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Chapter 1

A Few Weeks Earlier

Danny Fenton, also known as the teen hero, Danny Phantom, stared at his four new foster parents in pure disbelief, utterly shocked at the sheer audacity of what they were telling him.

"You're all lunatics! Stark raving mad, I tell you. YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!" The enraged teen stood, angrily glaring death at the four adults sitting on the couch before him. His eyes blazed with untapped fury as he literally tried to fry them up, smash them into little pieces, and then throw them into hell with his eyes alone.

Mrs. Manson, deciding to be the courageous one, stood up to brave the teen hero's wrath, not that they knew he had powers yet. "Honey, he's a well respected man in society and a very good friend of our family." She swallowed as his glare magnified in intensity, sending shivers spiraling down her spine. "He'll be able to protect you from whoever killed your parents a-and o-our children. You'll be able to start a new life… away from Amity Park and all the memories."

Mr. Foley took up where she left off, placing a hand on the distressed woman's shoulder. "There you can make new friends. You'll be able to forget about Tucker and Sam and-"

"No!" Danny interrupted, his scream echoing throughout the Manson's mansion. "I'll never forget them, and you can't make me!" The only Nasty Burger Explosion survivor fled the living room at a run, hot tears making angry red streaks down his cheeks. Fleeing the house, he ran in any direction, wanting to get away from all the unwanted attention, painful memories, and the fact that his whole world was unraveling with him at its center.

The only son of Jack and Maddie Fenton entered the forest surrounding Amity Park without hesitation or any form of rational thought. He practically flew through the trees as if they weren't even there.

After a while he started to slow, eventually stopping underneath a large willow tree. Emotionally and physically exhausted, he collapsed with his head in his arms, crying out his loneliness into the wilderness around him that could do nothing but listen and try to bring peace to distraught sixteen year old boy.

Hours passed and soon there were no more tears to shed. What was once overwhelming sorrow had healed over, leaving a scar to mark what had once been a gruesome wound. Nature, having sensed his recovery, sent a warm breeze to wrap around his still but breathing form and coax him asleep to recover from the wounds that had been inflicted upon him even though they were not of the physical sense. Gently his eyes closed, and he fell into a deep sleep without any worries, for nature was watching over him as he slept.

Present Day

Danny Fenton's eyes flashed wide open in surprise, not expecting someone to shake him awake. With his mind still slightly clouded from sleep, he examined his surroundings, trying to remember where he was. Black leather seats, a small mini fridge, and his foster father's facial features looking at him from an open door jolted his memory back to life. They were on the way to the airport to meet the man who had adopted him, oh joy.

His muscles groaned as he exited the car, the bright light blinding him momentarily. As his eyes adjusted, he closed the door, the sound echoing faintly through the crisp morning air. With his eyes now fully adjusted, he walked up to the small group of people standing near the jet, an impassive expression upon his features.

"Danny! I'm glad you decided to join us!" Mrs. Manson said nervously, hugging him tightly. Releasing him, she steered him right towards the only stranger in the group.

"Danny, this is Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Industries." Mrs. Foley said, holding onto her husband's hand tightly as tears started to form. He's your new father."

As she spoke, the teen superhero's blue eyes flashed in suspicion as he scrutinized and dissected every little detail of his new father, from his well-tailored business suit to his stony facial expression. Not intimidated in the slightest by the older man's dominating figure, Danny locked eyes with him, showing that he wasn't some scared little teenager that could be manipulated easily.

"So… you're my adopted father…" Danny stated, eyes never moving from Bruce's own. "Why?" He asked, watching his new father closely for any hints at his thoughts.

"Hmm…?" The young CEO asked, raising an eyebrow, but never shifting his gaze. "Why what? Why am I adopting you?" Those dark eyes glinted in what seemed to be amusement.

Annoyance colored Danny's eyes for a second before it was hidden again behind his mask of impassiveness.

"It's mostly because of your foster parents asked me to, and I've heard that your parents were great inventors. I'm a bit on an inventor myself, and I'm curious to see what the son of two scientists of their caliber could come up with." The stare down ended as Bruce took another look at Danny's figure. "What I had heard about you, Daniel Fenton, was that you are a young boy, a 'C' student, shy, and not very athletic…" His eyes surveyed Danny once more, gliding over his slight but lithely muscled frame, icy blue eyes, and short black hair. "…but from what I can see here, the reports were way off track." His features softened as his lips quirked up in a smile that was dimly reflected in his eyes. "I'm looking forward to being your adopted father."

Danny shifted his weight to his back leg, placed his hands into his jean pockets, and allowed his eyelids to drop down half way, giving him a relaxed look. A bitter half smile appeared flickered upon his lips before his blank expression returned as he surveyed his new guarding in full. "Even a boy grows up fast when his only friends are murdered in front of him." Glancing back at his nervous foster parents, he sighed slightly before nodding solemnly. "Alright, I'll try to make it work." Mr. and Mrs. Manson and Foley smiled back at the teen.

"Well then," Mr. Foley started with an air of finality, "I believe it's time for us to go. Danny, if you need to contact us for any reason, don't hesitate to do so, alright? Despite Bruce being your legal guardian, we'll always be there if you need us."

The teen just nodded in reply. As he turned to his four foster parents, a small smile appeared on his lips in, only to be swept up in an unexpected group hug that seemed to last a life time. After that came the teary goodbyes that all parents seem to go through and another hug from each parent. Finally the Mansons and the Foleys allowed him to walk back to Bruce, who was waiting for him at the entrance to the jet.

With a last look at his foster parents, Danny stepped into the private jet and right into the start of his new life with Bruce Wayne and… the Batman.

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