When you needed me

Sally/Hyper friendship

Chapter 1: A bridge over water

Sally was sitting under the bridge, lost in her own world. An unusual occurrence for her to be so still and thoughtful. She needed a break, the guys were still walking on glass since her rape. Rape, that word was getting easier to say in her head and out loud. It was then she looked up and and saw someone fall. She jumped to her feet as she heard the splash and without even thinking about it ran along the bank, before throwing herself in the river. She was a strong swimmer and within seconds was in the water, swimming to the semi floating body she grabbed him and pulled him to the side, as she pulled him onto the low bank, she couldn't see who it was till she lay him down, she was on auto-pilot. As she pushed back a dark fringe out of his face, she started, her eyes widen with horror

"Can you hear me. Rob can you hear me open your eyes!" She got no response. She then continued to check his breathing, and found to her horror she couldn't feel or hear him breathing.

She started breathing for him. After she had finished her fourth breath, she noticed eye moment, and gasping, quickly she pulled him into the recovery position and the water drained out, before he started coughing. She gently rubbed his back, in a circling soothing gesture.

"It's OK Rob, it's OK, Take deep breaths" She said as she continued to sooth him

She then pulled out her mobile and dialled 999, she gave her details and hung up.
"Right I need you stay still, stay on your side, it's OK, I'm here..." She continued to gently coax him

"Do you know what happened?" She asked

"I...don't...remember" He replied shivering

"Hang in there, here take this" She said grabbing her bag and pulling out her fleece and placing it over on his chest. She continued to gently rub his back, trying to get some warmth into his body. She was holding back the tears that threatened to fall at seeing her kind, caring Rob like this.

She heard the sirens in the background, and heard the engine stop. Paramedics came running up

"Male, mid 30's, Pulse 60, Resps on average 12, fell over the bridge, landing in the water. He was in the water for about 5 minutes, I pulled him out, gave him 4 rescue breaths, he came round after the fourth. Rolled him into recovery position and placed the jacket over him. His been shivering and complaining of cold suspect mild hypothermia" She rallied off

"OK we've got it. Whose his next of Kin?" The paramedic asked

"Currently myself" Sally answered

"Right. You need to get changed! Your soaked" The paramedic pointed to the dripping clothing

"I've got a change of clothes in my bag" She answered

"Good. Have you got a car here?" The paramedic continued as the technician worked on Hyper

"No I haven't" Sally replied thinking how she had walked here straight after her shift had ended

"OK would you like to come with us?" The paramedic asked

"Yes." Sally didn't need to think, she wasn't letting him out of her sight if she could help it

"OK sit here" He indicated to the seat before getting a blanket down and throwing it over her, while Hyper was wrapped in blankets and placed on the stretcher. They then drove to the hospital. She kept watching him worriedly while the paramedic did his job.