Title: the story breaks free here
Series: Naruto
Character/Pairing: Hinata, Neji (NejiHinata)
Rating: Uh. PG.
Summary: They rebuild the town of Konoha stone by stone.
A/N: comment_fic: Neji/Hinata, love has no boundaries. AU from current arc.


They rebuild the town of Konoha stone by stone. They release the ashes of the dead and now Kakashi and Shizune are added to the plaque of heroes. Many are left nameless, their bodies left unrecognizable by the blasts.

Her father, too.

Suddenly she is head of a crumbling family in a crumbling town in a crumbling world. Everything has decayed. Entropy reigns in the ruins. Even if Pein had been eventually defeated, the cost of a defeat was very high indeed.

Her newly grown strength isn't enough. She stands and hides her trembling hands behind her back. She doesn't know how to do this. She doesn't. She doesn't.

She has changed much since Naruto has touched his life and even more with Naruto's death.
Her lower lips quivers and yet she holds her head high. Her first love is vapor, dust and breath.

But Neji still stands before her, blood that is both close and distant. He is bound to her, even if she would set him free in a moment could she do so.

She could destroy him with for a single blow, but they both know she never will. She would gladly give this burden to him for the carrying. Still, the burden is her price, her own to carry.

He has learned that a weakness like that is something to be envied, not disdained, that leadership does not always go to the strongest. Both have learned and grown since these days and when she asks Will you please help me? with as much strength as she can muster, he feels no touch of the resentment that once filled his life.

They marry that winter. The walls have been felled and the boundaries that sliced the family in two have but knotted together in their hands.