Chapter 23 - Oi!


"Now, please" I stressed strongly the please as I reached down to place my shoe on my foot, "be sensible. I know you'll be responsible, but I just want to make sure you'll be alright on your own for the night." I finished as I placed the second shoe on my other foot. My feet were going to suffer tonight, I thought.

Abby rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms, "Couple things: a) I'm sixteen, not six; b) You've left me alone overnight before, it's fine; and c) I'm not even going to be on my own, Katie, Vicky and Leah are coming over. So I'll be fine."

I sighed, "Fine, fine, as long as you're sure?" I asked just one last time.

She nodded impatiently and hurried me out the door, "Now please go out and have fun, but don't be embarrassing okay? See you tomorrow." she said before closing the door behind me.

When I arrived at Rosalie's it seemed that everyone had already started to get into it. Alice answered the door holding an opened bottle of wine. She grinned happily and pulled the door open wider allowing me to step inside; Rosalie must have been preoccupied.

"Here." Alice said, ignoring formalities and shoving her hand forward, placing a wine glass in front of me which was, I might add, very full.

I took the glass from her happily and took a small sip, testing the fruity taste on my tongue before swallowing, satisfied. She followed me into the front room where everyone was already sat. there weren't a great many of us attending tonight, due to Rosalie's insistence as Emmett was going for a similar idea. I had a feeling it would be better that way as well.

I looked around the room to see who was joining us as Alice offered top ups. Rosalie was sat in the middle of the floor - everything had been moved out the way - surrounded by a small group of people, most of whom I recognised. Rose's cousin Laura was sat facing me, looking gorgeous as usual - there was something about the Hale's that made them all stupidly attractive - the spitting image of Rosalie almost, only with brown hair and eyes. Beside her was Deb from work, her normally straight hair curled into ringlets. The other girl sat with them I hadn't seen before, her long brown hair and long body unrecognisable to me.

I took a seat beside Alice, "How come you all started with out me?" I asked teasingly as they smiled, taking long sips of wine.

"Should be on time." Rosalie retorted with a massive grin as she reached over and put her arm around me. "Better start catching up." she hinted, staring at my glass and, taking the hint, I took a long gulp, squinting my eyes as I did so. Wine wasn't best done in large doses at once as far as I was concerned and it always went straight to my head.

Rose at least looked satisfied and turned away to find a remote control, pressing a button which triggered the music. People started swaying to the beat as Rosalie turned up the volume and I took the opportunity to introduce myself to the stranger in the room.

I caught her elbow lightly, "Hey, I don't think we've been introduced, I'm Bella."

She smiled back at me. "I thought you must be, Rosalie's mentioned you before, wondered who you were. Nice to meet you, I'm Angela."

I raised my glass in greeting and she did the same before we bought it to our lips once more.

Between the six of us, we managed to finish four bottles of wine before having gone anywhere. Although no one was really out of it yet, we were all relaxed and starting to let loose a little. Deb, who I had never seen outside of work was completely different to how I would have expected her to be with a few drinks in her. She was a bit of a lightweight and the most gone of all of us as we set off in search of our first club of the night.

When we arrived, we grabbed a table off to the side so that we weren't concealed, but we weren't in the middle of things either. Alice produced from her bag a small tiara which she placed on top of Rosalie's head and we all giggled at the absurdity of it.

Once a few pictures were snapped, Rosalie headed to the bar, and came back with a tray full of various shots and placed them on the table. She took her seat and dished us out all a shot each, giving me the vodka one from the smell of it.

"Right." Rosalie shouted over the music, "I'm thinking a quick game, followed by dancing, followed by whatever the fuck we feel like, what do we reckon?"

"Yes!" Deb shouted laughing, "What we playing?"

"Right, who's up for 'I have never'?" Alice offered, "That one where we go round the circle saying 'I have never… done something' and anyone who has takes a shot?"

