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When I woke up with the crystal clear eyes I gasped. The new born standing before me—whose eyes were terrifying—was completely in control. I was not scared or worried, but calm and overjoyed.

I turned to pick up my child; she stared at my eyes while she pulled her hand up to my face. She wanted to hunt.

In lightning speed Edward appeared. He gestured for us to go out into the sun that was coming into the room. It hit me—I now knew what I was.

The air of the meadow called to me to go back. But only the soul of a friend can wake me up and break my train of thought to go back to my home. Edward's words are deep, but the overwhelming of emotions is deeper. Kisses are not always good. But warm kisses envelop me.

Family is a gift, without it we would be helpless. Without my family the predator would have me, only I am also now a predator. Fighting fire with fire would only result in burns.

Waiting—for nothing except the dangers ahead. I have to pick between the two to face. The books and long lost friends a wait me to turn the pages while a hunter with unknown power lurks in the shadows. Is it possible I can live without danger in life? If we had no danger we'd be simple people with no emotion. Zombies. Pod people.

At last justice is served. For the hunter may be destroyed.

Chapter 1

I awoke startled by one of my old dreams—one about the Volturi. And I thought that vampires couldn't dream, I turned to my left and saw my daughter, Renesmee, and on the other side of her was my husband—frozen forever at 17— Edward. There he lay on our bed staring at me while Nessie slept.

Then it hit me, I stared back at Edward, a confused and concerned looks on his face."What?" I asked, nervously.

He continued to stare. Worried I got up and walked to the long mirror in our closet. The first thing I saw was my eyes, chocolate brown like they had been when I was human. The next thing I saw was my skin, not the same pale color as the rest of the Cullen's. I felt my heart race, this shouldn't be happening, I thought. I'm a vampire, their hearts do not beat. I looked back at the mirror and my face was starting to turn red. As soon as I noticed the change to my color, Edward was at my side. I turned around and we stared at each other only for a moment. Then in his velvet voice, though a little shaken with nervousness and concern he said "Bella, you look human" —he sniffed the air around me— "you smell human too." he pursed his lips. "Let's take you to Carlisle."

We walked back to our bed and he picked up Renesmee and I got on his back in a choke hold—I figured I wasn't fast enough to keep up with him — then ran back to the main house. Alice stared at us with wide eyes when we arrived. Edward gave Nessie to Rosalie and we hurried up the stairs to Carlisle's office. He was waiting for us by the door.

"Carlisle, look at Bella" Edward said sternly. Carlisle looked at me from head to toe and sniffed a little.

"She looks… human and smells… human…" Carlisle stumbled over his words a little. "How could this happen? She was a vampire… once you're a vampire, it cannot be reversed!"

Carlisle looked me over again. Would I have to go through the burning again?

"No," Edward said. I looked at him confused. Did he hear my thoughts? His head snapped up "I think I did, I think I read your mind!" How could this be happening? I thought. "I don't know" Edward said again a smile in his voice about this new experience.

Then Alice was back, on my other side. "Edward, she isn't as clear as she had been. I saw her as a vampire last night and this morning she was human. And I saw you be able to read her thoughts and, and—" Edward cut her off.

"Alice, calm down. Carlisle and I are trying to figure this out."

Alice concentrated for a moment then looked frustrated. I heard a door close and reflexively looked to see who it was. I hurried down the stairs and saw, standing right by the door, was Jacob; all six feet, eight inches of him. He looked at me, eyes widening, and crossed the room in 3 strides, completely oblivious to Renesmee. He picked me up in one of his bone crushing hugs and swung me around in small circles. "Bella, Bella, you smell human!" in that instant he put me down, his huge hands on my shoulders. "You smell human," he said thoughtfully. "Bella, you look human too. How is that—?"

"Possible?" I interrupted. "We're not sure."

"So do you get to stay like this or…"

"I don't know. I just hope I won't have to feel that burn again."

Edward came down the stairs so fast it made me jump when he spoke. "Hello Jacob" his voice serious

"Hey, Edward!" Jacob replied "How come Bella is human? How did that happen?"

"We're not sure, as Bella has told you."

Edward and I walked the short distance to the couch, while Jacob took a seat in the chair across from us. They continued to talk. I got up to pick Renesmee up and stared out the window, playing idly with her hair. I was surprised she hasn't woken up yet, it was eight in the morning.

"I'm surprised too" I heard Edward mumble.

I ignored him and stared at the meadow in front of the house, looking at the pretty wild flowers growing. After a few short minutes I turned and said "Edward, can we take Nessie to our meadow today?"

"Of course, if you would like"

Then Nessie woke up, just after our short conversation. "Mommy, how come you look so different?" she asked in her high soprano voice.

"We don't know, sweetie. Come on, your daddy and I am going to show our meadow today."

She smiled and put her hand to my face. She showed us—Edward, her, and I—in front of our cottage. I shook my head, "No, the meadow is much more beautiful!" Edward and I both smiled.

