Bella POV

Edward pulled me close into his arms gently kissing my hair as he led us through the crowd of our friends and family into the backyard where the reception was being held. We didn't make it far before we were ambushed by my mom who pulled both me and Edward into a tight hug squeezing the three of us together into a rather uncomfortable position.

"Oh God Bella…the ceremony was so beautiful. And your dress was absolutely perfect and then the flowers…and the candles," she cried tearless sobs as she held us tightly in her granite arms. I briefly looked up at Edward who was obviously holding back his laughter.

"Uhh Mom, I know Edward doesn't need the air, but I can't breathe," I managed to choke out.

She gave us one more good squeeze before releasing us before making an effort at quieting her sobs, "Sorry…I'll go help Alice." She disappeared through the crowds of people towards Alice who was currently flitting around the gifts and cake in a frenzy.

That left us to face all of our guest-the Denalis, Mike, Jessica, Angela with her boyfriend Ben, some of Carlisle's associated from the hospital as well as the Minister and other figures from around town. The Denalis made us promise to visit soon after we returned from our honey moon while Mike and Jessica weren't so easy to deal with. We practically had to beat them off with a stick just to get us to leave them alone. We hugged and shook hands until all of the guests had filtered past us and the reception was in full swing.

The music played softly around us as Edward gently wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to the dance floor. He placed his cold lips against my ear, "I think it's time for our first dance, angel." I was too happy to even argue about dancing. I just placed my face against his stone chest inhaling his glorious scent as we swayed in the middle of the floor.

After a moment, I looked up at his perfect face getting lost in his topaz eyes. He pulled me even closer allowing a gentle smile to grace his face. Not even caring that we were surrounded by people watching us from all around, I leant up to place my lips against his. We kissed slowly and softly for an immeasurable moment until he gently pulled away as the song changed. Other people filtered out onto the dance floor but we stayed where we were-locked in each other's arms, lost in each other's eyes.

Emmett POV

I watched from my position next to Rose as Edward and Bella danced with each other across the yard. They seemed absolutely lost in each other oblivious to the crowds of people around them. I just stood there taking in the scene thinking back to my decision earlier this morning.

I sat there at our house in Bella's old room wallowing in mine own stupidity. I could just imagine it. How beautiful she would look dressed in all white…The smile on her face as she makes her way down the aisle towards my brother…I had been so selfish. Who was I to deny them their happiness just because I wasn't ready to handle this type of change? Before I could even comprehend what I was doing, I was down the hall digging in the closet for my tux.

I made it in time for the ceremony, but somehow I still didn't know what to say to Bella or to Edward. So I just stayed where I was next to Rose hiding from them. I knew that I was acting silly, but after everything that had happened how was I suppose to break the ice? I sighed, and Rose obviously heard her eyes immediately following my stare towards the happy couple. Apparently, she understood my dilemma since she gave me an encouraging smile and nudged me in their direction.

I approached them cautiously still trying to figure out what I should even say. But of course, it's nearly impossible to sneak up on Edward, and he turned to face me once I was about five feet away. A huge smile broke out on Bella's face as she ran into my arms hugging me as tightly as she could. "I'm so happy you're here, Dad," she whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek. I was amazed that she could so easily forgive me for the whole ordeal that had passed. It just spoke to what an amazing person my daughter was.

She stepped back as I pulled Edward into a hug. I'm sorry man. He just shook his head giving me a genuine smile. As soon as he stepped back, they wrapped their arms around each other like they couldn't stand to be separated for any length of time like it was painful to have any space between them. I knew the feeling; it was the same way I felt about Rose when we married and the way I still felt about her every second we were together.

I knew at this point that I had to say something so I took a deep breath preparing myself, "I know it may not seem this way, but I really am happy that you found each other."

Edward smiled pulling his bride even closer into his side, "Thanks Em…we're happy to have you back."

Edward POV

The rest of the reception flowed smoothly. We opened all of gifts. Most of the human guest gave us china which only Bella needed and even she wouldn't need it much longer. After the gifts, we cut the cake. Of course, Bella shoved a rather large piece of the hideous concoction into my mouth allowing a wicked smirk to grace her face. She would pay for that, I made a mental note to myself as I gave her a playful growl too low for anyone else to hear.

Finally, we came to the part of the festivities that I was most looking forward to. I helped Bella into the chair before I lifted her dress and ducked down to very carefully grasp the garter between my teeth and gently slide it down her silky white leg. Of course when I looked back up, Bella was bright red as Japser whistled loudly and the crowd laughed collectively.

Everything else happened in a whirlwind, my annoying pixie of a sister stole Bella and escorted her into the house to change, and Jasper left to get the car. Before I knew it, we were in my Vanquish and on our way to the airport. I sighed happily ready for several weeks of time with no one distracting me from my angel.

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