There were nods of approval around the circle, "Dunno if that's a good game to be playing with family about though." Laura said with a hint of a smile in her voice, to demonstrate that she wasn't actually bothered.

Rosalie pushed her jokingly "Shut up, you. Just 'cause you're gunna lose." she paused and looked around the circle, "Me first then, I have never been caught having sex."

She looked around the table. Laura and Alice both took a shot and quickly grabbed another from a tray. No look of embarrassment on either of their faces, clearly having already had enough to drink that it wasn't an issue any more, although I knew normally that Alice at least would have blushed bright red if she had admitted that.

A chorus of "Ooohs" came from our table and Laura shrugged, "Shut up." she grinned and took her turn, next in line, "Okay, to keep in light of the occasion, I have never been married."

Alice, Angela and myself all took a drink and reached for another as by the rules of the game. I wondered if there was a way to make it so Alice would have to take a shot every time. It wasn't looking as though this game was going to last too long anyway, may as well make the most of it.

Alice rarely got drunk and so she was an obvious victim of this game. That is if you knew her well enough as I did.

Angela tapped my shoulder, "I hope you don't mind me asking," she slurred slightly, "but I didn't realise you were married, how come you don't wear a ring?"

I smiled at her drunken confusion, "It's okay. I'm divorced." I shrugged.

"Oh I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked." she looked greatly apologetic, so I grinned widely at her.

"Doesn't matter, been divorced for a while now, and we're fine." I shrugged once again, "How long have you been married?" I asked curiously.

She smiled softly, "Oh not very long, just under a year." she looked down at her hand - probably at the ring on her finger - proudly.

"What's his name?" I asked.

"Ben." She told me, looking at me again. "He's a doctor at the hospital."

"Oh really?" I asked surprised, reminded of Edward, "So is my boyfriend."

"Maybe they know each other." She offered, probably knowing however that it was a long shot. "What's his name?" I told her and her eyes widened, seemingly in recognition, "Oh my God, I know him! He and Ben work together, what a coincidence, isn't that amazing?" she asked excitedly.

I grinned widely, also amazed by the coincidence and we both burst out laughing.

"Guys." Rosalie spoke, "That's amazing, but can we play?" She asked with authority but also with a hint of a whine in her voice.

We gave in, bowing her heads. Waiting for Alice to take her turn.

"I have never had sex outside."

The game continued in the same way until all the shots had been drunk, and although there were quite a few of them, it didn't take us long to finish them. A few things were revealed, mainly about the state of our ex lives and found out far more that I probably would have liked, but we laughed it off, teased each other and moved on.

We all eventually made it onto the dance floor, me holding a Sex on the Beach in my hand, gulping it greedily. We all danced together in our group, jumping about mostly, although I had caught Deb and Laura grinding each other, no doubt attempting to attract some male attention. It was pretty effective.

It was when 'I Gotta Feeling' by Black Eyed Peas came on that I could tell we were all just a bit drunk. Rosalie took me by the hand and dragged me over to the bar as everyone else followed. Unsteadily, and following Rosalie's lead, we all clambered onto the bar, so we were in a line across it.

A majority of the people around surrounded the bar as we danced and sang along to the upbeat sound of the song. I mainly just jumped around with my hands flung in the air, flinging my hair around my face without a care. I didn't know what everyone else was doing, but I knew everyone on the floor was getting into it too, singing along with us.

I leaned forward and looked down the bar. The rest of the girls were doing much the same as I was. All apart from Deb anyway, who was being pulled by the hand down from the bar by - I had to admit - was very attractive.

Engulfed as I was in the whole thing, I watched intently as they stared at each other, his arms wrapping around her waist. I felt like I was watching one of those really cheesy romantic films where you get so engrossed that you desperately want the two main characters to hurry up and get together. Only in this instant, I was just drunkenly standing on a bar, wanting my colleague to snog some random man in a club so that I can - hopefully - remember and bring it up at work on Monday.