We took off in the same position as we had come-Renesmee in his arms, and me on his back. We ran till we were at the entrance of the meadow. We walked through, and saw the meadow as beautiful as ever!

Edward and I lay down in the middle, like we had when we first met. Renesmee ran around the edges of the meadow with a smile on her face—she liked it here. I'd almost forgotten that we haven't brought her here. It'd only been 2 weeks since the battle that almost ended badly.

I stared up at the clouds, trying to find shapes. "That one looks like a flower," Edward said. I turned my head and saw him pointing at the sky. I forgot that he could read my mind now—returning human must have made me lose my ability to shield out vampires with powers that work in your mind. "I can, but you're very quiet, like your father."

Nessie stopped running for a moment and looked up at the clouds, then ran and jumped on to Edward's stomach. I rolled onto my side and propped myself up on my elbow and saw them laughing. She must have thought of something that Edward thought was funny.

Renesmee turned to her right a little bit, still on top of Edward, and put her hand to my face. She was remembering biting Jacob when she was younger, how he would wince each time. I giggled. Then Nessie climbed off of Edward and lay in the small space between us.

"Mommy, Daddy," she said pointing at the clouds. "That one looks like ice cream!" she put her hand to our heads, she was hungry.

And in that moment, my stomach growled. "Lunch time for the humans?" asked Edward; I remembered that first day on Isle Esme when he said 'breakfast for the human?' I wasn't clear on what he had said; my memory wasn't as good as his. "I miss that." he said, he must've been listening again. I gave him a look.

"Alright, I'll try to stay out. I just haven't heard your thoughts, well once, but still…" his voice drifted.

We got up, and Edward carried us back. Esme had two plates on the table waiting for Nessie and me. I guess Alice had told her that we were hungry, and Carlisle must have told her the good news that I was human again.

We ate quietly, I noticed Jacob had left. "I feel left out," Edward murmured suddenly.


"Because I'm the only one in the room not eating human food," I looked around and everyone, even Esme, had left and had gone back to whatever they were doing before. Emmett was watching a game, Rosalie was reading something, Carlisle was probably still in his office. Esme was cleaning the already tidy hallway, Alice and Jasper had gone to their room I assumed. And Edward was still at my side starring at me and our daughter, concentrating. Someone must be thinking hard, or maybe Alice was having a vision

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, just Alice's visions, as you guessed." he smiled my favorite crooked smile.

"I thought you said you wouldn't listen!"
"Sorry I can't resist. By the way Charlie is coming later today, if you were wondering."

Well this would be awkward; Charlie was used to seeing me so pale. What would he think when he saw me fair and human? "He won't over react or anything. He just wants to see Nessie. He won't notice anything different."

Nessie was staring at her plate of half-eaten food. Since she was distracted, Edward leaned in and kissed me carefully. "What was that for?" I asked bewildered.

"What? I'm not allowed to kiss my wife?" he sounded confused, though his face didn't show—his poker face. "I'm sorry; I just miss hearing your heart race."

"I'm starting to think that the burning feeling is looking better already." I mumbled smugly. I smiled sheepishly out of habit.

I decided that I would check my email and catch up with Renee. Before I could think about getting up I was already standing. Edward's hand was already on the small of my back, around the corner from the living room in front of the computer. I sat down and logged on to the internet. I had one message from Renee:

How are you and Edward doing? It's been so long since I've seen you. How was the honeymoon? Where did you go? Phil and I will be traveling to Seattle in a few weeks for a game so we'll get to see you!

Email me back soon!

Edward was still behind me, reading over my shoulder. "I think it's great that Renee is coming to visit," he said.

"Ya it is."
Edward and I are great, thanks for asking. We went to an island off the coast of Brazil, it looked so beautiful! Edward is so excited that you and Phil will be coming, actually we have a little surprise for you.'
I thought about the word "surprise" and thought it would be good enough. I continued typing.
'I can't wait to see you!

I hit send and pulled away from the desk. "Surprise?" Edward asked, "What surprise?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Nessie," I explained and gestured to our daughter, still eating her lunch.
"Come, Charlie will be here in ten minutes."

He took me back to our cottage so I could change, then we ran back. A few minutes later Charlie walked through the door. "Hey kids!" Charlie yelled to me. "Hey, Nessie! Boy, you've grown! So, Bella, you look a little different." he said with slight confusion. "Not too different though." he said immediately fixing his mistake. We talked sometimes to me, other times to Edward. Occasionally he would watch the game that was on. When it was around five o'clock he left.

"That wasn't so bad," Edward sighed. "Not bad at all, he just wanted to see Nessie. I told you—"

"Don't say I told you so." I sighed. "Ya and you were right, no overreacting."

I ate some snacks every once in a while. We went back to our cottage and I read some of "Wuthering Heights" to Renesmee. When she went to sleep in her room, Edward kissed me again, like he had earlier. I climbed into our bed and he hummed my lullaby. I fell asleep quickly and had a dreamless night.