This was written as a request from ensnaredsinner, on my livejournal, and I'm glad to say that it's actually more general than anything else.

Thank God...I thought I could only write romance. xD


Sora doesn't know what actually possesses her to show on his doorstep the way she does. She doesn't think he likes sweets that much - he isn't much of a sweet person to begin with - and green tea has been known to make even the most resilient people grimace.

So she really wonders.

Leon looks at her unabashed - as always - and she smiles at him, half soaked by summer rain, and lifts the treats up silently, as if to point out the obvious. Am I intruding?

Not at all. He steps aside and she has moment of self-consciousness as she walks by him, into his apartment, and a strand of his long hair very nearly brushes against her face.

Everything is just as she'd thought it would be - caught between spartan and commodity, between dull and bright - and the colors are tasteful, as is his sense of design. Sora likes it all...just as she thought she would. My mother sent me some home made treats of hers and I wanted to share them with you. Do you mind?

Which is true really, Sora thought, rummaging through his kitchen - completely comfortable - for some plates and cups. She's always been a 'first impulse' kind of girl and Leon was her first impulse...

From the corner of her eye, she sees his blank look and wonders if that means that she's surprised him so much that he doesn't know what to do with himself.

If you are here for pity's sake, you can leave the way you came. I don't need it. Leon tells her implacably, arms crossed loosely over his chest.

Ah yes. Now he's aware that she knows about Sophie.

She's expected this much, though his words still manage to hit a certain sore spot inside of her. It's not fair that he can hurt her when she's only trying to reach out to his aching soul. But then she supposes that it's not fair that he's all alone either - there can be no blame imputed on Leon.

So she doesn't make much fuss over his jabs. Not everyone has such complicated reasons, Mr Leon. If you're so suspicious of your own partner, we're never going to get anywhere. I want us to trust each other on the stage and outside it! And, she saunters to his couch, tray in hand, hoping to look as harmless as she feels, I want to be your friend. And anything else you want me to be.

He looks dumbfounded and Sora feels almost sorry that she hasn't brought a camera with her. Then she shakes herself and gingerly starts pouring hot tea into the two cups, humming a tune which - somewhat - reminds her of the rain outside.

One heartbeat. Two. The cushion dips to her right - almost cautiously - and Sora blinks when Leon moves to take the cup from her hands.

I don't like sweets, unfortunately.

She smiles like a giddy child.


Awww...bonding moments. Cute. ^^;