As soon as they're lips met an excited scream erupted. Rosalie and Alice, who were stood beside me, looked at me curiously and I nodded in Deb's direction. Momentarily, their attention turned to her and her mystery man, before they both turned inwardly towards me and reacted much the same as I did.

Alice passed the message on down the bar and before long the five of us were chanting her name, accompanied by several 'woos' of praise for her.

We climbed down from the bar, me almost tripping over my own feet, and headed over to where Deb stood.

Rose put her arm around Deb's shoulder and addressed her mystery man, "Oi, who do you think you are?"

He moved backwards away from Deb slightly, though I noticed he kept hold of her hands, as he looked at Rose "Depends who's asking?"

She raised an eyebrow before answering loudly, "I'm Rosie, Bitch. Who are you?"

He smiled, amused "I'm James. Much less exciting than 'Bitch' though, clearly."

"Oooh, I love the name James!" Deb exclaimed, clearly finding out his name at the same time as us.

Some odd looks were given to Deb, but nothing was said and we were all stood in a slightly awkward silence. I looked at James, he was more attractive up close, he had a strong jaw - and strong looking body as well - with a slight hint of stubble and light brown hair with blue eyes.

"You know, I didn't catch your name?" He looked at Deb and she smiled slightly, blushing as she told him. He smiled back at her, "Nice to meet you."

"You." Alice said sharply, pointing her finger in James' face, "Were just sucking our friend's face."

James shrugged and looked at Deb again, "Don't s'pose you'd mind if we carried on do you?"

Rose relented slightly, but before she completely let go of Deb she made sure she got the last word in, "Fine. Don't leave with him though we're going somewhere else soon." she turned her attention to James, "Better bring her back, Bitch." and she turned back to the bar leaving them to it.

A little while later, Rose seemed to be ready to move on to the next place. I noticed her stretching up looking through the crowd, most likely searching for Deb. She was the only one who had managed to drift from the group, despite a good number of men coming in search of Laura's attention.

I could sense Rosalie was starting to get pissed - most likely with that James guy for stealing Deb away - and decided to take some action. I marched - though not gracefully - back to the bar and tapped the shoulder of one of the more muscular men there, who turned to face me curiously.

"I need to get on here." I said before banging my hand down on the top of the bar.

After some pleading, I managed to get the guy to pull me onto the bar. I had to look across the room a couple of times before I spotted Deb and James off in the corner. I sighed and pulled myself down, pointing out the spot to Rose before she stormed off in search of the couple. I don't know how long we waited, but eventually Rose was able to detach them from each other getting James' number for Deb and pulling her away.

The second place we went to was much the same. Starting with a tequila shot followed by who-knows-what-else. The more I had to drink, the more whiny and irate I could feel myself becoming, making myself want to drink more; this was a stage I always went through.

"Sequila Sunrise, please." I asked the barman, holding onto the bar for support.

"How many you had?" he asked rudely.

I lowered my brow at him, "I dunno." I shrugged, "I just want another one."

He shook his head, "I don't think so."

I pressed the palms of my hands onto the top of the bar, not understanding why he wouldn't give me another drink. Surely that was his job.

"Look, Mr. Barman, I'm thirsty. Give me a drink." I shouted at him, pissed that he wasn't serving me like he was supposed to.

"I think I'm gunna have to ask you to leave, Miss. You've had one too many."

Try as I may have to fight back, it was no use. When he threatened to call security I figured it was about time to back down and get us all out of there. The girls weren't exactly happy about it, but considering it was either leave or let me go on my own at four in the morning, the previous was more favourable.

"We should go back to Rosie's and have more booze!" Laura suggested excitedly and began walking off down the road on her own. Some delayed reaction - possibly from the alcohol, who knows - caused us to momentarily forget that it was probably not a good thing and the lot of us had to run up the road after her.

"Oi!" Rose shouted, as she reached Laura, stumbling as she went, "Wait. We can't walk home now."

