Chapter 3: The Police station and beyond

They arrived at the police station and Hyper told him everything he remembered which wasn't very much unfortunately, they said it would all be logged and should any other thoughts come to him, tell them straight away. They also said they'd check if their was any CCTV footage of the area and attack. He sighed with resignation and walked out to meet Sally. She had sat waiting for him outside the room and smiled when she saw him. He put an arm round her, while she slipped hers round his middle and guided her out the station. They got into the taxi Sally had pre-ordered and headed home.

Arriving back at the flat, Sally instructed Hyper to lay on the sofa while she busied herself getting dinner sorted. They moved around quietly, barely saying a word to each other but it was a comfortable silence, both lost in their own thoughts. Both of their thoughts thinking of each other ironically.

"OK Dinner up, Cheesey Pasta, as the gourmet chef is under the weather" She said with a smile playing the food down in front of him

"Thanks Sal" Hyper replied digging into the food making Sally chuckle as he ate, the radio quietly playing in the background.

"Why did you finish late?" Sally asked referring to the fact Hyper had left an hour after her

"Paper work, being in charge doesn't have it's glamour" Hyper said with a smile

"Yeah well I'm lucky in that sense" She said chuckle as she continued to eat.

As she finished she looked over at Hyper's plate and saw he had only eaten half his meal.

"Sorry Sal, not to hungry" He said with an apologetic smile

"Not to worry" She said picking up his plate and taking it to the sink to be washed up

"I could get used to this" Hyper said referring to Sally dealing with the dishes and cooking.

"Don't" She replied with a small grin "It won't last long. Anyway what do you fancy doing tonight?"

"Just rest, you can go out if you want" He didn't want to stop her meeting up with the guys, he didn't feel like facing the endless questions tonight
"I'm not to leave you alone, doctors orders, besides it's an excuse to spend an evening with you, so tell me what are we doing" Sally asked again

"You need an excuse to spend an evening in my charming company" He asked

"Yeah." She sat beside him

"TV then?" He suggested

"OK.. What do you want to watch?" Sally asked

"Um...I don't know" Hyper said suddenly nervous

He gently took Sal's hand and turned her to face him,

"Look Sal,Thank you for today. You saved my life you know" He said shakily as he watched her drop her head, hen gently tilted her chin up with his fingers "I mean it. I don't know if I'll ever be able to repay you"

"You don't need to. You helped me when know, you looked after me. You owe me nothing, your my friend." Sal finished looking him in the eye

"I know, but thank you" He said pulling her into a hug which she gently returned worried about his injuries.

"Right. Come on, lets get you laying down so you can rest" Sal said

"But Sal..." Hyper moaned

"No. Doctors orders. Now rest" She said with a smile.

Sally guided Hyper's head down to her lap, so that he lay down, before pulling the throw over him and quietly watched TV safe in the knowledge that her friend was safe, for now. As Hyper lay there a thousand thoughts ran through his head, 'What had happened to him?,' but then he decided not to think about that yet and just enjoy the comfort of being cared for by Sally and let his mind rest.