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Chapter Thirty Two: The Voyage Home

Once again the final day had ended, and they were on their way home, having boarded the Hogwart's Express. The six of them had found a compartment, with Ron and Hermione excusing themselves to head down to the prefect's compartment for some last minute instructions.

"I can't believe he really said that to you," said Harry, looking at Luna.

"He did. He came to me before the feast last night and asked if he could see me in Dumbledore's office. When we got up there, Professor Dumbledore had me sit down. Then Snape looks right at me and says 'Miss Lovegood, I want you to know that Draco Malfoy and his poor excuses for friends have been expelled for what they did to you earlier. On behalf of all of Slytherin House I wish to apologize for what they did. I will personally see to it that something like this never happens again. Good day, Miss Lovegood.' And then he wheeled around and walked out of the office, just like that."

"So what are you two going to do this summer?" asked Ginny, snuggling a little bit more into Harry's arms.

"I don't know yet. Daddy may have a story to research. I'll have to see what he wants. Of course, if I go anywhere, I'm going to try to convince him to let Neville come along. I think Daddy might like it if I had a protector there."

"I.. I… I'll go anywhere you like, Luna," said Neville, blushing furiously. "So what about you Harry? Where are you going to spend the holidays?"

"I really don't know, Neville. All I know is that I'm supposed to meet Remus at platform nine and three quarters. After that, I have no idea. Maybe to the Burrow." He looked down at Ginny, grinning.

"Ooh, I'd like that," said Ginny, goggling her eyes at him.

"Yeah, so would I. I've always loved spending time at your home. It's really the only place besides Hogwarts that I've ever felt at home at. You know, I've always been really jealous of the home life you have." He smiled as a thought occurred to him. "Now that we're engaged, I'm going to have that home life pretty soon."

"Yes you are." She pulled him down for a kiss. "So, when do you want to do this?"

"Do this?"

"Get married, silly."

"Oh, right. Well I was really hoping you'd tell me. I'm willing to wait till you're ready. I was thinking that August eleventh of next year would be kind of cool. It would be the day you officially became 'of age'. But, if you have a better idea, I'm all ears."

"Hmmm, you know, I think that might be for the best. I'm sure Mum and Dad would prefer it if we waited. But can we wait that long, Harry? What with Voldemort out there, we might not be around by that time."

"It's really up to you love. I'd marry you today if you wanted. I just want you to be ready, is all."

"Well, let's set a tentative date for my seventeenth birthday. That way I can tell Mum. Besides, engaged is almost as good. At least I know you're mine. And you did sign that form after all. Maybe I should show someone as proof." Swish, flick. "Luna, Neville, would you be so kind as to confirm my ownership of this dear man's soul?" she said, pointing to the now materialized parchment.

"Looks good to me," said Neville.

"I'd have to test it to make sure it's a magical contract, but it looks fine to me. You're hers, Harry," replied Luna.

"Now I know how a house-elf feels," said Harry, and, seeing the puzzled looks explained, "happy to be enslaved."

"That's more like it, buster. Now, rub my feet, and make sure to get everywhere. That's a good slave," Ginny said as she rearranged herself to place her feet in Harry's lap.


As they made their way off the train onto platform nine and three quarters, Harry looked across the station to see Remus Lupin standing there, talking to Arthur and Molly Weasley. Standing behind him was Tonks. Harry noted, that while she was as pretty as ever, he no longer felt any of the hormonal pull that he used to when he was around her. Apparently having a fiancé as beautiful and wonderful as his did that to a person.

He walked up, giving a quick hug to Mrs. Weasley. He set his trunk down and smiled at Remus. "So, where am I going? The Burrow? Headquarters? The safe house?"

"None of the above, Harry," said Lupin with a smile. "You have a new home now. Tonks and I will be taking you there shortly. I was just telling Arthur and Molly about it. It will be as safe as the safe house was last year. I wouldn't be surprised if your friends didn't join you there in a few days. We can't afford to try and protect all of you separately. It would stretch the order too thin." He turned to say his goodbyes to the Weasleys, and put his hand on Harry's shoulder. "You ready to see your new home?"

"Just a minute, Remus," he said quickly. He turned and grabbed hold of Ginny's hands. "I'll be seeing you real soon. Have you got your mirror with you?"

"Yes, Harry. We'll talk tonight. I love you."

"And I love you, Gin. I'll see you soon Mr. and Mrs. Weasley." He pulled Ginny into a kiss and hug, then straightened himself, and with a wave he was off with Lupin and Tonks.

As they touched down from the short flight to the countryside, Harry stared in awe. There, stretched out before him, was a sprawling Tudor Estate. He looked back at Lupin, the question obvious on his face.

"Yes, Harry. It's yours. This is the summer home that Sirius left you. It's every bit as protected as headquarters, and a lot nicer place to be. Now, we have something else to tell you. If you don't mind, we'll be staying here with you. At least until Voldemort is defeated, that is."

Harry looked at them and grinned. "Of course, Remus. My home is yours, and you know it."

"Good, because Tonks and I already are moved into a room upstairs," he said with a small grin, looking Harry in the eye and wrapping an arm around Tonks.

"I… what?... you?... Tonks?... Wicked." Harry smiled from ear to ear, feeling truly at home for the first time.

The End

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