"Yeah." I said in agreement, jutting my lower lip out, "My feet hurt."

Angela giggled at my expense, joined eventually by everyone else, while I merely pouted at them, trying to get some sympathy.

"Shoulda worn better shoes, Bitch." Rose said, throwing her arm around my shoulders and looking around us, "Oh! Let's sit over there." she suggested, pointing in the direction of a small patch of grass.

We all sat down, positioning ourselves in a rough circle around our bags. Laura lit up a cigarette and offered some to the rest of us, who all declined. She shrugged and began inhaling the fumes, which although smelt disgusting, I couldn't help but be a little curious as to what it was like. I'd never smoked a cigarette before.

I reached my hand across the circle, "Can I have a drag?" I asked innocently.

She shrugged and passed the partially used stick across to me. I eyed it curiously, as I heard Alice chastise me harshly, but ignored her words, my curiosity getting the better of me. I closed my eyes as I bought it to my lips and breathed in deeply before coughing aggressively against the smoke. I quickly passed it back, not at all understanding the appeal in anything that feels that bad.

"Oh my God," Alice exclaimed in a squeal, "the grass is wet. Can we please go?" she asked pleadingly.

"But my feet hurt." I insisted, not really wanting to move.

Alice moved to kneel by my feet, a determined look on her face. She pulled my shoes off my feet, hooking them onto her index finger with a smug grin on her face, "There we go, let's go."

Everyone stood up, following her determination. I dragged behind slightly but tried to keep my pace steady without much success, tripping over stones and my misplaced feet, which just made them ache even more.

":Aliiiiice." I complained, "Please can I have my shoe back?"

She shook her head at me, "Were not that far away from Rosie's, so shut up your whining." she said followed by laughs from Angela and Rosalie.

I folded my arms stubbornly across my chest, pouting sadly at them. It wasn't fair, my feet hurt and she wouldn't give them back. I wanted my drink as well but the man wouldn't give it to me.

Edward would have let me have a drink and given me back my shoes.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and found Edward's number on my phone. It was a good thing I was slightly behind everyone else; there wasn't supposed to be any contact with our partners tonight. But at least he was reasonable.

I put the phone to my ear and listened to the repetitive sound of the dialling tone. I heard Edward's voice down the phone and went to explain how Alice was being unfair, when I realised it wasn't him but a recorded version of his voice telling me to leave a message. I huffed, irritated, but figured I'd leave him a message anyway, waiting for the beep.

"Edward, its Bellaaa." I stopped, laughing at the way my name sounded that way, "Alice took my shoe! So now Rosie and Angela are laughing at me. It's not fair 'cause I keep falling over and there was this man behind the bar earlier and he wouldn't serve me anymore 'cause I was too drunk. I'm not drunk though, but I'm really annoyed 'cause Alice has my shoe." I told him, impressed that I'd managed to get it all out without interruption.

I couldn't revel in it for too long though it turned out, because Alice must have overheard me talking. She turned around impatiently and stalked towards me, "Bella, what the hell? Give me the phooone!" she reached for the phone but I pulled my arm behind my back so she couldn't reach, "You're not allowed to talk to Edward, and don't tell on me, I has rights you know."

I tried to move away from her but she kept coming toward me, reaching behind my back and eventually getting hold of my hand. I tried to pull it from her grasp but she wasn't giving up and I had to give in and let her get her take it from me.

"I'm hanging up." she told me matter-of-factly before shouting down the phone, "BYE EDWARD!" and switching my phone off, throwing it into her bag.

She threaded her arm through mine. "Sorry, but you broke the rules." she patted my arm, "Besides, you can't tell on me, s'not fair." she smiled widely, but I couldn't return it, wishing she hadn't stolen my shoes and my phone.

"What if I get you lots of tequila when we get back to Rosie's and then give you back your shoes and phone?"

I considered this for a moment. The effects of the alcohol were slowly but surely starting to wear off.

I nodded, an offer I couldn't refuse.