "Since you are the first female state alchemist, and you never see a girl with a pocket watch, we improvised."

Hughes handed El what looked like a locket engraved with the President's decal. When she opened it, however, it was, in fact, a watch.

"Very nice," she said, putting on.

Elir Mustang walked out of the office a few moments later, not only with a watch on a necklace and a new title but with her first mission as well. She hopped a train going south toward Geneva. Geneva was the city next to the town of Maladane, where El and Roy had grown up.

Six years later.....

Author's note: I'm skipping ahead....this takes place right at the end of episode 13 of the anime, which happens to be one of my favorites.

"After all the information the Colonel gave us on Marcoh, we can't ask him to keep this little guy, too. Equivalent exchange--we'd end up owing too much," said a young blonde boy.

"You're right, brother. I just wish we could keep him," said his metal companion.

"You guys need someone to take a cat?" asked a young woman, sticking her head out the window of her apartment.

The two nodded. The young woman disapeared from the window. Moments later she was outside, standing before them.

"I'll take the cat," she said. "I like cats."

"Really.....?" asked the armored one, looking delighted.

"Yes. I love cats," she said. "I'm surprised you were trying to get the colonel to take it. He's really not a cat person. He's more of a dog person."

"Oh," said the armored one.


The two boys looked at her in awe.

"Wow," said the one in the armor. "You sounded just like him. Didn't she brother?"

The smaller blonde boy nodded.

"Thanks. Kinda easy when you see him everyday," she said.

The two boys looked confused. This young woman couldn't be a military officer, could she? They had never seen her at Eastern Headquarters.

"I'm his sister," she added. "Elir Mustang."

"Oh," said the one in the armor. "I'm Alphonse, by the way. Alphonse Elric."

"Nice to meet you, Alphonse."

"Nice to meet you too, Elir," said Alphonse.

"You can call me, El. Everyone does," said Elir. "The guy with you is your older brother, right?"

"Yeah," said the blonde one. "I'm Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist."

"Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you two," said Elir. "By the way, I'm state alchemist too."

"What's your tittle?" asked Alphonse.

"The Wicked Alchemist. Don't worry I'm not evil or anything. I think it was just a play on words. Bradly was trying to be funny... I think. wicked-wiccian."

"Wiccan?" repeated Edward.

"Yes. I am wiccan," said El.

"Oh cool," said Alphonse. "We should get going brother."

"Yeah," said Ed.

"Thank you for taking the cat, El," said Alphonse. "It was nice meeting you."

"Nice meeting you too," Elir called after them.