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I'm a pretty quiet person. I can be very shy and I certainly don't like being the center of attention. That's why I'm sitting cross-legged on my old bed dreading the walk downstairs, where my father has some friends over to watch a game. I'm assuming it's a baseball game since it's June and that's what they play in June, right? Among these friends is an attorney I'll be interning for at the Clallam County District Court this summer. He's supposed to be a young kid who used to volunteer at the police department in Forks, where my father is the Chief of Police.

So at some point I have to go downstairs and meet him. I'm pretty sure he's going to be some loser with no life who has nothing better to do than drive a 16-year-old back and forth between Forks and Port Angeles every day for an internship. Nevertheless, I have to be nice. He's doing my dad a favor by hiring me. While I'm not getting paid anything except for a small stipend, this will look great on my college applications.

I slip on my Converse and throw on a plain white tank over my dark jeans and take a deep breath. Breathe, Bella. It's just some guys watching a baseball game. You're going to have to meet this Edward character at some point. Maybe if I can be somewhat social, the two hours in the car I'll be spending with him every weekday for the next eight weeks will be less awkward than ... not? Ugh.

"Hey Bells!"

Bells. Yep, he calls me Bella. I'm five.

I smile at my dad and see him sitting on the couch with another Forks police officer, Sam, who turns to me and smiles.

This Edward person isn't here, I guess. Oh well, I tried.

"Bells, let me call Edward. He's out taking a phone call."

I shrug and sit at the bottom of the stairs, trying to follow the game. A few minutes pass before I see a tall guy with messy bronze (is that even a legit hair color?) hair walk in with a huge smile on his face.

"Sorry about that, Charlie. What'd I miss?"

No, this can't be my boss. He's too young.

"Edward! Come meet Bella," my father says, as he waves me over. I stumble over to them, tryng to keep a polite smile on my face.

"Hey there. We match! I can tell you're going to be my favorite intern, we have similar tastes," Edward laughs.

He's right. We are both wearing white tops and dark denim with Converse.

Wait, am I going to be some fashion intern? And I'm using the term "fashion" pretty loosely. I'm wearing an American Apparel tank and Seven jeans with sneakers. I wouldn't call myself a fashionista.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Cullen," I say, not sure whether or not I should be calling him by his first name.

He gets this serious look on his face as he clears his throat, "Mr. Cullen, wow. I'm pretty you can call me Edward, Bella."

"Edward," I smile.

This time he gives me a funny look. For a second it seems like he is about to say something, but then just turns around to tell Charlie that he'll be here at eight tomorrow morning to pick me up.

Umm, I'm right here.

Whatever, I suppose I'm really not. I look over at them but nobody notices, so I just walk back up the stairs.

At night I don't think much about Edward Cullen. I don't think about whether he was cute, or hot, or nice. I just go to bed hoping this whole thing will be over soon and I will get a chance to learn something. If not, I can always just mention the internship in my applications and during interviews.

At around ten I fall asleep in my tank. No dreams, nothing. I don't really dream.