Scar's Story

Chapter 4

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A cheetah tom leaped on Kovu, biting into his neck, holding onto his back with thorn sharp claws. He shook his head, trying to shake him off. But the cheetah was stronger and kept hold, so Kovu had to leap up, twist around and land on his back. The cheetah growled in fusturation and Kovu got up before the enemy could fight him again.

Kovu turned and put a paw on the cheetah's throat.

"Who do you think you are, attacking the queen of the Pridelands?" he snarled, referring to Nala who was fighting her way away from the cheetahs.

"I don't follow your queen or king's orders." was the response.

"Then who are you working for?" Kovu growled.

"Zira. She...she hired us before you and your pride killed her." the cheetah hissed. Kovu gasped in surprise and pressed harder on the throat for more information.

"That's all I know!" the cheetah protested.

"What is your name?"

"Kuchu." Kuch answered. He struggled out of Kovu's grasp and raced away. Kovu stood there in shock and confusion. His mother had gotten cheetahs too? That didn't make sense. She wouldn't ask for help, he knew his mother well enough to know that. As he stared in confusion, a body suddenly sprang on him, claws digging into his shoulder.

"If the future king can't even pay attention in battle, why should he become one at all?" the attacker whispered in his ear. Kovu shook him off and jumped into battle. He saw one cheetah not moving. Killed. He then saw Aida killing another, one who had bit Kira in the neck, Kira was bent over, panting hard. Kovu leaped over to her. Blood oozed out of the bite wound and he could hear her groan in pain. The brown tom began to lick her wound, and Aida came over and took over to Kovu's relief. Leaving the two lionesses to be, he jumped into battle again.

At last the battle ended. It had lasted quite long, even with only six cheetahs. Three had been killed, the rest were greatly injured. Now, Kovu began checking around, making sure his future pride wasn't hurt.

He padded over to Kira. Aida was beside her, grooming her ruffled fur gently. When Kovu got close enough, he saw his mate was sleeping.

"How is she?" he asked, worry in his tone.

"Pretty good. The bleeding has stopped for now and I got her to sleep."Aida answered. Kovu checked around to make sure everyone else was alive; they were, and then lied beside his mate. He began to groom her fur and soon he and Aida fell into a soothing rhythm.

"Kira!" a voice cried. He brought his head up to see the king running toward his daughter. Simba rushed to her side and nuzzled her. "Kira, Kira." he murmured softly. Then he turned his head to Aida and Kovu, concern, worry, and anger in his dark green eyes. "Will she be alright?" he demanded. Aida nodded, and though Simba nodded in reply, he still didn't seem convinced.

Kovu walked over to Nala. She was bleeding on her left hind leg, and a long scratch ran across her belly, but apart from that, she looked fine.

"How are you?" he asked. Nala looked up, her blue eyes emotionless.

"I'm fine, Kovu. Thank you for helping. You are a strong and clever fighter. That will come in handy when you're king." the queen praised proudly, pride now shining in her eyes. Kovu bowed his head in embarassment, muttering a thanks.

"Kovu! Over here please!" Simba called from behind. Mumuring a final good-bye to the queen, he trotted over.


"We should go soon. I want you to check over the gorge with Aida to make sure the cheetahs have left for sure. Go...go to my dad's death spot," Simba said softly. Kovu nodded, and set off. He joined Aida, who had a scar across her muzzle and looked tired and sore.

It didn't take long to check, and neither lion had anything to report. Simba blinked at this and bent by his daughter. He nudged her with his paw and her golden brown head rose slowly. Her green eyes blinked a couple of times and through a long, loud yawn, she asked, "Yeah?".

"Time to go Kiara." Simba said quietly. Kiara nodded and stood up. Her legs seemed to wobble for a few seconds but she quickly regained balance. With Simba and Kovu on either side of her, the group of lions headed toward to Pride Rock.

Kovu gave his fur one last grooming. He made sure it was shiny and sleek, with none sticking out. He stretched out a paw and tried to comb his mane with a sheathed claw. Gritting his teeth as it untagled the black mane, he slowly began to look older and powerful. He needed to look that way too. Today would be his first assment. He would be checking over the Pridelands and then do a pretend but serious fight with one of the lionesses. Excitement rippled through him and he began to pace in circles.

"I can see you're ready Kovu. Let's go." Simba said softly, stepping beside him. The two lions walked out of the dark cave where they all slept, into the morning light. Simba nodded at Kovu and Kovu took off.

"Everyone alright?" Kovu called to the group of zebras. The zebras all looked up and their expressions turned cold.

"Why are you here?" one snapped, stepping up. Kovu stood his ground, hiding his confusion. Didn't Simba tell them that he was no longer exiled?

"Settle down, Harshu. Remember, he helped kill Zira?" one murmured, standing beside who Kovu thought was Hurshu. He wince when he heard his mother's name, and wanted to bow his head, but he knew that was the wrong move. Instead, he said, "Hello. I'm just checking over the Pridelands. Is everything alright here?" Hurshu nodded stiffly, and his green eyes clearly said for Kovu to go. Kovu bowed his head in a goodbye and hurried off.

"Did everything go well, Kovu?' Simba greeted as Kovu climbed onto Pride Rock. Kovu nodded.

"Great. Are you ready for the next assesment?" Simba asked and once again, Kovu nodded.

"Aida, you will fight Kovu." Aida came over. She was part of Simba's pride, meaning she had light brown fur with dark blue eyes. The two lions went over to a grassy area beside Pride Rock. Simba let them stand across, and signaled to start.

Aida immeadietly darted toward the brown-furred lion. She moved to Kovu's right, and swiped out a paw at his face. Kovu easily dodged it, spinning around and leaping on not her, but the ground. He spat in furstration and looked for his opponent. She wasn't anywhere to be found. Growling, he paced around, ready to attack. Then, out of nowhere, a body leapt onto him, crushing him to the ground. He twisted around, breaking free. Aida darted toward him, but he dodged this by sprinting to the left. Her paw clawed in the empty air and she let out an annoyed hiss. He purred in victory, but quickly went back into focus when he heard her creeping behind him. He spun around and clawed her face, making sure his claws weren't out. She did the same.

For a while the two lion tumbled and clawed, hissed and bit. Finally, at last, Aida had Kovu pinned down, a paw lightly on his neck. Kovu struggled to break free, but she did not move. Growling, he let himself go limp, then slide out to his left. Aida let out a yowl of surprise as he pinned her down. His paw moved at her neck, light enough so it didn't do damage. He kept her like that for a while longer until Simba called, "Kovu, you won".