Prologue: Moving Away

Rosalie POV

Today was the day. After many months of considering, Emmet and I decided that we wanted a child. The only way for us to have a child was through adoption. We considered the dangers of adopting a human child, but it was the only way, and I've wanted a child of my own more than anything else for my entire existence. Emmet was very supportive, and I could tell deep down that he wanted the chance to be a father.

We wanted the child to live a relatively normal life until we were ready to tell he or she about our world. So today we were leaving our vampire family indefinitely in order to give our little one a normal childhood. We were going to completely sever all ties. Today we would leave the house, go to the orphanage choose a child, and head to Maine where we decided to start our new life. Of course, both Emmet and I were sad to be leaving our family, but we wanted this chance.

Emmet had just finished loading the car, and the family was assembled down stairs. We had been progressively saying our goodbyes to different members of the family spending time with each of them in the past few weeks. So today we kept it simple a few last hugs, well wishes, and hopes to see each other again after our child grows up.

Esme-if she were human-would have been crying.

Carlisle was-as always-supportive.

Edward was sad to see Emmet go. He may have thought Emmet was annoying, but they were always close. Hey Edward, I know we don't really get along but I'll miss you. He gave me a slight smile and a nod.

Alice was zoned out trying to gaze into our future with our child. "Alice, do me a favor; don't look into our future if you can help it. I don't want you guys to worry, and we will see you again someday."

And finally, Jasper just had a pained look on his face. Most likely from the sea of strong emotion swirling through the room.

After saying our final goodbyes, we made our way out to the car. Before startng the car, Emmet took my hand.

"Ready?" I took a deep, unnecessary breath and nodded.

…At the orphanage…

The lady in-charge lead us into a room full of playing children. I just stood there until Emmet spoke:

"It's a bit overwhelming. How do we choose one?"

That's when I saw her, a beautiful little girl with big brown eyes and long wavy brown hair sitting in the corner by herself. I pulled Emmet in her direction. I bent down in front of her.

"Hi, what's your name?"

She looked at me shyly before answering. "Bella."

"How old are you, Bella?"


Then Emmet stepped in, "Do you want to come home with us, Bella?"

She nodded; I helped her up and took her hand. After we signed all the necessary papers, we took Bella to the car. Half-way there I felt a little hand tug on my jeans. I looked down at Bella.

"What is it, sweetie?"

"Can I call you 'mommy'?" The smile on my face probably threatened to rip my face in half.

"I'd like that."